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RUSH: The great inflate-your-tires-so-we-don’t-have-to-drill-for-oil debate continues. Yesterday in Lima, Ohio, at a town hall meeting, Senator McCain said this about The Messiah.

MCCAIN: He actually thinks that raising taxes on oil is going to bring down the price at the pump. He’s claiming that putting air in your tires is the equivalent (audience laughing) is the equivalent of new offshore drilling. That’s not an energy plan, my friends. That’s a public service announcement!

RUSH: Let me tell you, McCain got this right. Obama, the Drive-Bys have been providing cover. When he first mentioned this tire gauge business, when he first started talking about making proper inflation pressure in tires, he said, ‘We could save as much oil as we’re going to get from the new drilling.’ That’s like saying, ‘We don’t need to drill because we can save as much as if people just inflate their tires.’ Of course, who’s driving around on flat tires anyway? It’s all silly. We’ve been through it all this week. So he did say that. This is such a winning issue. Now, here is Obama aboard his campaign plane, ‘O Force One’ yesterday afternoon believing the Drive-Bys that he won the debate.

OBAMA: (pausing frequently) In terms of the tire gauge issue, I think that was, uh, and is an illuminating issue. Uh, you’ve got uh, a, number one, John McCain, uh, pretending that that, uh, was some centerpiece of my policy as opposed to a response to a town hall meeting. Then it turns out that John McCain himself said actually inflating your tires is a smart thing to do, as did President Bush, as did the AAA, uh, as did NASCAR. Uh, and so I thought it was a good example of, uh, the fact that, uh, the other side is not serious about, uh, real energy savings to push down the price of gas. They’re interested in scoring political points.

RUSH: Unbelievable! The other side’s not serious, and this is the guy proposing the tire gauge trick? Let me tell you something. He did say, ladies and gentlemen, it was a centerpiece. This was more than just an answer in one of his town hall meetings. It was a centerpiece. When you’ve got a plan that you say can ‘save as much energy as we would get from drilling new energy,’ that’s a centerpiece, folks, and that’s what the press allowed Obama to get away with never mentioning again. So this thing rages on. Obama was stuttering around, pausing, uh-ing and ah-ing (unintelligible) and you-knowing all the way through this, clearly on the losing issue. It gets even better than that, ’cause the Democratic Party is in such disarray right now. There is no unity whatsoever.

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