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Rush’s Morning Update: Sunk!
August 11, 2008

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My friends, it has come to my attentionthat America’s children are facing a crisis that threatens the very foundation of their being.

Apparently, when Congress provided the stimulus checks for you, they forgot to add enough money to cover “back-to-school” expenses. With gas prices still high, and the Democrats on vacation, the effects of this oversight are just now becoming known.

Retailers are reporting that back-to-skrool clothing sales are lagging. Parents are instead opting to purchase things thatthey consider to be “necessities”,like foodand gasoline. In a recent report, an analyst with Lazard Capital Markets, Todd Slater, summed up the crisis this way: “Most kids will be returning to school…in last year’s duds.”

This is unconscionable! What message are we sending to our kids? How will they handle being forced to wear clothing they already have? All the work educators have done to build up the self-esteem of these kids– even at the expense of learning– could collapse on the first day of skroolwhen humiliated kids show up in “last year’s duds”!

Especially cruel will be the kids wearing old dudshaving to face wealthy kids, whose parents bought them new duds. To head off this certain disaster, my friends, we need to consider a ban on all new clothing this school year.

No wonder the Lord Obama recently told a 7-year-old girl that America had sunk from its best days.The children– who are our future– are wearing clothes from last year.Can it get any worse?

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