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RUSH: I had a story in the stack here. Barry, The Messiah, is going on vacation. He’s going over to Hawaii and the Democrats are in a tizzy. He doesn’t have a running mate. Caroline Kennedy cannot find a running mate. They gotta keep John Edwards away from the convention somehow because of the Enquirer story on his love child and his babe [Update]. Byron York has a story today, by the way, the media all knows this is true, they just don’t want to be the ones to report it because this is the Enquirer. They didn’t have any problems reporting BS about me in the Enquirer. They didn’t pause for five seconds and they didn’t have any problem taking any news about O.J. from the Enquirer. But now that the Enquirer news is about the Breck Girl, ‘Oh, jeez, I hope we don’t have report this, make it go away, can somebody else report this so I don’t have to?’

You got the Clintons, he’s going to speak on Wednesday, she’s going to speak on Tuesday, she wants a roll call, they’re taking over this convention it appears. By the time they get through and this Breck Girl thing, his speech on Thursday night’s going to be anti-climatic. Now, on Monday, ladies and gentlemen — and some of this stuff might leak before Monday — on Monday, the Atlantic magazine is going to publish a story written by Josh Green. Josh Green obtained 130, approximately, internal memos. There are about 200 internal memos that Josh Green obtained, 130 or so of which he plans to scan and post online. These are former advisors to Hillary Clinton, who are now in a tizzy over this piece in the Atlantic Monthly that chronicles the inner workings of the Hillary campaign. When the piece is published sometime next week, readers will be able to scroll through the memos from people like Mark Penn, Harold Ickes, Geoff Garin, to see what exactly was going on inside the infamously fractured Clinton organization. This has some former team members in panic, and I’ll tell you why, because I myself as a powerful, influential member of the media, have obtained shocking lifted sentences from a memo. Shocking.

Clinton team internal memos referring to Barack Obama as ‘unelectable.’ Clinton team internal memo saying Barack Obama has a lack of American roots. Clinton team internal memo: Obama is unelectable except perhaps against Attila the Hun. Those are the three references that I have. Now, 130 of these 200 memos are going to be posted online. No wonder the Clinton team’s in a tizzy, ’cause this Atlantic Monthly guy got hold of these, and they’re trying to peg everybody in the Republican party as racist. They’re trying to peg everybody in the Republican Party as sexist and bigoted and homophobic, and when these memos are seen, if the three things I have are any indication of what was said about Barry, The Messiah, by the Clinton interworking team — (interruption) — well, oh, there’s no question. Mr. Snerdley just asked me, ‘Who leaked this, and why?’ Do you have to really think about that? Do you really have to think about who leaked this? Who do you think leaked it? You don’t think she would? You never, ever trust a Clinton. Nothing that happens with the Clintons is a coincidence. You don’t think she’d leak this? Ha-ha-ha. You don’t think he would leak it? Maybe their fingerprints aren’t going to be on this, but there are any number usual suspects in this. Who would be able to get their hands on internal Clinton memos, ladies and gentlemen? They say the campaign was fractured and disorganized and so forth. I mean, it wouldn’t be Patti Solis Doyle who left the Clinton camp, got canned, she’s over now working for The Messiah, The One. So it doesn’t matter who leaked it. It’s going to come out, and everybody’s going to wait with bated breath all weekend because I think more of these things are going to leak. The point of this all is, with this kind of disarray — FinancialTimes.com: ‘Democrat Jitters as Obama Heads for Hawaii. Obama advisor blames McCain ad for poll dip.’ They are worried. Grab audio sound bite number 15. We put together a montage of the Drive-By Media.

BARNICLE: Why isn’t Barack Obama running away with this election?

GREGORY: Why do you think Obama is not doing better?

BLILTZER: Why do you believe he’s not doing even better?

KING: Why is this election close?

MARCIANO: Why, the race is so close.

MITCHELL: Why it is, as close as it is.

COOPER: Why is the race even close?

BORGER: Obama really should be further ahead.

BROWN: Why the race is so close?

RUSH: Okay, now, the obvious question is, ‘Who do these people think they are? On what basis should he be so far ahead?’ According to who should he be so far ahead? According to them, ’cause they’ve pulled out all the stops, they’ve given this guy every tailwind they could give him. They have been pumping this guy, puff pieces, they’ve been treating him like the president, they’ve treating him like royalty, they’ve been treating him like a messiah. Plus McCain’s such a wrinkled old white guy, like Paris Hilton said. By the way, I hope, ladies and gentlemen, I’m given to understand that Paris Hilton is going to send a video to the presidents of Russia and Georgia warning them of the dire consequences to the environment should this war continue and expand. I think that’s good civics. She does not mention the civilian deaths that might occur in the war and have occurred, by the way, but the damage to the environment. At any rate. So he should be so ahead, why? Well, well, because Republicans always lose, and the country always loves Democrats, and the Democrats are just such a big party, and everybody hates Bush, and everybody hates the war in Iraq, and Obama makes such a good speech, and everybody wants change and has hope in the future and, why is he not doing better? We can’t figure it out.

Hey, ask yourselves a question: The guy goes to Germany and rips his own country! The guy comes back and rips his own country to a seven-year-old little girl! The guy thinks elevating pressure in your tires replaces drilling for oil. And don’t tell me he didn’t say it, ’cause he did. The first thing he said was exactly that. We could save as much as we’re going to get from drilling, if we would just properly inflate the tires. No, sir, we cannot inflate our way out of this. So anyway, the Drive-Bys are in a tizzy. The polling data shows that the American people vastly, great majority want to drill here, drill now, want more oil. The Clintons are about to turn the Democrat convention into a war zone. And five Republican senators join five Democrats to undercut the entire one issue that gives McCain and Republicans a slam dunk over the Democrats, and that’s drilling.


RUSH: ‘Why is Obama down? Why is Obama down? Oh, no! Why isn’t Obama leading? Why isn’t he leading by double digits? Why isn’t he just running away with this?’ The question is starting to resonate. You know, you Drive-Bys had better stop asking that question on television. You can ask it to yourselves on the planes and in the buses and in the bars, but you go and ask that question on television, and it’s a mantra now just like ‘gravitas’ was. It’s on every cable network, by every host. ‘Why can’t Obama win? Why isn’t he in double digits? Why isn’t he running away with this?’ You keep asking the question, Drive-Bys, and it’s going to start resonating with people, and I think it has started resonating with people. Maybe the question is resonating in this way: What does anybody know about this guy, Drive-Bys? What does anybody really know about this guy?

What does anybody think he or she knows about Obama? Folks, ask yourselves. I know which camp you’re in here. What do you know about the guy? You know nothing. You know Jeremiah Wright. You know Bill Ayers. You know soaring, meaningless, vapid rhetoric. You know Messiah. What do you know about the guy? What we know about the guy, what we think we know about the guy, is enough to warn us on. Maybe the answer is all we know is what the media tells us. But what do they know about him? They won’t even tell us about John Edwards! The media will not even tell us about the Breck Girl, what in the world are they holding back on Obama? Now, this deal, by the way, this Gang of Ten deal, get this. I talked about some of the regulations in this bill that are onerous. Try this. This deal would allow drilling if — if and when — the EPA and PETA and states and cities and counties and the ACLU clear the way.

It would put up more barriers to drilling, which is what the Democrats want, because they want no drilling, period. Five Republicans go along with it. By the way, Snerdley, as to your leak question, the Clinton staff is who’s nervous here, not the Clintons. The Clintons are very happy that this is going to happen. But the Clinton staff, some of these people, if Barry gets elected, they’re going to need gigs. They’re going to need jobs in the Democrat Party. They’re going to need jobs somewhere within the Democrat hierarchy, and here there are memos coming out referring to this guy as ‘not native,’ ‘lack of American roots,’ ‘unelectable except perhaps against Attila the Hun.’ It could be Mark Penn. You know, Mark Penn, the staff, the Clinton staff hated Mark Penn. They hated him all over the place. They wanted him out of there, and they finally got rid of him. It could be payback time. Who knows? Doesn’t matter who did it, we’re just glad that it’s happening.

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