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Jason Lewis: “Alternatives don’t work, that’s why we have to subsidize them. Good, old-fashioned petroleum, coal, and natural gas work fine. That’s why they can be taxed and still produce.”

Rush Limbaugh: The Absurdity of “Alternative Fuels”

Rush Limbaugh: Alternative Fuels and Freedom

Rush Limbaugh: Keep Gov’t Out of the Energy Market

Jason Lewis: “What is it about world markets that is so hard to understand amongst those who want to find any excuse not to drill in 2,000 acres of 19.6 million?”

• AJC: Georgia Congressman Sparks GOP Energy “Uprising”
• SFC: Oil Fight Could Trigger a Federal Shutdown

Jason Lewis: “We are the Saudi Arabia of coal.”

Jason Lewis: “I am not a Republican Party reptile here. I think the party has been woefully unconservative, especially on the environment and they’re getting their comeuppance. They got it in 2006, and if they don’t get real on energy right now, they’re going to get it again in 2008.”

• Reuters: Putin Says Georgia Seeking “Bloody Adventures”
• WP: U.S. Leaders Increasingly Critical of Russian Escalation
• WP: Medvedev: Operations in Georgia Almost Complete
• WSJ: Georgia Conflict Tests Candidates on Foreign Policy
• MSNBC: The Crisis with Russia Over Georgia

Jason Lewis: “The question with Georgia is simply this: Are they going to take back a province that won its independence in 1991 when the Soviet Union dissolved and the cold war was ostensibly won? If they take back that province, what’s next?”

Rush Limbaugh: Mega Dittos from the Motherland

Jason Lewis: “Where is the United Nations when we really need them? Isn’t this Russian invasion of Georgia a test of that much vaunted agency and its international peacekeepers? Huh. Well, don’t hold your breath.”

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Colonel Allen West, GOP candidate for Congress in Florida’s 22nd District — who was fined by the military for doing what it took to interrogate an “insurgent” in Iraq — explains why he is diametrically opposed to his fellow African-American, Barack Obama. This is a great interview, America.

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