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RUSH: Then the Breck Girl, almost a bigger story than the Breck Girl, and what’s his mistress call him, Love Lips? Do you know who she looks like? In some pictures she looks like Camilla Parker Bowles. You know, I was wondering if Edwards had Prince Charles envy. She does and you can’t deny this in some pictures. But the bigger story is the media cover-up of this, and I gotta tell you, you know, I have no brief for the Clintons, but I gotta say that Howard Wolfson has a point. If the Drive-Bys had exposed this when it was known, then Obama may not have won Iowa. Regardless, it would be a totally different race. But the Drive-Bys kept this private on purpose so as to help Obama. We got a sound bite coming up here of the Drive-Bys, it’s funny, talking about how they dodged a bullet, ‘What if he had been the nominee, it would be the end of us,’ they’re saying if he had gotten the nomination.


RUSH: Okay, couple things here on the Breck Girl, and then we’ll get to your phone calls. This is fabulous. A great montage here. By the way, welcome back. Rush Limbaugh, in touch and compelling, at 800-282-2882. A montage of — well, they’re all over the place, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, DNCTV, what if Edwards had been the nominee?

COOPER: Had he become the Democratic nominee that could have jeopardized everything for the Democrats.

GERGEN: If he had been the nominee of the party now, it would have ruined the Democrat’s chances.

CARVILLE: Had he been the nominee, it would be a terrible mess right now.

BREWER: What if he had become the nominee?

GREGORY: He could have been the Democratic nominee right now.

DIONNE: Where we would be right now if John Edwards had won the Democratic nomination.

MITCHELL: What if he would have been the nominee?

HENRY: He could have become the Democratic nominee.

HOOVER: This guy could have been the Democratic nominee.

WALLACE: He could have been the nominee.

CAFFERTY: What if he had been the nominee? The whole Democratic Party goes up in smoke.

RUSH: Whoa, friends, they are beside themselves at the Drive-By Media, at the bullet that they dodged. Edwards was never going to be the nominee. If he were the nominee, the story would still be buried. The story would still be appearing only in the National Enquirer. If he were the nominee, the Drive-Bys still would not have said a word about it. But he was never going to be the nominee. This guy has been a fraudulent fraud from the get-go. But some reason, women loved this guy because they bought into this family man jargon, they bought into this commitment, how he loved his wife, she had cancer. This family, they used her illness for his political advancement, and I’m going to prove that in audio sound bites coming up on this program later today. Now, this next is David Carr of the New York Times. He was on Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz on CNN Sunday. Howard Kurtz said, ‘David Carr, this was a story that wasn’t reported at all by the major media. Now it’s all over cable and every place else. What does it say about the old media gatekeepers that this story got out, that everybody found out about this, without our participation?’ Now, the question alone is worth a plaque in the museum. How did this get out? How did this get out without us? But get this answer.

CARR: I was taught when I was a young reporter that it’s news when we say it is. I think that’s still true, it’s news when we say it is, it’s just who ‘we’ is has changed. Members of the public, people with modems, people with cell phones are now producers, editors, they can push and push and push on a story until tends up being acknowledged by everyone.

RUSH: Did you catch that? I mean we’ve known this, we’ve known this, their templates, their narratives. This is David Carr of the New York Times. ‘I was taught when I was a young reporter, it’s news when we say it is.’ That’s it. Sums it all up. Howard Kurtz, how did this get out? How did this get out without us? Well, it wasn’t news until we decided to make it news. And they wonder why they’re losing readers, advertisers, circulation? Their monopoly is gone but they’re just as arrogant as Obama and they refuse to admit it. So just as when the readers call, ‘I can’t stand the liberal bias in the paper,’ the reaction is, ‘Screw you. You don’t know how we do what we do. You’re not smart enough.’ The customer is always wrong in the news business. There’s a new ‘we’ out there, it’s still true, it’s news when we say it is but it’s just who ‘we’ is has changed, he says with great resentment.

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