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RUSH: First off on the Russians. It is an absolute laugh to listen to Obama opine about this. One of his first statements was to say that this does not fit well with the Olympic ideal, what the Russians did going into Georgia. Georgia is an ally of ours. We, ladies and gentlemen, not much we can do about it right now. Even the AP references this, but I find it fascinating: ‘The Russian bear is back. The United States doesn’t seem to be able to do much about it.’ Wait a minute. Obama said he has done something about it. Wait ’til you hear the sound bites coming up from Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, who actually said on a phone call today — this guy is so brazenly desirous of the VP slot, Virginia governor Tim Kaine, who may be the only politician dumber than Obama — actually said that he was gratified that Medvedev listened to Obama’s words and ordered the ceasefire. But there’s no ceasefire. There’s still pounding, the jets are still dropping bombs. There is no ceasefire at all. The Russians are just saying so. But this AP story, the Russian Bear is Back, United States Doesn’t Seem to be Able to Do Much About It. What do you mean we can’t do much about it?

What they mean is our military is occupied elsewhere. Wait a minute. I thought with The Messiah, we wouldn’t need a military anymore, he’s a citizen of the world and his words alone will bring peace, everlasting peace to the world, and yet here’s the Drive-By Media unwittingly sabotaging the very premise of Obama’s existence. The situation there, it’s very clear what’s going on. Ralph Peters in the New York Post has this exactly right. This is not something that happened overnight, to get all these divisions over the Caucasus Mountains has been a long time. That has been strategically planned to time with the Olympics to try to make the ChiComs mad, but the problem is the ChiComs probably love this, because the ChiComs love the demonstration the United States can’t do much about this right now. A lot of people think the ChiComs would be upset and mad at the Russians for stealing their thunder at the Olympics, but the ChiComs got what they wanted out of the Olympics with that opening ceremony. Everything after that is icing on the cake. The ChiComs got everything they wanted out of the opening ceremony. I about barfed Friday night listening to these NBC commentators glorify the state, the communist state and how it will care and protect and provide for every citizen. They said this in glowing terms.

Now, I understand that they don’t want the plug pulled by the ChiCom government on the telecasts. But please, I mean it was over the top, some of this stuff was. Well, I’m going to have more comments on the ceremony down the road. That ceremony, yeah, it was dazzling, there’s no question, but can I tell you what I saw in that ceremony? Who’s putting that ceremony on? The ChiComs. I don’t care what the video that NBC is showing you looks like, that is still a repressive regime. What I saw were 15,000 kids who all looked the same, who were all doing the same thing, who were all behaving the same way. I saw sameness. I didn’t see any individuality at all. I saw 15,000 people at slave wages no doubt, following orders or else. Now, it was great, the pageantry was fabulous. The performance of those people in that opening ceremony was great, the synchronization was flawless. They’ve only been rehearsing for this for probably five years. They probably got some dietary bonuses if they did well. But I saw sameness. I saw no individuality whatsoever. I saw exactly what the Soviet communist model, the Marxist model for society is. One person’s as easily interchangeable as anybody else. We’ve now learned that the cute little girl in pigtails that sang the opening hymn to the motherland — that’s probably the one time Obama does clasp his heart, when the ChiComs sing hymn to the motherland. But nevertheless, we find out that that little girl didn’t sing it, she lip-synced it. The actual girl that sang it was pulled out at the last minute because she has buckteeth. The ChiComs said she didn’t look good enough to be on TV so they pulled her and they had that little girl in pigtails go out there and lip-sync the thing.

Then we also found out that they faked some of the graphics, the footprints in the fireworks marching across that stupid-looking stadium they call the ‘Bird’s Nest.’ That’s the ugliest looking stadium I’ve ever seen. From the outside, that is the ugliest looking stadium I’ve ever seen. Nevertheless, ladies and gentlemen, they faked that, they faked this; who knows what else they’re faking over there, but I saw sameness. I also saw this. This is the ChiComs telling the world: You see this, 15,000 people, 15,000 people dressed just like alike, 15,000 people with drums, 15,000 people doing everything as we tell ’em to do when we tell ’em to do it, imagine if they had guns. There was a message in that opening ceremony, a bunch of different messages, and most people sitting there dazzled by it because they heard all these things about China, and of course the pictures out of China made China look just like South Bend, Indiana, for crying out loud. I’m not comparing pollution, don’t misunderstand. I’m not insulting Indiana here. They got cute little neighborhoods and kids go to little schools and it’s wonderful. But we’ll have more on all that coming up.

This Russia and Georgia thing, it’s clear, this was long planned to time with the Olympics. It’s all about NATO. It’s about keeping Georgia out of NATO. Vladimir Putin is KGB and nobody ever leaves the KGB. McCain was right about this. This is KGB and there’s a great piece, Victor Davis Hanson today has a fabulous analysis of this. He stole my own words before I uttered them, so I can’t accuse him of stealing my words. What this is is the Russian nation once again feeling pride. They have felt snubbed ever since the Cold War ended. And some might say, and I wouldn’t disagree with it, but I don’t care, it’s not a big factor, we weren’t the most gracious winners. We plucked Ukraine away from them. We snubbed them in a number of different ways. We did send some people over there to try to teach ’em democracy, that snubbed ’em too. They’re feeling pride, as Victor Davis Hanson says, as they go into Georgia and South Ossetia and start murdering innocent civilians, you’re not going to see Russian citizens marching in Moscow with ‘No blood for oil signs.’ You’re not going to see the Russian citizens demanding humanitarian aid. The Russian citizenry is going to stand up and applaud because they got their national pride back. The Putin government is sending a message, too. ‘You can’t stop us. Only by our good graces are we going to stop. You can’t stop us from bombing any pipelines.’

See, the big difference now between the Russians and the Soviets with the price of oil, the Russians now have money. They didn’t have money when we were doing SDI. Their economy had fallen flat. They were a Third World nation with a first world military, but now they’ve got oil money and they provide natural gas and oil for much of Europe, and they know, as well as you and I do, that Europe can’t and won’t defend itself. NATO’s even got problems getting in gear. What they do not want is Georgia in NATO and they don’t want Ukraine in NATO, and if we had the guts to put Ukraine in NATO that would be a good slap back. But it probably isn’t going to happen, plus they are dying for Obama to be elected. When a guy comes out and says, ‘This does not comport with the Olympic ideal,’ they know they’re dealing with a patsy. If he wants to be JFK, he’s on the road. Khrushchev absolutely played the violin with JFK, Cuban missile crisis and so forth, and I’m sure Putin — nobody ever leaves the KGB — is looking at this useful idiot, Barack Obama, and salivating. So the ChiComs are sending us signals, the world signals, and so is Vladimir Putin of the KGB.

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