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Rush’s Morning Update: Two Americas
August 14, 2008

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When Democrats try to dupe America at their convention in Denver … one man will be absent: the Breck Girl, John Edwards. That’s due to his admission that he did indeed have sexual relations with that woman, Rielle Hunter. Not only was Edwards dumped from Lord Barack Obama’s veep list … he isn’t even up for a lowly cabinet spot. Worse, reports AP: “he may very well have lost any hope of being the voice for America’s poor and forgotten.”

Says Merle Black, a poly-sci professor at Emory University: “No one in the Democratic Party would want to be publicly associated with him. Edwards is really damaged goods at this point.”

John, you’ve got to be wondering how a smooth-talking con artist with good hair can end up a loser in life’s lottery. One little affair, and you’re persona non grata. Especially when you look at another smooth-talking con artist with good hair who got to be President despite having multiple affairs. He wasn’t even thrown under the bus after admitting he lied about sexual encounters in the Oval Orifice with a woman young enough to be his daughter. The same people giving you grief actually defended this guy’s lying under oath, lying to his wife, lying to his country – they even ignored allegations of rape. He’s a hero. He’s given a prime-time slot at the convention, while you’re thrown under the bus and run over backward?

John. You’re right. There are Two Americas. At least among Democrats!

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