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RUSH: Well, let’s move on to politics, folks. I teased this at the conclusion of the previous hour. The Atlantic Monthly blog by Marc Ambinder reporting that Hillary Clinton’s name will likely be placed in nomination at the convention. This is already the Clinton convention. They got two nights of it. Hillary’s got Tuesday night, Bill’s got Wednesday night. Edwards is nowhere to be found. Oh, and there is some juicy stuff on that coming up today. This story is not going away. Now, what we’re getting, at least two Drive-By journalists are now writing how embarrassed they are to have totally misjudged John Edwards. Well, I’m not kidding. Let’s stick with Clinton here first. The Messiah, the Most Merciful Lord Barack Obama, has consented to the Clintons having her name placed in nomination. Now, let’s move forward, shall we? Let’s go to Wednesday night at the convention, after Bill Clinton has spoken, and they start the roll call, and we have all the Drive-By commentators watching this. And as you know, ladies and gentlemen, this delegate count, if you throw out the supers, the delegate count is damn close. And I can just see, if they put her name in nomination, and her delegates stick with her, you know what’s going to become quite apparent, and not even the Drive-By commentators are going to be able to ignore it.

I can just see it now, the Drive-By commentators, ‘Well, looky here, Brian, why, this is looking to be a little closer than we thought it was going to be here during our roll call. This could be causing some heartburn in various parts of the convention hall tonight, Tom, why, look at how close this is turning. I mean, halfway through the roll call, Mrs. Clinton’s actually leading based on the alphabetical order of the states being called here. This I’m sure is not how the convention planners intended this to come out here, and then we’re going to get word there’s something going on back here in a smoke-filled room. Well, no smoke in a Democrat convention, but back there in the all-green food rooms where the supers, ‘This is looking bad, I mean this is closer than we thought we were going to go.’ Then we’re going to realize as of Wednesday, nobody’s seen or heard from Obama, it’s all been the Clintons up until that time. Well, Michelle Obama will show up with Pelosi on Monday. That’s going to be a real draw. They’re going to open the convention, I understand, Pelosi and Michelle Obama. So this is going to be just hilarious if they do this, if this happens, because everybody is going to be reminded how he couldn’t close this out, how it was the superdelegates that had to wipe her out.

Until they actually vote, I mean, folks, I said this all during the primaries, they can change their intentions right up until they vote at the convention. Now, you put this together with the fact that there’s all kinds of media analysis and consternation over the fact that Obama does not have a significant lead in the polls, and people wondering what the hell has happened and why not — Oh, and by the way, Peter Beinart writing in the Washington Post has come up with a reason why Obama does not have a big lead. I called this one, folks, I told you. The answer is race. America is just racist and will not vote for a black man. So Beinart has an idea. Beinart wants Obama to offer a significant change in affirmative action. Beinart’s idea for Obama is for him to change affirmative action so it’s no longer based on race but rather on class and income. To take race out of the equation, because he thinks — doesn’t say this specifically — there’s still a bunch of angry Jesse Helms types that won’t vote for Obama because they hate affirmative action. So, ladies and gentlemen, this is shaping up here to be quite an interesting Democrat convention, if this all happens.

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