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“In a Hillary vs. McCain race, the bottom line is: we lose. That’s what I am afraid of in that match-up.”

“I didn’t call the candidates ‘Jell-Os.’ I called moderates and independents Jell-Os.”

“I’m telling you, all you need to do is check out who the Drive-Bys think our stars are and go the opposite way. They are not interested in promoting conservatism or conservatives. They want to destroy it. Our guys don’t get this.”

“The best stimulus package is a tax cut.”

“You have no idea how many people in the Republican Party would love to just take as much of conservatism out of the fundamental structure of the Republican Party as they could.”

“There’s a generational link between the Clintons and a lot of the Drive-Bys. They are him and he is them.”

“I understand some of you think any of our Republican candidates would be better than Hillary or Obama, and you’re probably right about that. I’m not going to dispute that, but I’m going to tell you: there’s not going to be much difference in terms of policy or what’s going to happen to the Republican Party.”

“Did you see the story here that smoking can lead to rectal cancer? I saw that story, and I said, ‘Some people just don’t know how to smoke. How do you light that?'”

“There’s already an undertow of real anger at Senator McCain over immigration alone and McCain-Feingold, among the Republican base.”

“I am written about every day. It’s no big deal to me.”

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