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RUSH: We have a 14-year-old young man named Matt from Falls Church, Virginia, on the phone. Welcome, young man. Nice to have you here with us.

CALLER: Hey, sir, you’re a great American.

RUSH: Thank you very much.
CALLER: I just wanted to say about Nancy Pelosi and all these Democrats just worried about the environment, global warming, and where I stand on global warming is, if someone gave me solid proof that global warming was caused by humans, I would believe it. But there’s no solid proof at all that it’s caused by humans, and these Democrats, radicals, are just preventing drilling for the environment, that’s not even proved to be caused by humans. And it’s, to me, ridiculous.

RUSH: Right. You’ve nailed it, my brother. Global warming is simply the latest vehicle that the worldwide left is using to advance anti-capitalist and pro-socialist interests in as many countries as possible, especially this one. It is also a way to make people in this country feel guilty so that they will be made more comfortable assuaging their guilt by paying higher taxes to supposedly fix the problem that they’ve all caused with their sloth and their greed. It’s right out of the liberal textbook. I mean, Karl Marx would be proud of this entire plan.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: It’s aimed at people your age, too. They’re really, really trying to poison people your age, a little older and younger, so that they get you from the start.

CALLER: Right. And I just want to thank you because before I started listening to you, I really didn’t know anything about politics, but my dad is a great man to me, and he brought me into this, and now I’m starting to listen to it on my own, and every single friend of mine that’s a Democrat I’ve basically made them become a Republican because of you and all the stuff I know about politics, so I just want to thank you.

RUSH: Well, you’re more than welcome. Fourteen years old, and you really sound like you are into this and absorbing a lot of it. That’s fabulous.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Thank you.

RUSH: Well, that’s great. Don’t give up. The future of the country as you know it and love it and as you’ve been taught is going to be up to people in your age group.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Thank you so much.

RUSH: You bet. Thank you. By the way, a quick question out there for you, Matt.


RUSH: When does school start for you?

CALLER: September 2nd, the day after Labor Day.

RUSH: So how are you going to handle not being able to listen to this program once you go back to school?

CALLER: I don’t know.

RUSH: Matt, let me ask you a question.

CALLER: It will be really tough.

RUSH: Yeah, I know, I can imagine. That’s why I’m asking the question. People have been known to go through withdrawal, people have been known to skip school and skip work sometimes to hear this program. That’s not good in your case, well, the education factor, you’d be better off listening to this program than in school, but you’d get in trouble. Let me ask you this. Do you use a computer?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Do you have an iPod or something like it?

CALLER: No, sir, but I’m planning on getting one real soon.

RUSH: Like how soon?

CALLER: Well, soon as I can, because I’ve heard that your shows are on iTunes.

RUSH: That’s exactly where I was headed.


RUSH: By the time you get home from school, you could download all three hours of the program from iTunes in a podcast that would play on your iPod, and you’ll be able to do that, and it takes five minutes to do it.

CALLER: Yeah. I’m planning on doing that.

RUSH: That way, the program would become portable to you and you could listen to like three programs in a row if you had a lot of homework one night and you could stack ’em up and keep them forever, by the way. They’re digital files, they never, ever go away unless you erase them.

CALLER: Yes, sir. And I plan on doing that.

RUSH: Okay, well, are you or your family members of my website, Rush 24/7?

CALLER: I don’t think so. But my dad listens to you online a lot. I don’t really know if he’s a member or not, but I know I’m not, and I’m not sure about him.

RUSH: All right. Well, I’ll tell you what. Our site has been approved for all ages and all age groups, all three sexes. There are no boundaries on my website. What I want to do is make you a complimentary member for one year. So when we finish the phone call here which is coming up very soon, don’t hang up.


RUSH: Mr. Snerdley will shift you to someone who will give you the information you need to be a complimentary member at RushLimbaugh.com for the next year, and as an added bonus, I’m going to make you a complimentary subscriber to the Limbaugh Letter newsletter which comes out monthly, which contains different content than is on the website, so you’ll get both of those. You’ll be fully armed to maintain your level of confidence and certitude that you now have.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Thank you very much.

RUSH: You are more than welcome. I’m happy to do it. Now, you hang on, don’t hang up.

CALLER: Thank you very much, sir.

RUSH: The American Psychological Association is not going to like this. They’re going to accuse me of brainwashing you against their initiative on global warming.


RUSH: Anyway, we got it covered. Matt, thanks so much for calling. It’s really been great talking to you.

CALLER: You, too.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: You’re a great American.

RUSH: Thank you.

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