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RUSH: We’re going to go back, ladies and gentlemen, February 26th of this year, the program was one of the debates. It was a debate in Cleveland, and it was moderated by Tim Russert. Tim Russert said to Obama, ‘He’s 42 years old. He’s a former law professor. He is Mr. Putin’s campaign manager. He’s going to be the new president of Russia, and he says to the troops, ‘You know what? Why don’t you go help Serbia retake Kosovo?’ What does President Obama do if the Russian president tells the troops to go retake Kosovo?’

OBAMA: Well, I think that we work with the international community that has also recognized Kosovo, uhh, and state that that’s unacceptable. Uh, but fortunately we have strong international structure, uhh, you know, anchored in NATO, uh, to deal with this issue. We don’t have to work in isolation. Be very clear: We have recognized the country of Kosovo as — as, uh, an independent sovereign nation, uh, as has Great Britain and many other countries in the region, and I think that, uh, that carries with it then certain obligations to ensure that they, uh, are not invaded.

RUSH: Hey, Messiah, where’s NATO? What’s NATO doing here? Where are our allies? You know, just change the question around from the Russians retaking Kosovo for Serbia to moving into Georgia, and you have Obama’s answer here. Some might say, even, that Obama’s language was belligerent himself when he said it’s ‘unacceptable.’ It’s unacceptable? That’s belligerent! Why, that might have even aggravated tensions back then between the Soviet or Russia and the United States. So it’s interesting to go back. It layers a lot of stuff on the record that Obama has said about such scenarios that date back to the campaign and the debates. And once again, his answer here sounds empty. It’s just vapid. ‘Well, it’s unacceptable, but we have an international structure, you know, NATO to deal with this. We don’t have to work in isolation. Be very clear: We’ve recognized the country of Kosovo as an independent…’ So did we with Georgia. I play this, ladies and gentlemen, just to illustrate for you the incompetence and the inexperience and just the fluff, vapid nature of these comments.

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