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RUSH: I mentioned this earlier. Cris Collinsworth interviewed Kobe Bryant, the US ‘Redeem Team’ star at the Olympics, and Collinsworth said, ‘Where does the patriotism come from inside of you? Historically what…?’ Oh, speaking of inside of you, somebody needs to ask Senator Obama: When did his two daughters get their human rights? ‘Senator, when did your two daughters get their human rights?’ Any of you in the Drive-By Media willing to ask him that question?

RUSH: Here is Kobe Bryant’s answer to Cris Collinsworth’s question about patriotism.

BRYANT: Well, you know, it’s just our country is, we believe, the greatest country in the world. It’s given us so many great opportunities, and it’s just a sense of pride that you have, that you say, ‘You know what? Our country is the best.’

COLLINSWORTH: Is that a cool thing to say in this day and age, that you love your country and that you’re fighting for the red, white, and blue? It seems like sort of a day gone by.

BRYANT: Nah, it’s a cool thing for me to say. You know, I feel great about it and I’m not ashamed to say it. This is a tremendous honor.

RUSH: Now, I don’t want to cause any harm or damage here to Cris Collinsworth. I really don’t, ’cause aside from his going overboard week after week after week on the Donovan McNabb event regarding my comments on ESPN, he’s generally been a pretty down-the-middle conservative guy. Yet, something has to inform his question here: ‘Is it a cool thing to say in this day and age that you love your country and you’re fighting for the red, white, and blue?’ Cris, what parties are you going to? Who are you hanging out with? This is sad. Who are you hanging out with? Where has Collinsworth got any idea here that it’s uncool to espouse your patriotism? No, he’s not. (interruption) He does not deal with the NBA, Snerdley.

He’s in the NFL. He does the NFL. Now, he does hang around with Bob Costas and some of these other libs at NBC, but before that, he was with Fox, and they’re not a bunch of libs over there. I mean, some of them at the Fox network are, but where did it happen? Do any of you feel it is something you have to whisper, that you love your country? I didn’t know we’d gotten to this point where you don’t really admit red, white, and blue are for you. Something had to inform this question, and it’s media, media buddies and people you’re hanging out with. By the way, I hate to say this, but that’s something that Obama would say.

Obama is over practicing this very philosophy: ‘No, we’re not going to say great things about America. We’re going to admit we’re imperfect when we’re in Berlin and we’re going to tell little seven-year-olds who ask me why I want to be president, ‘Why, because this country is not what it once was.’ We are going to be critical of this country. That’s what’s cool! That’s what’s honest.’ Somebody that he’s hanging around with has informed him of this particular view, ladies and gentlemen. Thank God for Kobe Bryant. I mean, he could have cowed here. He could have cowed, ‘Oh, really? Whoa, whoa.’ But I guarantee you, this is going to help Kobe Bryant in endorsement deals, it’s going to help him in a number of other aspects of his life.

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