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RUSH: We’re going to start in Dallas. This is Olivia. I’m glad you called, Olivia, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Oh, hi.


CALLER: Well, I remember about a week ago when I tried to call in you were talking about why does the media presume that Obama should be president, or really far ahead in the polls. And I remember an essay written by Robert Nozick, it’s called, ‘Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?’ And what I would say is what he’s saying, is that both the media and Barack Obama are wordsmith intellectuals. And intellectuals by definition are people who think ideas are more important than people, and wordsmith intellectuals are people who believe that everything has a verbal solution. And so that’s my theory. Hello?

RUSH: Yeah, I’m listening.

CALLER: Okay, well, part of Barack Obama’s reason why he’s a wordsmith intellectual is because of his elitist schooling. Schooling kind of breeds this sense of entitlement and superiority among wordsmith intellectuals because in the classroom there’s a central planner. The teacher distributes the awards by how she sees fit. She teaches with books also written by wordsmith intellectuals —

RUSH: I’m not familiar with this writer, this essayist you’re talking about, but what he says makes total sense. Yesterday I spent a lot of time analyzing who Obama is. I’ve been doing it for quite a while. He’s not a thinker. Now, he’s learned well and he’s able to regurgitate what he has learned from his Harvard class professors and from Bill Ayers, the anti-US terrorist who is his good friend, and from Jeremiah Wright. Barack Obama is a linear result of a life spent hanging around and learning from people who have a presumption of guilt associated with this country. This country is wrong; this country is guilty; this country needs to learn a lesson or two; this country deserves to lose wars and so forth and so on. They do think they’re smarter than everybody else and they carry themselves that sort of elitist air of a condescending arrogance and Obama is very typical of this. But, you see, Obama really can’t think well, and we see it constantly when he’s off the teleprompter. He is a stuttering, ‘Uhhh.’ We put together all the uhs and ahs and ands and you-knows from a 40-minute press conference that he had a couple weeks ago, or three weeks ago, and a full seven-and-a-half to eight minutes is uhs and ahs and you-knows. And what Obama is trying to make people think he’s doing during all those pauses is deeply thinking. He’s thinking; he’s smart; he is trying to arrange his syllables. That’s not what he’s doing, but that’s what he wants people to think. The American people do not want a thinker. The American people want a doer.


RUSH: For those of you who haven’t heard it and those of you who have who would like to hear more of it, here is our montage — it’s not a montage. I’m sorry. This is seven minutes, 35 seconds, of Barack Obama stuttering uhs, ands, you-knows and none of these are repeated. They are all taken individually one time from a single 40-minute press conference a couple of weeks ago.

(playing of Obama stuttering)

All right, let it run, but I want to get back to the phones here, but I’ll tell you, this is how intellectuals speak, pseudo-intellectuals, too. I’ll never forget one of the funniest things I ever saw when I first became aware of this manner, this pattern of speaking. I was watching Mr. Buckley’s TV show Firing Line, and he had this guest, some professor from somewhere, I don’t remember his name, all I remember is how this guy looked and what he sounded like. He was smoking. He had the ugliest teeth that I have ever seen, his hair was typically professorial, all over the place and not much of it, he had a frozen smile on his space like everything he was being asked was beneath him and his speech pattern went something like this. (doing impression) ‘Well, see-eeee, glacial componeeeent and identifier — eeeeee, perhaps — difficult toooo — more than eeeeh average person — comprehend.’ He actually spoke this way. I’m laughing myself silly because this guy obviously thought that he was Mr. Wizard. They do, they speak this way. I have long lampooned ’em.

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