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RUSH: Where are we today in the presidential contest? Eh, depending on the poll. In the rolling average at Real Clear Politics, Barry is up a couple points, three points. It’s a statistical tie. Where was this race in the polls back in March and April? It looked bleak for the McCain campaign. Barry was way up, and was in a fight for his life with Hillary, and everybody thought that he had finally shut her out. But then along came Operation Chaos. Since Operation Chaos — it would be interesting to chart this or to graph this in terms of polling data — Operation Chaos began with the Ohio and Texas primaries. By the way, what was the express purpose, by me, of commander-in-chief, of Operation Chaos?

It was ‘to bloody up Obama politically,’ because at that time McCain campaign was signaling it wasn’t going to, and Hillary and the Clintons were the only ones left thus to do it. So Hillary and the Clintons needed to stay in this race. Hence, Operation Chaos, which dispatched voters, Republican voters in upcoming Democrat primary states to switch their registration for those primaries where that was permitted and to vote for Mrs. Clinton just to keep this alive. And it worked by every measure. Yesterday we had the story, we talked about the Sunday story in the New York Times where the Democrats are getting worried. They are nervous about Obama, and they have been for quite a while. There is unrest; there is unease. There is unrest and unease in the Democrat Party campaign of Barack Obama because of Operation Chaos, which sought (and succeeded) in bloodying up Obama politically.

The Democrats know this. The Obama campaign knows this. The Republicans probably don’t, thinking it’s their brilliance that has brought this race to being as tight as it is. I just wanted to remind you: These things matter, and these things work. In this case, Operation Chaos worked profoundly. Obama’s trend line is down. They’re trying to recapture that magic from months ago, and you can’t recapture that magic because that magic was… Well, it had a time stamp on it, and it had a specific duration, and they’ve completed that duration, and that get that genie out of the bottle again. They’ve gotta move on from it, and they’re having trouble doing so.

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