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RUSH: Here’s Kyle in Fairfax, Virginia. Kyle, it’s nice to have you on the program.

CALLER: Thank you very much. It’s an honor, Rush.

RUSH: Yes, I just wanted to tell you I’ve been listening to you since I was a junior in high school back in 1992.

RUSH: A Rush Baby.

CALLER: Ohhhh, yeah. So thank you very much, and you actually introduced me to one of my most influential books, too: Atlas Shrugged. But anyhow, getting to the point, I’ve been debating and contemplating this presidential election to where I feel the Republicans have given me no choice but to vote for Barack Obama for two reasons in the upcoming election. A, I’m tired of the stupid selecting the lesser of two evils, because the only one that wins is the evil. And B, if Barack gets elected just like Jimmy Carter for the Democrats, he’s going to destroy the Democratic Party from within — and you might have somebody take over like a Ronald Reagan and bring conservatism back to the Republican Party and an actual small government instead of this monster that we have.

RUSH: You know, this is a theory that we discussed earlier on in the campaign on this program in some depth. Let’s take a look at both sides of these things. Let’s take a look at conservatives voting for McCain and let’s take a look conservatives voting for Obama or not voting, one of the two. If Obama wins, there is the theory that you just espoused, that he’s Jimmy Carter 2, and if he does collect sizable voting majorities in both houses, that the Democrats are going to have pretty much a free ride to do what they instinctively will do, and that is destroy (or severely damage) the foundational building blocks of the country’s economy and a number of things, just as Jimmy Carter did. And then the theory follows that that sets up the election in 2012 of a conservative on a white horse riding in to save the day.

Now, two things about that. I can understand the theory, but it’s not automatic that in 2012 Obama would lose. It’s not automatic that some conservative on a white horse would show up to clean up the mess. Do we really want to knowingly, actively vote for somebody who is going to be such an anathema to our way of life, to our free market economic system, to our cultural institutions? Do we really want four years of this? Do we want to destroy or greatly damage what we love so much in order to get the chance to fix it? On the other hand, conservatives voting for McCain. Now, this has changed a bit, given his performance at Rick Warren’s church. Conservatives are, I think, a little jazzed here right now, but it’s being tempered with these trial balloons or whatever they are, that McCain’s going to pick a pro-choice liberal — either a liberal Republican or liberal Democrat — as his running mate.

If he does that, he will cancel out everything he said Saturday night that appealed to the base for a very simple reason: They’ll start asking if he really believed what he said Saturday night. If he really believed them and those are really his core values, particularly on abortion, how does he pick somebody on pro-choice, whether the guy is a good friend from back in days in the House or whatever. People aren’t going to stop to consider that kind of thing. And if McCain thus wipes out his great score from Saturday night with the wrong vice presidential pick, and you vote for McCain as a conservative, and McCain wins, then what you’ve done is participate in putting the conservative movement in the bleachers, because the McCain campaign will be able to say (the Republican Party will be able to say) that they have won not by being conservative, but by being moderates and even liberals and attracting a lot of disaffected Democrats and others.

And then the Republican Party and the Rockefeller blue-blooders in there will be able to say, ‘See? We don’t need you conservatives.’ That’s been my dilemma from the get-go on all of this. It’s been a very troubling thing, and then as Obama has been revealed through succeeding days and weeks in this campaign, it has become clear to me that in no way can this guy become president because he really won’t be the president. There’s going to be somebody behind him telling him what to say and what to do, because he is just a vessel. I am more convinced than ever that this guy is nothing more than a sponge, and he has been taught well. He’s learned all of this psychobabble, and he’s very good at regurgitating it when it’s on a teleprompter and so forth, but in no way can this guy be in.

He’s not qualified. He is in no way ready to be president of the United States. He’s a street agitator with 140 days in the Senate. His best friends are radical anti-Americans! He’s learned from them well. In fact, we talked yesterday. Let me get this out of the stack, ladies and gentlemen. We learned yesterday that Obama — and we talked about the fact — that he was working very hard with Bill Ayers back in the early formative days in Chicago. Bill Ayers of course was very instrumental in running education seminars that were countered with the American way. One of the things that we discussed yesterday that Bill Ayers tried to convince Obama that prisons were bad. We need to get rid of ‘the prison-industrial complex’ because it stigmatizes people in prison and it makes people not in prison ‘feel superior’ to people in the prisons.

And if you look at Obama’s voting record when given the chance to vote tough on crime, he never did vote tough on crime. ‘Records detailing the workings of a 1990’s charitable group working to better education in the city of Chicago that are housed at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) are being shielded from the prying eyes of reporters. The significance of these records is that the foundation in question was run by none other than Barack Obama. And the foundation was formed by none other than William Ayers, the radical Weather Underground terrorist who Obama has referred to as ‘just a neighbor.’ Stanley Kurtz of the National Review has tried to access records of The Annenberg Challenge on Excellence in Education and met with a stone wall. This despite the fact that the records are supposedly open to the public… The records would almost certainly make Obama out to be a liar about the extent of his personal relationship with this unreconstructed terrorist.’ So you can’t get this.

We can’t get John Kerry’s full military record file. We can’t get Bill Clinton’s health records. The Democrats hide everything they can because they know it’s damaging. Now we can’t get to these supposedly public files about Obama’s foundation at the University of Illinois at Chicago on his ‘charitable work’ to better education because the architect of the improved education was Ayers — and among other things, Ayers was urging people in education settings to start advocating the abolition of US prisons because they don’t accomplish anything except to stigmatize the prisons and make ’em feel bad. Now, this guy is an anarchist. He wants these kinds of people roaming the streets. He suggested house arrest in exchange for getting rid of prisons. House arrest! Leaving these people in the neighborhoods they terrorized in the first place! I believe people like Ayers want that kind of anarchy on the streets. He doesn’t like this country at all. He wanted to blow up the Pentagon once, and this is who Obama has hung around and in part been influenced by. So the records detailing their work together in this charitable foundation based in education, are locked. We can’t get ’em.

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