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RUSH: The Messiah has been all over the world ripping the United States, criticizing his country, we’re not what we once were, we’re not meeting our potential, we’re just in bad shape, and they’re going to have this parade of real, real people, victim after victim after victim at their convention. Obama tells a little seven-year-old girl asking him why he wants to be president because the country is not what it once was. He goes up with the eyebrow guy, Tim Kaine in Chester, Virginia, today, and I swear, folks, it was an outdoor town hall meeting, it looked like they had let the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest out of the asylum for the day. Obama starts out trying to talk about how great America is and how great Americans are, and he can do it for about 25 seconds, and then he reverted.

I got to thinking. He’s this global citizen of the world, right? Why doesn’t Obama design a world flag? I was watching television a couple days ago, the American track and field winners at the Olympics, have you seen it, they’re wrapping themselves in the American flag, literally wrapping themselves in the American flag. Now, that is obnoxious. That is typical jingoistic nationalistic patriotism on display at a world citizen event, and furthermore having these athletes shroud themselves in the American flag is confusing our public school students. Why not get a world flag? That would be the cool thing to do, to proclaim yourself a citizen of the world, because when you think of all of America’s imperfections, how could an American athlete in good conscience accept an American flag and then wear it? I could see some of the other countries’ athletes wearing their flags ’cause they have had to rise above America’s oppressive policies under George W. Bush. We make up 3% of the world’s population, use 25% of the world’s energy. I actually hope that figure is low, by the way, folks. I think Americans should be using closer to 35% of the world’s energy. In fact, we ought to be using 50% of the world’s energy because we do more with it than any nation on earth, for all people in the world, other than these people and their toilets, but Clarissa Brocklehurst is taking care of that with 2,499 other of her friends in Stockholm. But you know, public school students, they are watching these games, and after everything these young skulls full of mush have been taught in our public schools regarding our country’s deeply flawed and shameful past, this flag stuff and all these displays of national pride have gotta be confusing to the little students and their skulls full of mush.

Every time there’s another American medal winner, kids see nothing but healthy, happy achievers wrapping themselves in a piece of fabric that symbolizes our greed, imperialism, and arrogance. By the way, 3% of the world’s population is winning a majority of Olympic medals. Is that fair? Three percent of the world’s population winning a majority of Olympic medals, how is that fair? Anyway, you know, according to Obama and the Democrats — and you’ll see it at their convention next week — the country sucks, everyone needs to know that, and the Olympics are doing nothing to make this point. The Olympics are creating a false impression of this country. The Olympics are making us look like great, hardworking, high achievers. Lovable, laughing, charismatic people are on our Olympic team. This has gotta be embarrassing to Obama, given his view of the United States.

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