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RUSH: Hey, ladies, those of you in the Hillary camp, she wasn’t even vetted! Caroline Kennedy never talked to her. They didn’t ask for any donors from the Clinton library. She wasn’t even considered as a vice presidential running mate. She wasn’t even given the thought of one second in a day. This is no way to treat the Clintons. Greetings, my friends, Open Line Friday. Not only is it right, the woman behind it is Pelosi. 800-282-2882 is the number if you want to be on the program. I’m not kidding you. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Ladies and gentlemen, it has just been learned that a new name has been placed in the — and, by the way, the Drive-Bys are all breathless — (panting) — panting away for their stupid phone text messages to go off. Did you sign up for Obama’s text message announcement of his veep, Snerdley? I didn’t, either. Who would do that? But anyway, apparently a lot of them have. I will guarantee you he will not announce this pick before three o’clock today. I’ll bet you money. He’s going to wait for later in the day, maybe even during Olympics coverage ’cause they’re figuring a lot of people will not go out on Friday night, that they will stay home on Friday night to watch the Olympics, and of course any announcement of this veep will interrupt NBC programming. It could be a big miscalculation. Anyway, there’s a new guy that is named as a finalist, Chet — I never heard of the guy — Chet, Chet, Chet, Chet — what’s his name, that’s right, Chet Edwards.

Not to be confused with John — oh! Speaking of Edwards, ladies and gentlemen, right here, I hold it in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers, this is good. I hope this happens today, too. In an interview on CNBC this morning, ‘Warren Buffett suggested that donors to the John Edwards for President Campaign might consider filing a class action lawsuit. ‘I think if I had given him money I’d probably be asking him for it back now.’ Buffett’s main problem with Edwards was the fact that he continued to solicit contributions long after he knew the story of the affair would eventually prevent any chance of him occupying the Oval Office. … ‘It might be kind of interesting if some contributor would bring a class action suit on behalf of people.” Yeah, I’ll tell you who’s getting the money now is the woman. They’re using campaign funds to fly her down to St. Croix and to put her up in some house down there. You Democrats, what a great day!

You ladies that have been holding out hope for Hillary, this is unconscionable, this show of disrespect. I’m telling you, it’s an AP story: ‘Edwards is a favorite of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who praised his ‘extraordinary credentials’ on ABC’s ‘This Week’ on Aug. 3 and said: ‘I hope he will be the nominee.” Nancy Pelosi’s running this show. Nancy Pelosi, ladies and gentlemen, is who guaranteed that the superdelegates in the House went early for Obama to freeze Hillary out. Nancy Pelosi is running this show. Nancy Pelosi is making sure that Mrs. Clinton is a gnat in Washington, DC. You get these two women, it’s the Queen Bee Syndrome here, folks. It’s not these two women. It’s any two women in a competitive situation like this. You can see it at the Olympics. You can see it everywhere that it happens. But this is deadly because this is a lot of money, and this is politics. They did not vet her. ‘A Democratic official reported, ‘She was never vetted. She was not asked for a single piece of paper. She and Senator Obama have never had a single conversation about it. How would he know if she’d take it?’ The official also said Clinton never met with Obama’s vetting team of Eric Holder and Caroline Kennedy.’

These women who were supporting Hillary and were holding out some sort of hope that she might be chosen, it’s bad enough to learn she’s not going to be chosen, but now to find out she’s not even been vetted, that means, for those of you in Rio Linda, she wasn’t even considered. All of this, all of this idle speculation over recent days and months, weeks, has all been nothing but a giant tease designed to keep the Hillary forces in line, thinking something might come up. No, they didn’t even pretend. One of the other factors in this, too, by the way, is that Hillary has only retired something like a million and a half of her debt, which is 50 to 20 million. Obama doesn’t want to take that on. He also doesn’t want to have to go out and hire food tasters. He doesn’t want to go out there and hire someone to start his car for him every day. But you ladies that were for Hillary — and they’re still out there — this should enrage you. This is a sign of respect that nobody in this party has ever shown the Clintons, and the Clintons are not the Clintons I know if they just sit there and take this. If I were Hillary, I would call this show. I would right now call this show, if I were Hillary, and say, ‘I am the nominee. Obama has chosen me. I want to get out in front of the text message,’ and watch the fur fly. These women have been battered already. They have been battered; they have been beaten up by the Obama campaign and the Democrats.

The Democrats have decided on the affirmative action candidate rather than the woman. They’ve been teasing her all along, and all of these surprises and all of these promises that it might be Hillary, she might be in the running and so forth, but yet she was in Florida yesterday or somewhere with Obama, first campaign appearance and still referred to him as ‘my opponent,’ quote, unquote. So this is not just Battered Liberal Syndrome going on here, this is Battered Women Liberal Syndrome going on here. And ladies, you’ve got two things you could do. Don’t cry about it. Just suck it up and vote for us. That’s all you can do, suck it and up vote — don’t cry. Do not start crying. Get mad. I know they’re already mad. I know these women. They have just been royally dissed not to even have been considered and then to learn that Pelosi has got this guy that nobody ever heard of from Texas on the veep list. She doesn’t want to be threatened by anybody in that number-two slot. She wants to figuratively be the number two in Washington after Obama.


RUSH: Wayne, Charlotte, North Carolina, you’re on Open Line Friday today. Hi.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Dittos, Rush, from a listener and an EIB student for over two decades, first-time caller.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Two quick points. Number one is my off-the-radar prediction for Obama’s running mate. I predict Wesley Clark, and the reason is he had no scheduled speaker slot, the only major player with no speaker slot at the convention. There was one seemingly planted —

RUSH: They can change that around at any time. If he picks Wesley Clark that’s going to have to be vetted by Pelosi. She might like Wesley Clark because he’s dumber than Obama. I’ll tell you, really, she is the one apparently running this show. She did say on August 3rd, which is just, you know, 19 days ago on Stephanopoulos’ Sunday show that she likes Chet Edwards, congressman from Texas. By the way, in this AP story, a Democrat person tells AP that Obama has said of Pelosi that she’s going to be pleased with the pick. So everybody is looking at Biden, everybody is looking at Bayh, and everybody is looking at The Eyebrow, Tim Kaine. And all of a sudden out of the blue here comes Chet Edwards. But it’s not out of the blue because Pelosi mentioned it back on August the 3rd. Pelosi’s the one who ran to Capitol Hill making sure that those superdelegates did not abandon Obama when Hillary was making great gains toward the tail end of the primaries.

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