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RUSH: Here’s Adam in Montreal. Great to have you, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Hello. I’m calling about the Chicago Bears and what do you think their chances are this year, especially without Favre being in the division.

RUSH: You know, I watched a little bit of the Bears last night against the San Francisco Fort’iners, and the Bears are an enigma. They still don’t have a quarterback. They’ve still got the same two backup quarterbacks they had last year, Kyle Orton’s gotten the starting nod, right, I think this year over Rex Grossman. The Packers, you know, that’s a tossup, too, this division — and the Minnesota quarterback is injured. Tarvaris Jackson may have some knee damage. So I think your chances in Chicago, if you’re a Bears fan, are probably better than you thought they might otherwise be.

CALLER: Well, other than quarterback, what else do we need to do to get better?

RUSH: You need a running back that can stay out of jail.

CALLER: (laughs)

RUSH: The Cincinnati Bengals need about 11 people that can stay out of jail. But I think, you know, defense is pretty solid. It look like the Bears — it’s hard to tell from these preseason games, but this weekend’s preseason games you see more from the starters than you see earlier. It looks like they’ve got somebody to complement Devin Hester on returns, another speed merchant return man last night. So I think that you got Urlacher back on defense. The Bears linebacking core, the defense is always been pretty good. So I think if they can just shore up the running game… They’re going to need the running game because they’re not going to be able to throw the ball that much, and defenses are going to know it, so you have a running game that… Well, I mean their quarterback will be, you know, what do they call these guys? Charlie Check-Off, these little dink passes when nobody is open down the field, but if I were you I’d feel pretty excited about the Bears chances. The coaching staff is good. They’re just two years away from the Super Bowl. The big question mark, as it always is with the Bears, is the quarterback. I don’t know what it is, but the Bears can’t get a quarterback. (interruption)

Hut, hut! I know. Hut, hut!

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