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RUSH: This house business, this is such a nonstory. The rich elitism now is almost entirely found on the left. From the Jay Rockefellers to the John Kerrys to the Pelosis. I mean Pelosi is a multimillionairess with her husband. She’s got all kinds of homes. This business that they’re still focusing on McCain on this, just classic, just classic the way the media just pumps this stuff up and tries to make a story out of it to try to help Obama, because it’s such a nonstory. McCain doesn’t own the properties. McCain doesn’t go to them. One thing you can say about McCain, the last number of years he may have married a wealthy woman, but he has not advanced his lifestyle at all. He does not avail himself of the opportunities to go to all these houses and so forth. In fact, there’s an interesting contrast. (interruption) McCain is not a slumlord. What do you mean, Snerdley, McCain’s a slumlord? No, I mean he wasn’t vacationing. He goes to the Sedona place, they sold the big house in Phoenix and bought a condo when the kids were gone. His primary residence is a condo in Virginia. He doesn’t even live in DC.

We found out the other day that Obama — and Jake Tapper, by the way, has done some research into Obama’s family tree, and so far he’s been able to count eight half siblings of Obama. One of them was George Hussein Obama found in the hut in Kenya, outside Nairobi, and we found that old George Hussein Obama is living on less than a dollar a month. We also found out that one of McCain’s houses, a condo, is one that they provide for an elderly aunt of Mrs. McCain’s. How come Barry can’t send his half-brother a $20 bill and almost double the guy’s annual income. A $20 bill would almost double his brother’s annual income, and McCain said to be so out of touch with the common man, uses one of his houses to house an elderly aunt. So they’re asking all these questions of McCain on his houses. Okay, I got some questions for Obama. How many huts and ramshackle shacks do your blood relatives own or live in? Have you helped with payments or cosigned bank notes for any of those huts, thatched or otherwise? If your hut-owning relatives ask you for a loan to make an addition to their hut or to build an outhouse, would you be willing to spend the five dollars necessary for an add-on?

Obama, what would be an appropriate hut-warming gift for a half-brother or grandmother? A mosquito net? Cortisone cream for bug bites? A waterproof deck of cards? Please tell us, sir. You’ve had to deal with these questions as your half siblings have moved into new huts and quarters around the world. How does one go about, Obama, addressing a Christmas card for a close relative that is a hut dweller? Do they have an address, some kind of GPS coordinates to give FedEx? Does FedEx go to any of the huts where your half siblings live? Senator Obama, would it be in poor taste for you to send a sign to your blood relatives to hang in their hut that says ‘Hut, Sweet Hut’? These are legitimate questions, these are damn legitimate questions. Let me tell you something. After you send the sign that says, ‘Hut, Sweet Hut,’ if you haven’t done that, why haven’t you lifted a finger to help these half siblings raise their standard of living? Do they like living in abject poverty?

What about, Senator Obama, the least among us? Does George Hussein Obama hope for change? Does he hope for an outhouse? Does he hope for some plumbing? Does he hope that he doesn’t have to walk a half mile to get a cup of water that is not sanitized, Senator Obama? Does your half-brother George Hussein Obama long for cable TV? We know, Senator, he gets newspapers from somewhere because there are pictures of you posted on one of the walls of the hut. Senator Obama, do your half siblings living in huts all over the world look to you for answers? Do they look to you for hope? Do they look to you for change? By his own admission, your half-brother, George Hussein Obama, has lived in this hut for years, with no change in his life whatsoever, and he is your half-brother! And you’re running on ‘Change.’ At least, Senator Obama, have the compassion of Castro. At least send your brother, George Hussein Obama, a rice cooker.


RUSH: This is Dave in Cincinnati. You’re next. Welcome, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.


CALLER: I’ve been listening to you for 20 years, and I agree with most of your positions. I’m a fairly conservative person myself, at least very fiscally conservative.

RUSH: Yes, good.

CALLER: But politically — and I’ve been fairly politically conservative. Your last dissertation about Obama’s half siblings, you know what? I’m not a politically correct guy, but God Almighty, that was offensive to me. And I’m a guy on your side —

RUSH: I can understand that, you know, because I suggested he send the guy a rice cooker —

CALLER: I know —

RUSH: — and it’s worthless if you don’t have any rice. I shoulda said, ‘Send some rice.’

CALLER: Listen, you have — you have a powerful podium and a great message in terms of — of — of our potential dangers with Obama being elected. And those are great, great positions.

RUSH: I talk about those, too. We cover the gamut here on the EIB Network.

CALLER: I know. I know. I just — I just — it just to me was —

RUSH: What was offensive about it? What in the world was offensive about it? There was nothing in it that wasn’t true.

CALLER: You know, again, to — to talk about — to talk about the huts and — it was just — it was —

RUSH: Why not. He lives in a hut.

CALLER: If — if — if — if — if — if — if — if people of means get put down because they don’t have means, being looked at by — by the Democrat Party as — as the evil rich people, is it — is it — does it make — it doesn’t make it right for — and I guess I know a lot of times you’re spoofing, but gosh darn it, you have so many important things to talk about.

RUSH: David?

CALLER: I agree with your positions.

RUSH: Thank you. I appreciate it. This was a very important thing to talk about because this was parody, this was satire. This was brilliant humor and requires elements of truth in order to be brilliant humor. I didn’t put the guy in the hut. He’s not my half-brother. Vanity Fair found the guy in a hut. Vanity Fair found a guy in a hut without an outhouse, without plumbing. He’s Obama’s half-brother. Obama, ‘the least among us’! Obama doesn’t give to charity. Meanwhile, Obama is out praising Russia and China, and his campaign is trying to make hay out of a bunch of lies about John McCain’s homes. So if we’re going to question people’s homes and who lives in them and who pays for them, well, we got a lot of Obama half siblings out there living in abject poverty! A guy who has four to five to $6 million a year in income, and he’s got a half-brother living on less than $12 a year in a hut! I didn’t create any of this. It exists and it’s real. If you can’t handle when I point it out…?


RUSH: Stop and think of this. With one $20 bill, just one $20 bill from Obama to his half-brother George Obama, he could double his annual income. A $20 bill, but he doesn’t send him one.


RUSH: Last hour, on this program, ladies and gentlemen, I asked Senator Obama a series of questions about his half-brother George Hussein Onyango Obama who Vanity Fair found over in Nairobi in the outskirts of some little town living in a shack, living in a six-by-nine-foot hut. I asked these questions last hour because the Obama campaign, they’ve got nothing else going on, they’re in such disarray, there is panic that has settled in over Obama’s loss of a lead in the polls and they’re trying to make hay out of a stupid story about McCain not knowing how many homes he has. He doesn’t have any. They are his wife’s. He doesn’t own any of them. So I asked a series of questions about Obama. A caller by the name of David from Cincinnati was offended and called to tell me that he was a conservative on some things and a wishy-washy moderate on other things.

Now, as you know, I have a little bit of a hearing deficiency. Most voices on the phone sound identical to me, particularly women. Sometimes if I know the voice, I can distinguish it, but everybody told me that David from Cincinnati sounded like McCain and that his voice was a little higher, and I didn’t get that at all. So they want to play this for us, the broadcast engineer, side by side. This is where I as host, by the way, have to exhibit total trust in the staff. The staff could totally embarrass me here, but they have told me that these two people sound remarkably the same. So who we got first? We have David from Cincinnati first? Here’s David, here’s the caller, just 30 seconds of his complaining about the questions I asked Obama.

CALLER: I’ve been listening to you for 20 years, and I agree with most of your positions. I’m a fairly conservative person myself, at least very fiscally conservative.

RUSH: Yes, good.

CALLER: But politically — and I’ve been fairly politically conservative. Your last dissertation about Obama’s half siblings, you know what, I’m not a politically correct guy, but God Almighty, that was offensive to me.

RUSH: Okay, that’s Dave in Cincinnati. Here’s McCain.

MCCAIN: My greatest moral failing, and I have been a very imperfect person, is the failure of my first marriage. It’s my greatest moral failure. I think America’s greatest moral failure–

RUSH: Okay, I see it. There is a remarkable similarity in the speech patterns there, both fairly conservative, too. I mean the similarity is remarkable, now that it’s pointed out to me. Interesting.


RUSH: I wonder if Obama even knows… You know, does McCain know how many houses he has? Obama, do you know how many half brothers you have? Do you know how many stepmothers that you have? Hey, don’t blame me. Jake Tapper at ABC tried to figure it out, and he’s up to eight half brothers, but he’s not sure he’s finished. Hey, look, folks, if they’re going to bring up this meaningless little garbage about McCain and his houses and so forth when the Democrats are now the party of the rich, McCain doesn’t live a lifestyle of extravagancy anyway. Obama does. A lot of the Democrats do. McCain doesn’t. I think Obama probably likes the rail system in China, too. I mean that’s part of the infrastructure, isn’t it, the railroad system? He likes it not because it works, because most of the time it does not work, but they have a lot of people over there who can make chugging sounds to make it seem like it works when all these cameras are in town for the Olympics. They also have this, Obama. They have 10,000 people wading in toxic waste in the river cleaning out the algae. Remember that, before the Olympics started, the green soup where some of the water events were going to take place? They had ten thousand people wading in toxic waste in the river cleaning out the algae. We’re getting a better picture of Obama’s America here. At least in America the river water isn’t chewy!

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