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Rush’s Morning Update: Best & Brightest
August 25, 2008

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The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama the Most Merciful, has issued a new decree with regard to his foreign policy team, if elected.Lord Obama said: “We will have the best and brightest– and by the way, they don’t have to be Democrats.”

Now, if you aren’t old enough recallthat phrase, “the best and brightest”,ithas a history in American politics — it was used to describe the Ivy League advisors to JFKduring the era liberals like to call “Camelot”,and here is their legacy:

•It was the holdover Kennedy foreign policy team — “the best and brightest” — that micromanaged the Vietnam War from their desks in Washington,ignoring the advice ofthe commanders in the field… with disastrous results.

•The “best andbrightest” re-emerged during the Carter years;older, but none the wiser. They appeased the Soviets, decimated our intelligence agencies– as well asthe military and its readiness– and gave away the Panama Canal. They turned Iran from an ally to the enemy that still troubles us today.

•These old fogies reappeared in the Clinton years, Sleepy Warren Christopher among them. Citing the “Peace Dividend” following the collapse of the Evil Empire, they weakened the military Ronald Reagan rebuilt. They ignored the threat of terrorism, electing to criminalize itrather than fight it. Hello, 9/11.

They have been an utter catastrophe for American security, andyet Lord Obama wants to re-inflict them upon us. Their best has never been good enough, and they’re far from bright. So this time, folks, let’s justpass.

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