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RUSH: If you’re just joining us, ladies and gentlemen, we have learned that a surprise name has been talked about at top of the ticket, top of the list for Obama’s number two: Chet Edwards, personal choice of Nancy Pelosi, as she announced it on the August 3rd edition of George Stephanopoulos’ Sunday show on ABC. More importantly than that we have learned that Obama did not even consider Hillary Clinton, did not have one conversation with her. They did not do any investigation of who might the donors be at the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor. It appears there’s no way, absolutely no way. You gotta figure the Obama people have to understand here that this is a huge sign of disrespect; the biggest example of disrespect the Democrat Party, anybody in the Democrat has shown the Clintons ever. They didn’t even make a show out of considering her, and apparently Pelosi has a lot of sway here.

Because, you know, she kept the superdelegates in line during the late stages of the primaries, kept them from abandoning Obama as Hillary was going through this surge of hers that was working, thanks to Operation Chaos among other things. Oh, speaking of that, ‘Rasmussen Reports indicates that Democrat voter registration in July down 2% from April and May.’ So that means the Operation Chaos troops are rotating back home after their tour during the Democrat primaries. There’s a lot happening out there, and the women that support Hillary when they learn how she has been disrespected, it’s going to be fascinating to watch what they did. Also Mrs. Clinton, she’s not do anything for Obama at all in terms of campaign, so — one appearance I think, and maybe this is why.

RUSH: Now, who is this Chet Edwards guy? We gotta look at his voting record here, some key votes that Chet Edwards has made, and if he is the surprise pick, it will show how rattled the Obama team is about the liberalism issue. Here are key votes from Chet Edwards. On the estate tax repeal, he voted yes. To limit CAFE standards, he voted yes. Fiscal year ’06 spending curb, he voted no. Drilling in ANWR, he voted yes. Limit interstate abortion, he voted yes. Extend the Patriot Act, he voted yes. Ban same-sex marriage, he voted yes. Stem cell research dollars, he voted yes. Build a border fence, he voted yes. CAFTA, he voted no. That’s the Colombia free trade; that’s Pelosi. Oppose Iraq withdrawal, he voted yes. Detainee tribunals at Club Gitmo, he voted yes. This is about as incompatible in terms of a voting record vice presidential pick that Pelosi and Obama could end up with.


RUSH: I’m getting a lot of people e-mailing me thinking that Obama has really blown this by not at least pretending to be interested in Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate, as his number two. People are saying, ‘Gosh, he should have pretended, for crying out loud. These women have been so hoping that Hillary is on the ticket and so upset that she got screwed out of the nomination, to not even respect her enough to even pretend to vet her. Why, these women are just going to be outraged.’ Maybe so, but let me ask you to look at it this way. Suppose they had gone through the motions of being interested in Hillary, suppose they had had a couple of vetting sessions, suppose they had done that so that they could say they did it and approve it, and then not take her? I think the calculation’s probably been we will be hurt less if they don’t get these people all jacked up thinking that it’s possible we’re going to pick her and then not pick her than if we just say we were never interested in the first place.

Here’s another thing, have you stopped to think about this. If he does pick this Chet Edwards guy that Pelosi wants. What are the bumper stickers going to say? Obama-Edwards joint venture. Now, what Edwards do you think they’re going to associate with that name more than Chet Edwards? I mean, are they thinking in these terms? By the way, 25 minutes to go for Obama to name his choice before this program ends. I made a bet today with friends of mine that no way would he name this choice before three o’clock today. I’m still chuckling, you know, there are people out there with their phones eagerly awaiting the text message announcement from The Messiah.

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