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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites, yesterday CNN Late Edition, Wolf Blitzer had this exchange with Barack Obama advisor Anita Dunn.

BLITZER: I’m going to play a little clip, Anita. I want you to you listen to what Rush Limbaugh said on Wednesday before we knew that Joe Biden was, in fact, the running mate. Listen to what Rush Limbaugh said.

RUSH: I really hope it’s Biden. We don’t want to say that too loud, but I really do hope that it’s Joe Biden ’cause we’ve got a mountain of archival audio on Joe Biden.

BLITZER: ‘A mountain of archival audio on Joe Biden.’ Joe Biden has been on television and on the radio a lot over the years. How worried are you that the McCain campaign, the Republicans, are now going to throw back at you all of the stuff — a lot of the comments — that Joe Biden made over the years?

DUNN: Well, you know, Wolf, I think that, Um, Rush Limbaugh doesn’t need a lot of help from our campaign with audio from our show. He makes it up if we don’t give it to him.

RUSH: (laughing) Let me tell you something, Anita. You guys are giving me problems. I’m on information overload today. I’ve got more than I can squeeze. I don’t know what to do first. I can’t decide which of what you people are doing is most newsworthy in terms of incompetence and foolishness and outrageousness. I’m sort of in a paralysis mode here trying to figure it all out. Make it up? You people have been writing my script here — I’m sorry. Your candidate has been writing my script here for about six months. Make it up? Let’s go to the audio sound bites, Anita, and let’s listen to this. This is September 1988 on the campaign trail. This is on C-SPAN, it’s an exchange between a man identified only as Frank and Biden, and Frank asks Biden a question: ‘What law school did you attend, and where did you place in that class, and the other question is…’

BIDEN: I think I probably have a much higher IQ than you do, I suspect! I went to law school on a full academic scholarship, the only one in my — in my class, uh, to have a full academic scholarship. And the first year in law school I decided I didn’t want to be in law school and ended up in the bottom two-thirds of my class and then decided I wanted to stay, went back to law school and in fact ended up in the top half of my class. I won the international moot court competition. I was the outstanding student in the political science department at the end of my year. I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school and 165 credits — I only needed 123 credits — and I’d be delighted to sit down and compare my IQ to yours, if you’d like, Frank.

RUSH: And it turns out that when you do some research you find out that half of what Biden said there is not true, and he had to later go back and revise his remarks. This is the year that he openly plagiarized Neil Kinnock, Lord Kinnock, the great labor leader from Great Britain. Here’s more archival audio on Joe Biden for you, Anita. This is July 23rd, 2007, Charleston, South Carolina, during a YouTube debate. Viewer Jered Townsend said, ‘Good evening America. I’m Jered Townsend. I’m from Michigan. To all the candidates, tell me your position on gun control, as myself and other Americans really want to know if our babies are safe. This is my baby, purchased under the 1994 gun ban. Please tell me your views. Thank you.’ Anderson Cooper says, ‘Senator Biden, are you going to be able to keep his babies safe?’

BIDEN: If that’s his baby, he needs help. Uhhh… (mocking laughter) I don’t know that he’s mentally qualified to own that gun. I’m the guy that wrote the assault weapons ban. Look, we should be working with law enforcement right now to make sure that we protect people against people who don’t — are not capable of knowing what to do with —


BIDEN — a gun because they’re either mentally unbalanced and/or because they have a criminal record.

RUSH: (laughing) So he just insulted the guy in the YouTube question by basically saying he’s insane and doesn’t have the right to own a gun. Here is something a little bit more serious. This is Meet the Press September 9th of 2007. Tim Russert says to Joe Biden, ‘General Petraeus said in a letter to his troops, ‘My sense is we have achieved tactical momentum and wrested the initiative from our enemies in a number of areas of Iraq. We are, in short, a long way from the goal line, but we do have the ball. We are driving down the field.’ Is that what you expect him to say tomorrow?’

BIDEN: He’s dead, flat wrong. The fact of the matter is that there is — that this — uh — this idea of the security gains we made have had no impact on the underlying sectarian dynamic. None. None whatsoever. Can anybody envision a central government made up of Sunni, Shi’a, and Kurds that’s going to gain the trust and respect of 27 million Iraqis? There have been some tactical gains, but they have no ultimate bearing at this point on the prospect of there being a political settlement in Iraq that would allow American troops to come home without leaving chaos behind.

RUSH: There you have it. Joe Biden, once again, proudly wrong on Petraeus, proudly wrong on the surge — and remember, this is the guy that’s been brought aboard the ticket to shore the ticket up on foreign policy. Joe Biden was one of the many Democrats back in 2007 who had invested in the defeat of the US military and the United States of America in Iraq. Now, I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not, but there is a deal — the Iraqis are now saying there is a deal — to get all the troops out of there by 2011. Precisely what Biden said couldn’t happen and wouldn’t happen has happened, and he’s just wrong. He has the entitlement to be wrong here. Everybody is entitled to make mistakes here and there, but this was more than just being wrong. This was hoping for defeat. This was hoping that everything would fall apart. The motivation that carried this view, held by the Democrat Party throughout 2007, regarding the surge, is profound.

The American people are going to find out about it if they weren’t paying attention. Something interesting is happening with the Drive-Bys. The Drive-Bys are frustrated. One thing I want you to believe me on if you haven’t believed me on anything else, this party in Denver is in trouble and they know it and they do not understand it, and the Drive-Bys are in trouble. They know it, and they are puzzled as well. They know that their guy is going to have to have a 10- to 15-point lead going into Election Day, the last week — and if he doesn’t, he’s toast. They know that they’re tied after picking Biden. They are frustrated because they think that they succeeded in turning public opinion against the war in Iraq, and the Drive-Bys are now trying to turn the public’s opinion toward Obama, and they’ve been doing so for a year.

Now, they can’t figure out, ‘How come we were able to turn public opinion against the war but we’re not able to do the same thing on Obama?’ Well, I’ll tell you. I’ll give you two good reasons why. Number one, public opinion on the war was never what the Democrats and the Drive-Bys portrayed it to be. Public opinion on the war was never to lose it. Americans don’t like losing. We don’t want to go out of there in humiliation. What the American people wanted was to kick butt, and win, and come home. They were impatient with the pace of things. The American people did not want to lose. The Drive-Bys thought they had to convince the American people that defeat was all that was possible, so let’s declare it and get out of there. The second thing is, in terms of why they’re unable to turn people on Obama is that they weren’t able to turn them on Iraq. They’ve been living an illusion.

The illusion is that all they have to do is give this in-the-tank support for Obama and the American people are going to follow along, but the problem is the American people know more than the Drive-By Media gives them credit for. The Drive-By Media and the Democrats have as their central characteristic (besides anger) a condescending arrogance that assumes everybody other than them is stupid, uninformed, uneducated, and unsophisticated. As they continue to view the elector this way and the entire American population this way, they are going to forever continue to be surprised at what the American people do. The American people have full knowledge of who Obama is. The American people saw him on parade. You Drive-Bys have put him out there for everybody to see, and it’s quite understandable. It’s not hard to figure out Barack Obama. He has insulted the very voters that he needs when he goes to these elite fundraisers. They know all this. They know the trouble they’ve put themselves in, both with their nominee and their vice presidential nominee, but they are incapable of doing what’s necessary to fix this, or to solve the problem.


RUSH: I just checked the e-mail, a guy said, ‘Rush, you’re falling for the rope-a-dope. You’re spending all your time here on Biden when the subject is Obama, and Obama would love for you to start talking about Biden and not him.’ My friends, do not start thinking through this thing to the point that you get too smart by half. There’s no question this is a 150% ultra-leftist ticket, and it is topped and it is led by a community agitator leftist from the wards of Chicago. There has been an attempt to make him respectable with the addition of an inside — oh, by the way, this is another thing I don’t believe. Who was it that said this? It was Linda Douglass, who used to work at ABC and NBC, and she was a hack for Democrats then, but she left the news business and went to the Obama campaign. But it was a lateral move because they’re one and the same. Even Fast Eddie Rendell at a forum yesterday afternoon pointed out that MSNBC is in the tank for Obama and it’s embarrassing to him. He’s a Hillary guy. Lou Dobbs on CNN said, ‘My colleagues are in the tank for Obama.’ So Linda Douglass leaves ABC, CNBC, NBC, wherever she was and goes to the Obama campaign, but she hasn’t left the news business. The news business is running Obama’s campaign and vice versa.

Do you know what she said to counter the criticism that Obama chose a Washington insider when his campaign is for change? Even the New York Times realizes that’s blown. They’re saying forget the lofty rhetoric on Thursday night, pal, you gotta come out with something specific. You can’t go change-hope-future with a guy who’s been in the Senate five years longer than McCain. So she said, ‘Well, he’s not a Washington insider.’ Get this, now. This is the spin. Linda Douglass said he’s not a Washington insider. (paraphrasing) ‘Joe Biden goes home every night to his family in Delaware, takes a train home. He’s not of Washington.’ Really? So you have to live there; you have to go to dinner there; you have to pal around at the bars and the cocktail parties in order to be of Washington. What you do as a senator for 30-some-odd-plus years when that’s all you’ve done, there’s nobody near the Democrat ticket that’s run a business, that’s met a payroll, that’s done anything but be in government and see to it that it’s as big and as powerful and as intrusive in people’s lives as possible.

By the way, they’re saying at their convention that the purpose is to introduce Obama to Americans. Now, I know what they’re thinking. They’re thinking it’s time to introduce Obama ’cause this is when most of America starts listening and paying attention to politics. But, Drive-Bys, you’ve already introduced him. You introduced him in Berlin, you introduced him in Baghdad, you introduced him in your newspapers and on your air for the past year to the point that people are now sick of Obama, to the point now people are sick of this messiah business, to the point people are tired of this. They’re really getting tired. Backlash? Who told you? Who told you there was going to be a backlash on this foreign trip? It was I, the all-knowing, all-caring, all-sensing, all-feeling, all-concerned Maha Rushie, and there’s going to be another one after this convention ’cause this convention is going to go so over the top and overboard, everybody at this convention is going to be presented as a messiah, and Obama is going to be the last messiah that is going to be presented.

Now, before we go back to more archival audio from Biden and your phone calls, here’s this. It’s a transcript of Biden in June of 2006 on Meet the Press talking about the Haditha massacre. Now, when you hear Biden talking about this you must keep in mind that he was totally wrong about Haditha, just like Jack Murtha was and Biden has not apologized nor has Murtha. Eight of the Marines charged for that so-called massacre and the cover-up have already been exonerated. One case is still pending. Here’s Russert: ‘Let me ask you a question on Iraq about Haditha, some of the other alleged atrocities. The fact is, our government knew about that for some time. How high up the chain, based on your information, do you think this goes?’ Biden: ‘Secretary of Defense.’ Russert: ‘What should be done about Rumsfeld?’ Biden: ‘He should be gone. He shouldn’t be in his office tomorrow morning, but I’m so tired of saying this on your show. I’ve been saying this for two years.’ ‘Well, the president knew about Haditha in March.’ ‘Well, we can’t get rid of the president. He’s there for two and a half more years. There’s a system of accountability. The system of accountability is it used to be a gentlemanly thing, as they say, when you make serious mistakes, you step forward, you acknowledge them, and you walk away. Presidents can’t and shouldn’t do that. Secretaries of Defense can and should.’

Biden has just given us a bunch of reasons why he should step down or have stepped down over the years. He’s made mistakes, wrong on the surge, wrong Haditha, joining these cattle calls to put these Marines in the barracks and in the dock and court-martial ’em, and they’re all but one exonerated. The list doesn’t stop. You go back to Biden in 1988, 20 years ago, talking about qualifications for president. You go back and listen to him say why he’s gotta be elected. In 1988 we’re coming out of eight years of Reagan, and he’s talking about how rotten the world thinks of us, how horrible our reputation is in the world, we need our respect back, and it’s a replay. It’s verbatim for what the Democrats have been saying for the last two years, and he goes on to say that you can’t have a rookie in the White House, you need people with experience. He’s got the qualifications down, and he gave the surefire reason why Obama should not even be president back in 1988, and he’s the guy that’s been picked. And don’t forget, we haven’t even gotten to Pelosi yet on the Catholic Church and abortion and the fact that she doesn’t realize that natural gas is a fossil fuel. Back to the archival audio. Where are we here? Up to sound bite number five. This is January 30th, 2007, in an interview with the New York Observer, Biden said this about Obama.

BIDEN: I mean you got the first sorta mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.

RUSH: Now, when this happened, and it caused a little bit of a furor, but not much. It didn’t cause near as much of a furor as it would have if, say, a Republican had made this statement, but the Drive-Bys, ‘Oh, you know, this is Joe, that’s just Joe. He’s funny what comes out of his mouth sometimes.’ You see, there’s this double standard. A liberal cannot be a racist, and it’s impossible for a conservative not to be one. A conservative automatically is by virtue of the DNA, liberals can’t possibly be racists, so there’s a double standard. Here’s July 2006, this is more Biden on the campaign trail.

BIDEN: In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian-Americans, moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.

RUSH: Now, isn’t Bobby Jindal speaking at the Republican convention? Bobby Jindal is Indian-American, and Governor Jindal, I hope you say something at your convention speech. ‘By the way, I’d like to make a comment here to Senator Joe Biden. Senator Biden, my name is Bobby Jindal and I’m Indian-American, and I do not work in a 7-Eleven. I am the governor of Louisiana.’ One more Biden and we’ve got mountains of this stuff, folks. This is just little telltale here for today, October 25th, 2007, Washington Post editorial board. Question: ‘Can I ask you something on that point? If you were to look at the educational results of schools in Iowa, you would find that they’re some of the best in the country. Washington, DC, pays teachers substantially more, so clearly there’s more to it than just we’re not spending enough money.’

BIDEN: You have to start off with what they start off with. There’s less than 1% of the population of Iowa that is African-American. There is probably less than four or five percent that are minorities. What is it in Washington?

REPORTER: I think it’s the vast majority.

BIDEN: Yeah. So, look, it goes back to what you start off with, what you’re dealing with. When you have children coming from dysfunctional homes, when you have children coming from homes where there’s no books, where the mother from the time they’re born doesn’t talk to them, as opposed to the mother in Iowa who is sitting out there and talks to them, the kid starts off with a 300 word larger vocabulary at age three. Half this education gap exists before a kid puts a foot in the first classroom.

RUSH: Okay, so there’s Biden claiming that black mothers do not read to their kids. Michelle Obama, will she say tonight, ‘Senator Obama, I’m a black mother and I have read to my kids long before they started school.’ Of course not, she won’t. We’re going to get more of these kinds of gaffes because he’s going to be more prominent than he has ever been. Right now most of the impassioned audio of Biden comes from his other two campaign forays and when he has attempted to destroy the lives and careers of conservative nominees at various levels of the American bench, judiciary system, and those questions and those comments, we’ve got one coming up at some point, folks, where he was given something like 20 minutes to ask questions and did not get one question asked in 20 minutes, started pontificating, losing his train of thought, then finding his train of thought, losing it again. It’s just hilarious stuff. Now, also Biden is 100% pro-choice. You’ve got an infanticide nominee. You’ve got a guy that’s for infanticide, and you’ve got Biden who has a 100% approval rating from Planned Parenthood, from NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, a 0% approval from National Right to Life, zero from sportsmen and animals alliance, 100% support from the Humane Society, these are his ratings, his votes as a Senator. National tax elimination committee, an F grade, Americans for Tax Reform, 10%, National Association of Manufacturers, 0% approval, ACLU 100% approval, NAALCP, 100% approval.

You have an unmistakably as liberal a ticket as you had with George McGovern, if not more so, back in 1972. This party has McGoverned itself almost as McGovern did back in 1972 with the Vietnam War, they’ve done it with Iraq. They’re repeating pages from their playbook. It’s just breathtaking. It is breathtaking to watch this party continue to say the same things over and over for 20 years regardless the reality of the circumstances on the ground anywhere, to nominate the same kind of people over and over that for the most part lose. You know, the guy that was best at masking his liberalism from the American people was Clinton. Clinton had to get the votes so he was allowed to portray himself as one of these new Democrat leadership members, a moderate Democrat, the Third Way, you know, above the fray of both parties, while Hillary was out there doing the dirty work of being 100% liberal and choosing all the cabinet appointees, or many of them and so forth. But there’s no way that this ticket can get away with having either one of these two guys be portrayed as anything other than a hard, hard leftist, perhaps more liberal and more anti-American in scope than any ticket the Democrat Party has put together.


RUSH: One more sound bite and then to the phones we go. This is from Meet the Press in 2007, and this is key now, because, remember, now, Obama — Who knows what I’m going to end up calling these people before it is all said and done. Obiden? Obamadon? At any rate, remember, now, The Messiah said that ‘the most gut-wrenching choice’ he ever made was to not support the Iraq War, which he never did vote on it. He wasn’t in the Senate! Remember this as you listen to Biden here. April 29th, Meet the Press, Biden talking about it. See, Biden did vote for the war, and Biden voted to fund the war. See, the Democrats, for all this talk the American people wanted out of Iraq and the American people wanted us to lose, they knew damn well that wasn’t the case. They never once succeeded in defunding the operation in Iraq. If the American people had wanted out of there on the terms of the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media, then they would have demanded that war not be paid for. This ties into a comment I made about a half hour ago. They’re sitting and they’ve depressed themselves. They’re upset. They can’t figure out what happened. They were so able to turn public opinion against the war (that’s where they’re wrong. They did not do that, but they think they did) they don’t understand why they can’t thus turn the American people and their opinion for Obama. So Obama’s ‘most gut-wrenching choice,’ was deciding against the war. Here is Biden on Saddam and WMDs.

BIDEN: The point is it turned out they didn’t, but everyone in the world thought he had them. The weapons inspectors said he had them. They cataloged them. This was not some Cheney, you know, uh, pipe dream. This was, in fact, cataloged.

RUSH: So Obama has chosen somebody who did the exact opposite of the ‘most gut-wrenching’ thing he ever did. He has picked Joe Biden who said: We had no choice. We had to take Saddam out. We had to do it. Now, how is this going to square with the anti-war crowd? This pick is one of utter desperation. They’re putting the word out that he really wanted Kathleen Sebelius, but that they couldn’t do that ’cause that would make the Hillary voters angry. So he couldn’t do this, he couldn’t do that. So he settled for Biden.


RUSH: Rich Lowry in National Review Online today had a interesting observation about Biden’s speech Saturday, his acceptance speech. Biden said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, if your kitchen table is like mine, you sit there at night after you’ve put the kids to bed and you talk about what you need, you talk about how much you’re worried about being able to pay the bills.’ Now, the question is, does Biden still put his kids to bed because they don’t live at home? I know he’s trying to relate here. His kids, by the way, are doing quite well. We’ll have details on this coming up in just a moment. I checked into this comment. You know, Obama’s hack spokesman, Linda Douglass, said, ‘Ah, he’s not really of Washington. He takes a train home to Wilmington every night.’

We checked the Amtrak schedules, and you can figure he’s spending an hour and a half each way. He gets out at the train station, just walks across the street and he’s at the Capitol, unless he runs into a 7-Eleven and wants to get a cup of coffee where they speak Indian in there, and he doesn’t have an Indian accent, so it may take him a little time in there to get them to understand that he wants a cup of coffee, to walk across the street to the Capitol building. But basically he’s spending three hours a day commuting. Let me cut to the chase of this. Everybody’s got their in-depth analysis, but let me say something. I mentioned this many moons ago. Here is the reason that Biden was chosen. Two words: White men. That’s why it wasn’t Hillary; that’s why it wasn’t Kathleen Sebelius. White men. Obama cannot win without white men.


RUSH: Walter in Arlington Heights, Illinois, you’re next. I’m glad you waited, sir. Welcome.

CALLER: Thank you. I haven’t heard anyone yet mention the behavior of Joe Biden when he was interviewing Robert Bork for a position on the United States Supreme Court. If it’s possible for you to play any of that, I know the American people would learn something. That man is evil, and Judge Bork is about as fine a man as you could get, and Biden denied us the right to have Judge Bork on the Supreme Court, where he would have done no end of good.

RUSH: Yeah, you gotta give us time out there, Walter, because we can’t squeeze it all in here in an hour and a half. We got all that. We got Clarence Thomas, how he carried the water with anti-Clarence Thomas. That’s the point. I mean Biden has participated in the attempt to destroy the lives, not just careers, of a number of eminently qualified Americans, carrying the water for the Democrat Party and the American left, and all these things will be replayed. See, the arrogance of liberal Democrats is — in fact, let me go to this story right now. This is an eye opener for you. You know as well as I do the Democrat Party and American liberals run around thinking that they represent the vast majority of the thinking, if not the party affiliation, of the people of this country. Now, the American media, the Drive-Bys and the American left, are far more, for example, obsessed on race than the American people are. The American people, been there, done that, they can see the situation improving. We’re not obsessed with it. They are. They’re obsessed with race. So you have a black guy like Clarence Thomas come along, eminently qualified, far more experience than, say, Obama has, far more experience than a lot of other nominees that have come up. And you’ve got Obama saying, (paraphrasing) ‘I didn’t think he was qualified and I don’t think he’s that smart.’

Now, why does Obama think this? Obama’s never read what he’s written. If he did, he would see that Clarence Thomas has written opinions that agree with Obama on certain cases, at least as Obama has stated, and it really boils down to what is and how you define liberalism, which we’ve spent countless hours and days and weeks on this program doing. But when you have an American liberal, I don’t care what their race, religion, you have an American liberal look at a black guy who is not a liberal, there is one thing: Uncle Tom, deserter, stupid. No black person in America can possibly think what Clarence Thomas thinks or what Thomas Sowell thinks or what Walter Williams, they just can’t. It’s not even worth exploring. It’s not even worth examining. They’re traitors, and they are treated like traitors by the American liberal establishment and they have to be destroyed, too, and in Clarence Thomas’ case it was very clear why. Here was a man who, by his virtual ascension to the Supreme Court and with the impeccable life that he had led up to the point of his nomination, here’s a guy that put the lie to every tenet of the left’s prescription on civil rights that you can’t get anywhere without the civil rights coalitions in this country on the left being behind you, pushing you, and setting the stage for you. Because America is so racist, America is so imperfect, that only the concerted efforts of leftists can see to it that black people can get anywhere, and here Clarence Thomas got everywhere he has without them. That posed one of the biggest threats to them ever. The most powerful black man in America on the Supreme Court fighting what they believe in, they couldn’t allow that. So he’s dumb, he’s stupid, he’s unqualified, case closed, never even asked to prove it.

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