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RUSH: Folks, face it. Just admit something. It is more fun to listen to me talk about what happened last night than it was to actually watch it. ‘Cause what happened last night was just unbelievable. It was boring. It was repackaging of repackaging. I mean, even poor old Ted Kennedy, the opening shot in the video tribute to Ted Kennedy was of water. Water! Nobody said ‘McCain’ all night. Nobody said the word ‘Bush’ all night. Where was the hate? There was no hate, and that’s not the Democrats. They shoulda had Ted Kennedy up there, videotape of him trashing Robert Bork. The delegates would have been ecstatic. I saw a graphic. I don’t know which network. I watched two last night, CNN and Fox. They had a little graphic at the bottom of the screen: ‘Four percent of the delegates to the Democrat National Convention are disabled.’ (snorts) So? Is there a problem with wheelchair ramps? I mean, big whoop. Identity politics? Bring it on!


RUSH: All right, now, let’s get back to Ted Kennedy for just a second. I tell you, I felt for him last night. As I say, you watch these things with your mind and your heart at the same time. But it just wasn’t the same. The applause when he came out was okay, but this video didn’t inspire much ’cause, again, he was being repackaged. He was being presented as somebody he has not been. He is the aging liberal lion, we are told, of the Democrat Party. And last night we got gramps. We got gramps on the boat. Opening that video with water? Closing the video with water? Chappaquiddick, anyone? The speech was written by the Obama people obviously, and the whole night was just flat. It is the only way to describe it. It was just flat.

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