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Rush’s Morning Update: Play Ball
August 27, 2008

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Hey, look at this, folks. A legal fight has erupted in New Haven, Connecticut over the pitching prowess of a young baseball player. With his ability to throw accurate, fast, and hard pitches, 9-year-old Jericho Scott has led his team to an 8-and-0 record so far. So league officials directed his coach to replace Jericho– because he’s just too good! They say his pitching “might frighten or discourage other players.”

Explains Peter Nobel, an attorney for the “Liga Juvenil De Baseball De New Haven” [Spanish for “Youth Baseball League of New Haven”]: “The spirit of the league was community, family, well being, nurturing. It’s an extended family, and it’s been disrupted.” By little Jericho’s talent.

The team has been punished while this saga unfolds. Jericho said that he was “sad” because there was no baseball game Saturday. He and his team showed up, but the league cancelled the event when the coach refused to bench littleJericho.

Now, why am I bringing up this story, while the big political news is the Democrat Dupe-America-Fest in Denver? It’s simple. What’sthe source of this message, that high achievers should be punished in order to “level the playing field”? Where do these ideas, that competition is inherently evil and unfair, and that we should “nurture” mediocrity, come from?These are the very themes that liberal Democrats are proudly articulating in Denver; it’s how liberals “play [hard] ball.” And they’ve already worked their way into every aspect of American life– the case of Jericho Scottis just a direct result of punishing achievers.

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