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RUSH: Folks, I want to be totally forthcoming with you here. I just went back to Snerdley’s office here at the top of the hour. He says, ‘Boy, you are just nailing it today.’ I said, ‘I don’t know, I mean, I feel off target, I feel like I’m missing the target here just a little, but enough to make me think that it could be much better.’ ‘Oh, no, no, this is riveting.’ I said, ‘I don’t know. I mean the Democrats are so disorganized, I think that’s one of the reasons I am.’ I mean, when you try to keep up with a bunch of people that don’t know what they’re doing you might sound like you don’t know what you’re doing. So if this program has not been up to snuff, I apologize, and I want you to know that even in the midst of the program I am working on that. I would go home feeling profound guilt if I concluded that I had not met or exceeded your expectations on a daily basis. I think this is what it is. Even I — and I have full armor protecting myself from the Drive-By Media, the Drive-By Media BS bounces right off of me — but over the passage of time and months, even I, ladies and gentlemen, sometimes am affected by the never-ending onslaught. And so, I will be honest and admit to you that in recent months, I have thought that we are going to get skunked, for a host of reasons. A, they got a candidate who can successfully get away with saying nothing better than I’ve ever heard anybody say nothing. They’ve got the media promulgating this guy’s nothingness as though it’s substantive.

And then I look at our side, jeez. I look to the heavens and I say, ‘Dear Lord, we have such an opportunity. This could be a landslide of Reagan proportions, if only…’ And then I say to myself, ‘But ‘if’ is for children, and we have to deal with the reality.’ Well, here’s the reality. The reality is the Democrat Party is not a juggernaut. It is a party that is imploding, and the truth is it has been imploding for a long time. So has ours. But they are imploding. They are not a juggernaut. They are not a party that never makes a mistake. They are not a party that perfectly strategerizes everything. This Democrat Party has the biggest fools as leaders I can remember leading the Democrat Party in my lifetime. I remember the old days of the Democrat Party, I mean, they may have been liberals and they may have been Democrats, but at least you respected ’em for their political acumen and so forth. Harry Reid? Nancy Pelosi? Howard Dean? And we think this is a juggernaut? This party is a bunch of fools, and it is a party led by a bunch of fools. And it is typified by people who think that they are loved, adored, and idolized by the American people. They lie to themselves pathologically and have themselves convinced that all Americans agree with them; that all Americans hate Bush; that all Americans want to lose the Iraq war; that all Americans want to lose the war on terror; that all Americans think that all we do is torture and rape and murder innocent terrorist suspects. And that’s not the United States of America. They want it to be the United States of America, but they are unable to pull it off because of the basic goodness and decency of the American people.

Now, look what’s happened to them. They show up for their convention, you talk about juggernauts, this was supposed to be a well-oiled machine that was going to bump Obama by 15 points coming outta there. He’s down by two. He didn’t get a bump out of Biden, didn’t get a bump out of Michelle last night, didn’t get a bump out of Teddy last night, down two, so Pelosi has to go reassure Democrats this morning in Denver, ‘Hey, hey, don’t worry about it, he’s underperforming in the polls.’ No, Nancy, if anything his poll representation right now is overstated. Dare I say it, the Wilder Effect, dare I say it, the Bradley Effect? Psst — listen to me. If he’s not up ten, 15 points a week before the election, they’re toast. If he’s down two now, in electoral terms, based on history, he’s down ten, at least five. Look what’s happened. They have nominated somebody based on identity politics, not on resume, not on experience, not on qualification. They’ve nominate somebody for two reasons, because they couldn’t stand the Clintons anymore and they thought that this guy could sweep to victory over anybody without even having any competition to speak of.

They show up in Denver, Hillary Clinton supporters, the women are still rip-roaring mad, they’re angry as they can be. The Democrats are having to play games now with the roll call. The last thing they can do is have a roll call that goes through all the states on Wednesday night because it will be shown and seen by the whole country how damn close this was. So the Democrats are now toying with the idea of a roll call from hotel rooms tomorrow morning. Bill Clinton is upset. What would you call Clinton? It wasn’t that long ago, just a year ago that Bill Clinton was God in the Democrat Party. Today he is a pariah. They begrudgingly let him speak. They want him to speak on foreign policy, and why would he? What happened during his watch? The ’93 World Trade Center bombing, the USS Cole, the run-up to 9/11, the bombing of the embassies in Saudi Arabia, the Rwanda situation, which was a genocide, not to mention the goof up that was Kosovo, which led to the Russians going into Georgia. He had nothing to do with Iraq. No wonder he didn’t want to talk about foreign policy. He wants to talk about his great economic achievements.

The Clintons want to blow this convention up. They want everybody at this convention to walk out of there tonight, tomorrow night, thinking, ‘Oh, my gosh, what did we do? What mistake have we made here?’ And they’re gonna have — let’s see, September, October — they’re going to have two months to put this mess back together. Let me read something to you here. This typifies the problem. I heard Howard Wolfson last night say the same thing on Fox News. This is from the New Republic blog called The Plank and it’s written by a guy named Jonathan Cohn: ‘MSNBC’s panel seems convinced, as I guess some of my colleagues are, that tonight was a missed opportunity: Democrats could have attacked McCain and didn’t. I understand that reaction. I’ve been agitating for the Obama campaign to get tougher, too. But tonight’s strategy seems sensible enough. The campaign had to introduce America to Michelle Obama and make swing voters — that is, older working- and middle-class white voters — were comfortable with her and the Obamas generally. (I can’t begin to tell you how much it makes me cringe just to have to write that sentence.)’

Well, now, how can this even be? How in the world, if you are this juggernaut and if this guy is The Messiah and his wife is Mrs. Messiah, how in the world do you have to introduce them? Why do you have to introduce them? Why don’t they just have to show up — You people in the Drive-Bys have not questioned who these people are once. You have just embraced them and accepted them on the basis of what? Total personality, total acquisition of power. All these reports about media people getting tingling up their legs when they listen to Obama speak, what the hell kind of professionalism is that? And now you admit it’s all a fraud. Now you admit that the Obamas have to be introduced? And how? They have to be introduced, as I said earlier in the program, to white people. They have to be introduced so as not to be threatening to white people. This is The Messiah. He was going to run a post-racial campaign. None of this was going to matter. What has happened? Well, what’s happened is that it was never what they said it was. It was never a messianic campaign. It was never 30,000, 40,000 people fainting. It was never the country that was in awe and taken in by this. To the extent that Obama did have a 15-point poll lead some time ago, it’s gone, and it’s gone for a reason, because people started paying attention to who Obama is before last night.

What last night was not an introduction; last night was a repackaging. And that’s what grates on the Drive-Bys. That’s what bothers them; that the Obamas have to be repackaged. You don’t have to repackage saviors. You don’t have to repackage anointed ones. You don’t have to repackage messiahs. And what is there to repackage? What is there to repackage? What was there to package? There’s nothing here, other than these past associations. Uh, sorry — current associations: Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, that fruitcake Pfleger. Here is a man who is going to unify the world around the concept that once again America is worthy of being loved and respected and it’s going to be a beautiful thing. Here is a man, by virtue of his presence, is going to get Ahmadinejad to stop developing nukes; is going to get Putin to stop expanding the Russian empire again. By his very presence he’s going to turn all of the hate in the world into love. And yet his party, his party is as roiled and split as it could possibly be. The people in his immediate orbit are angry and outraged at everything, and he can’t seem to do anything to stop that. This has been one giant illusion. It has been one false impression after another, and it has been facilitated by former professional journalists who are now nothing other than undisguised party hacks, advancing the campaign for their own desires, their own reasons, their own purposes, while being uninterested at all in whether or not the campaign they are pushing is even competent.


RUSH: Here’s a story from the New York Times: ‘Average Income Rises Above 2000 Level.’ (Gasp!) How can this be? George Bush assumed office in 2001!

‘Americans enjoyed higher average income in 2006 for the first time since 2000, when the last economic expansion ended… Adjusted gross income reported on tax returns in 2006 averaged $58,029. In 2006 dollars that was an increase of $739…’ Look what he inherited in 2000: a mini-recession, and then 9/11 hit — and America’s average income is up! Yet Democrats and the Drive-By Media want everybody to believe that we are soup line America, one paycheck away from being devastated and wiped out. Home prices are in a low, and first-time buyers are going to town, getting into the American dream! Democrats see this as a problem. Don’t ask me how. It’s just that they see everything positive as a problem, and the way they’ve structured themselves, it is a problem when things go well.

What kind of fools run a party that requires devastation, depression, and damage in order to succeed? But that’s what the modern era of foolish leaders of the Democrat Party have done. That is how they have structured the Democrat Party. They can only gain if the US military loses. They can only gain if they can successfully portray the US military as a bunch of rapist, torturing thugs. They can only gain if people lose their homes. They can only gain if people lose their jobs. They can only gain if people can’t fill their tanks. What kind of party would structure itself that way and then try to present itself as the party of the little guy with a video on the first night of the convention showing the Kennedy family wealth? Go figure. This is what we’re up against.

This ought not even be a contest. This ought to be like one of these Little League games, Little League football games, where our team scores 70 points a game and the other team gets 35 to start while we have nothing just to make it fair. That’s what this ought to be. Hell, I’ve got a story in the stack here someplace. I think it’s Connecticut, but it doesn’t matter where it is. There’s some nine-year-old in New Haven, Connecticut, home of Yale University. Some nine-year-old Little League baseball pitcher. They’ve told him, ‘You can’t pitch.’ The kid throws strikes. He throws aspirin tablets. He throws them all, too fast and too hard for the other nine years olds. It’s not fair and they’re not enjoying the game so he can’t pitch anymore. His name is Jericho Scott. This is the nine year old. So we gotta punish the achiever in liberal New Haven, Connecticut.

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