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RUSH: I heard Barack Obama gave a speech last night, a rumor. He did give a speech last night? I can’t find much about Obama’s speech today. I’ve been looking at all the TV — I can’t — sounds like just a rumor that he’d make a speech last night.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: Live from the Southern Command in sunny south Florida via New York City, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: Greetings to you, music lovers and thrill-seekers, Rush Limbaugh, wrapping up a week of broadcast excellence. Open Line Friday, when we go to the phones, the program content is yours. So be ready. Telephone number, 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

We are waiting for Senator McCain to show up with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who is his vice presidential pick. We are going to join the ceremony announcing her choice when it begins. We will JIP it, join it in progress, and we’ll stick with it as long as we can. It’s an inspired choice. They kept this secret. They totaled befuddled the Obama campaign. The Obama campaign is now busy doing their opposition research, and the one thing that just blows me away that just makes me laugh, and I haven’t been laughing much this week, is that they’re talking about how this is a bad pick because she doesn’t have any experience. She’s got more experience than Obama does! She has more experience running things. She’s got a bigger story to tell than Obama has, and she’s got plenty of people who will tell that great story of hers. Obama has nobody he wants us to hear tell his story. He has to tell his story himself. I think they’ve been rope-a-doped here. I think McCain has made a brilliant move. Folks, look what we got here.

We do have a woman on the ticket, but she is a Republican woman! It’s not Hillary, and Sarah Palin doesn’t have to wear pantsuits, ladies and gentlemen, and her husband is not a crook. This woman’s nickname is Barracuda, from her high school basketball days. She takes no prisoners. She’s a government ethical reformer. She’s been opposing Ted Stevens, who’s got problems. Her husband works in the oil business. He helps to create the fuel that Obama uses to fly all over the country. The fuel that Obama says he wants to get rid of in ten years. This is tremendous, and everybody saying, ‘Well, how is she going to stack up against Biden?’ It’s not how she stacks up against Biden. It’s how she stacks up against Obama. McCain has the experience-vs.-Obama thing wrapped up. ‘Well, what about foreign policy? She doesn’t have any foreign policy.’ Neither does Obama! Our vice presidential choice is more qualified to be president of the United States than Barack Obama, the Democrat choice. Democrats today are not happy. The Drive-By Media is not happy. They’re not crazy about the speech last night in the civil rights community. I can’t tell you how much Drive-By Media criticism there is of this speech, from the AP and Reuters and so forth, and there’s Tom Brokaw: Democrats, don’t be fooled by this raucous crowd, these big crowds at these things don’t mean anything, it’s going to be forgotten. It already is forgotten, folks. We’ve got audio sound bites of this that we’re going to get to in due course.

I gave up on it with 20, 25 minutes left. I started getting mad, started getting angry, starting shouting about things, and it’s the same old thing, I’d heard it all before, and I just gave up. And, you know, watching the crowd and so forth, this is a laundry list of socialist ideas. It’s the same stuff we’ve gotten from Democrats for my entire life. There wasn’t any outreach. This is a guy, big unifier, big this, big that, he didn’t reach out to people who don’t agree with him. This was a campaign rally. Talk about preaching to the choir, what was that last night? There was no outreach from The Messiah to people who might disagree with him. I was watching Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, this morning, and she was talking to some little Obama advisor. And, by the way, did you see they put all the black people up there in the upper deck? There weren’t any in the lower deck. He didn’t talk about the Martin Luther King anniversary or any of that. Civil rights community is upset about this. But Andrea Mitchell, she got back to her hotel room at two o’clock this morning, and you can tell, her voice is extremely weak.

She got back to her hotel room two o’clock in the morning and ordered some tea, and the room service woman who brought the tea up, Andrea said, (paraphrasing) ‘What did you think of this speech?’ ‘I didn’t think it was nice the way he attacked Senator McCain. I didn’t think that’s what Obama was about. I thought he was just way too mean.’ So Andrea Mitchell says, ‘You guys in the Obama campaign, do you understand how average people might have seen that?’ And this guy in the Obama campaign, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re going to track that woman down, we’ll track her down and explain how she misunderstood it and so forth. We’ll find her,’ meaning that they’re going to go out and try to find this one woman that works in a hotel because they’re paranoid that this one woman got the wrong idea. The image that Obama wants to portray, The Messiah, unifier, his presence can bring all people together, he made no effort to bring anybody together last night, just a sad, straight laundry list. Drive-By Media all upset. Audio sound bite number one here, Mike. Drive-By Media all upset when they heard today about Sarah Palin. This is CNN, Ed Henry saying this about Governor Sarah Palin.

HENRY: If John McCain really was a maverick, he would have gone with someone like Joe Lieberman, they had floated that trial balloon of Joe Lieberman, an independent Democrat, maybe Tom Ridge, a moderate Republican, but as we all know, Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives warned that that would lead to the destruction of the Republican Party, would split the party at the Republican convention next week. But in the end, John McCain went with a conservative. So you’re going to hear the Democrats try to say, well, this is not really being a maverick, that he, in their words, buckled to the right wing of his party.

RUSH: Ed, you don’t get it. John McCain gets it. She is a maverick pick! She is a total maverick pick. We’re the ones that have the babe on the ticket, Ed! We have a conservative, real woman. This woman hunts moose. This woman fishes. This woman is an athlete! This is an inspired choice. This is absolutely fabulous. And she is conservative. She’s pro-life. Five kids. She had a Down syndrome baby months ago, rather than abort it. I mean, here the Democrats are all upset, the Clinton women are all upset because Obama dissed them and here’s the party of advanced causes for women, the Democrat Party, doing all of these exciting things that they can to try to show that they are the place for women who want to advance, and where does it happen? It happens in the Republican Party. I knew that it would be the Republican Party that first had a woman who works at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Now, let’s see if the Drive-Bys contrast McCain’s choice of a woman to Obama’s choice of a blowhard insider. Alaska is about as far away from Washington as you can get. Obama didn’t have the guts to choose Hillary or any other woman for that matter ’cause he didn’t think it would sell politically. So now they’re out attacking Sarah Palin’s experience. They’re attacking women. What’s going to happen here is, ladies and gentlemen, the Democrat Party and their accomplices in the Drive-By Media are going to attack women when they start attacking Sarah Palin. There is no question the Obama campaign is hurting from this, and it’s going to be interesting to see how easily we can predict what they will say about her.


RUSH: Can you imagine how Mrs. Clinton has to feel today: dissed by her own party on the 88th anniversary of women getting the right to vote to create the American welfare state. Guess where Obama and Biden started their campaign today? Beaver, Pennsylvania. They started their campaign today in Beaver, Pennsylvania, and they put out this statement. ‘Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. Governor Palin shares McCain’s commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil, and continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies. That’s not the change we need. It’s just more of the same,’ said Adrianne Marsh, Obama campaign spokeswoman.

They are floundering out there. We may have wrested the women’s vote away from the Democrats with this choice. She is the governor of a state that has just 100,000 fewer citizens than the state of Delaware. Delaware has 700-some-odd thousand citizens and Alaska around 638,000. She is an executive. She has a story. Foreign policy? No foreign policy experience? You know, really. I said this last hour, I think, folks, this is almost a rope-a-dope, because in Barack Obama… Charles Krauthammer had a great piece yesterday. I’m just going to summarize it and put it in my own words. He had a great piece yesterday on the fact that Barack Obama cannot tell his story. He hasn’t told his story, other than the story of his family.

His Michelle Obama and two kids family, but he doesn’t tell anything of his achievements. There aren’t any. He has nobody else speak of his achievements. There aren’t any. All people do is speak of his qualifications, and his number one qualification as offered in his speech last night was that he’s from the party of FDR and JFK; and that alone is supposed to be solve everybody’s problem with his lack of qualifications. Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, is more qualified to be president than Barack Obama! Barack Obama doesn’t have foreign policy experience, either. Somebody tell me what it is. He has worked in the United States Senate for 143 days. He has gone from community agitator to state senator to US senator with no foreign policy experience, and McCain will trump Biden when it comes to foreign policy experience.

McCain is going to trump Obama in all kinds of experience. McCain has a story of heroism, integrity, and honor to tell. He has countless, thousands of people to vouch for him on it. Sarah Palin has a great personal story, a tremendous American story. You heard it in her acceptance speech this morning, or this afternoon in Dayton, Ohio. We’re cutting it up now. We’ll have some audio sound bites of that as well. Not only does she have a great American story, a great American family, she has a lot of people to vouch for that story, a lot of people to tell us who she is; about her character, about her dignity. None of these things can be said about Obama. There are no people who vouch for Barack Obama! I haven’t even heard any of his Harvard Law School buddies come out and say good things about Obama.

The only people that can vouch for Barack Obama are people he doesn’t want us to know that he knows very well and he doesn’t want us to hear from: William Ayers;, Jeremiah Wright; that fruitcake priest, Pfleger; and who else? Some of these other guys that got him involved with these cronies in the Chicago world of thug politics. I mean you talking about an empty suit and an empty resume? You know, I got here today, started doing show prep and I turned on the TV, and there was no reporting on this big, bang-up speech last night. I couldn’t find it. It was almost as though the speech were just a rumor, and then I started reading some of the Drive-By Media rumor reports on Obama’s speech, and blacks are criticizing him, the civil rights coalition is criticizing him. Tom Brokaw is warning these Democrats: ‘Don’t get caught up in that crowd size last night. It’s not going to mean anything.’

We put together a summary. The speech went 44 minutes, and I don’t want to play all those sound bites. I’m not going to play all those sound bites. I’m feeling happy today. I’m not gonna revisit it. We put together a highlight summary of Barack Obama’s speech last night.

(playing of Obama spoof)

RUSH: He actually said in his speech last night — the audience sort of looked a little stunned. He said, ‘I am my brother’s keeper.’ He actually said it. His brother lives in a hut! On twelve dollars a year! His brother lives in a hut, a shack, a six-by-nine-foot hut outside Nairobi. He is his brother’s keeper? He hasn’t even sent his brother a ‘Hut, Sweet Hut’ sign to put up inside the hut. If he sent his brother 20 bucks, he’s come close to doubling his annual income. He is his ‘brother’s keeper.’ About all they have to say is, ‘I’m troubled by her lack of experience.’ This is going to come back to bite them, and I’ll tell you something else. The Democrats are going to send out their liberal women. They’re going to send out the Madeleine Albrights. (I welcome that, by the way.) They’re going to send out their Jane Fondas. They’re going to send out all of their women. I’ll bet you we don’t hear much from Hillary, and I’ll bet you we don’t hear much from Bill — except he’s probably trying to get her number right now.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the Drive-By Media is very unhappy with this choice. I want to replay for you audio sound bite number one from CNN this morning, Ed Henry.

HENRY: If John McCain really was a maverick, he would have gone with someone like Joe Lieberman, they had floated that trial balloon of Joe Lieberman, an independent Democrat, maybe Tom Ridge, a moderate Republican, but as we all know, Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives warned that that would lead to the destruction of the Republican Party, would split the party at the Republican convention next week. But in the end, John McCain went with a conservative. So you’re going to hear the Democrats try to say, well, this is not really being a maverick, that he, in their words, buckled to the right wing of his party.

RUSH: Not a maverick? This is a purely maverick pick, Ed. Who’s got the woman on the ticket, Ed? Your party or McCain’s party? And Ed, you are a Democrat. You guys need to stop hiding this stuff. You’re doing a better job keeping it under wraps than they are at DNCTV, but we all know. They’re mad at me or mad because they think I forced McCain into a conservative pick. They wanted a pro-choicer on this ticket so that they could cream McCain.

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