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RUSH: If I were Palin, I don’t care what the first question is that Gwen Ifill asks tomorrow night. I don’t care what it is. I would start out with, ‘By the way, Ms. Ifill, congratulations on your new book on the Obamas.’ Just say that, and then I would answer every question with a lecture on conflicts of interest and how destructive they are to America and good government. The mortgage crisis was filled with conflicts of interest. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd taking lobbyist money and running interference for the crooks their party put in Fannie and Freddie. Point ’em out! Point out the attempt to send billions to ACORN, Obama’s pet organization. Democrats insisting on surrender in Iraq is a massive conflict of interest. When they tell us they support the troops, they have the best interests of the country in mind — as they do everything they can to embarrass the president to gain advantage in elections.

Education? Teachers unions are in the tank for Democrats. Explain that conflict of interest and how it interferes with their mission of educating the kids. Abortion? They love to ask her about abortion. Okay. If she’s asked about abortion tomorrow night, talk about Planned Parenthood, the money they get from government and their relationship with the Democrat Party! Find a way to talk about PBS and NPR. There are lots of conflicts there. They’re in bed with the Democrats. Part of their taxpayer funded job is to report the news. NPR and PBS are Fannie and Freddie. They’re incestuous; they’re corrupt. It’s a giant conflict of interest. That’s what Gwen Ifill has. She has a giant conflict of interest! She has a book about one of the candidates that will obviously sell a considerable number of copies if the candidate wins. The candidate is Barack Obama.

Greta Van Susteren said on her blog that if this were a courtroom, that Gwen Ifill would be thrown out, that this is a mistrial. This would be declared a mistrial to have one of the lawyers have this kind of conflict of interest. Well, the only problem with that is this isn’t a trial because Biden is not on trial. Palin is. Sarah Palin will be on trial tomorrow night, but Biden will not be. It doesn’t matter what he says. The worst Biden can do is a tie — and because it will be a tie at worst, he will be said to win. Why? Because pundits on our side think they are smarter than she is and they must demonstrate that smartly, explaining why she’s stupid. She’s going to be on total trial tomorrow. He will not be. He has said some of the stupidest, most irresponsible things. He has never been — or seldom been — right in this decade on foreign policy. Yet they tout his ‘experience.’ What good’s experience if you’re always wrong?

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