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RUSH: Shannon in Shreveport, Louisiana, great to have you with us here on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. It’s an honor to speak with you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Before I get right to my point, I’m a mother of four. I homeschool my oldest two children, and every day during lunch and when they’re finishing up with work, they listen to Rush Limbaugh, so they are getting a double education.

RUSH: Awesome. I appreciate that. Congratulations to your kids.

CALLER: Well, I was calling because I was one of those people who — I was on Drudge this morning, and — I saw the headline about Chuck Todd and what he said, and I, even I know how the mainstream media is, it really got to me. I couldn’t even click on it because it made me so sick. So your monologue about how the race is not over, was a very big encouragement to me, and I’m sure millions of other Americans, and we need that. Because, if anything, we need to vote for John McCain just so Obama and the media cannot win.

RUSH: Yeah. This is a referendum on Obama and the media, but let me ask you a question. You’re homeschooling your kids. You’re a bright woman. You know full well how the Drive-Bys act with the Democrat Party. So you see this little blurb, Chuck Todd says election over, basically. It sounded like for a moment, ‘Oh, my gosh. It’s over with,’ and we got four-and-a-half weeks to go here!

CALLER: Right. Well, I know in my heart of hearts that it is, but it’s just, you know, you just get down. I don’t watch the news, you know, I listen to you and other people, but any time I do, you know, my heart starts racing because I think, ‘Oh, this is driving me crazy!’

RUSH: Well, this is why I did the extended monologue on it today, Shannon, because I knew people were going to be affected by it because it’s everywhere. You can’t avoid it. If you desire to be informed, current events and so forth, you gotta watch the Drive-Bys. You gotta read the Drive-Bys in some cases. Fewer and fewer people are. But still you turn it on and you just get inundated. You gotta buck it up out there. It takes fortitude to resist this. They’re trying to dispirit you, Shannon. They want you filled with doom and gloom! They want you running around glum. They want you so depressed that you give up your homeschooling. ‘It’s not worth it. Nothing that you want to fight for is worth it.’ That’s what they want you to believe. That’s what they want your attitude to be, nothing that you believe in is worth fighting for. (doing Cosell impression) ‘And the purpose of that monologue’ in the first hour was to see to it that as few people as possible are affected that way by this news. I appreciate the call. Thanks much, very much. Let’s go Houston. This is Kathleen. Welcome to the EIB Network, Kathleen. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, what an honor.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: I’ve been listening for 16 years. I can’t believe I got through. Basically I’m calling from the first hour. I was about to jump through the radio and grab your throat. I wanted you to settle down! You were kind of on a tear. I could hear your pulse racing. I could hear you going nuts, and it’s like you had this defeatist attitude and giving up.

RUSH: What the heh..?

CALLER: We had to have this extra pep rally for Palin.

RUSH: What were you listening to?

CALLER: You! You needed to settle down.

RUSH: Oh, come on, Kathleen.

CALLER: I listen every day, Rush, and you were losing that…

RUSH: Kathleen, Kathleen, Kathleen.

CALLER: Rush, Rush, Rush.

RUSH: You are a seminar caller.

CALLER: No, I’m not! I swear to God! I swear to God. I listen every day!

RUSH: You are an Obamaite. You’re an Obamacon.

CALLER: Oh, that is not fair.

RUSH: You’re calling here and you’re trying to give the audience that did not hear that call a totally wrong perception. I didn’t even raise my voice. That was one of the most calm and reasoned monologues I have given in a long time. I’m far more energetic talking to you now than I was during that; and I was upbeat, positive, beating this garbage back. Now, you can’t call here and mischaracterize me as paranoid, defeatist, and ready to quit the troops!

CALLER: I did not say that. You took that wrong.

RUSH: You just did!

CALLER: No, I didn’t. You took that wrong.

RUSH: Well, how am I supposed to take it?

CALLER: I want your upbeat attitude! I want to be able to turn this on and know that we can fight the good fight.

RUSH: You know, there’s a country song out there that fits us, you and me. ‘How can I kiss you on the lips when you chewed my ass out this morning?’

CALLER: (giggles) Hey, it’s love. You gotta stand by your lover!

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: You gotta stand by ’em. You gotta believe in ’em.

RUSH: I am! Look…

CALLER: And that’s what I’m doing now. I’m calling you to say, ‘You know what, Rush? We’re going to get through this crisis. We’re Americans. You know what? We’re fighters. If anything would prove that, it’s that immigration bill that we fought.

RUSH: That’s what I said. That’s what the whole first hour was about. (sigh) Kathleen, this disconnect is troubling. It makes me question your real motives.

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