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RUSH: Nancy Pelosi this afternoon had a little press conference. We have two sound bites. They are doozies.

PELOSI: Yes, you know, my flagship issue has been energy — energy security and reversing global warming, and I’m very pleased that in this bill we have the extenders for the investments in clean, renewable energy research and development and — and in this bill, it is paid for. So I’m — I’m very — that was one piece of the energy bill that we couldn’t pass last year that is now, uh, has been passed by the Senate.

RUSH: Wait a minute. I thought we had Armageddon here. I thought this was the stave off Armageddon bailout bill? And she’s going out there today saying her flagship issue has been energy security and reversing global warming? I thought your flagship issue was stopping Armageddon! I thought your flagship issue all week long was this bailout bill. She’s trying to kill this thing tomorrow night. She is trying to make sure the Republicans get so fed up that they vote against it again, which I hope happens. To go out there after the Senate passes this, to not say a word about anything other than energy security and reversing global warming and praising this piece of legislation as a pork barrel piece of legislation? Here is another bite, unidentified reporter said, ‘Are the votes there to pass this bill in the House?’

PELOSI: Well, right now we’re working very hard, uh, to, um, to see that. We want to see if we still have the 141 votes we had before, and that seems to be coming in pretty well. But we haven’t, you know, what you have to remember is members like to see the bill before they give you an answer, and they saw what happened in the Senate last night, but now they’re getting a closer look. And — and as they review it, uh, then we can go forward, uh, to see what the vote will be. We’re not going to take a bill to the floor that doesn’t have the votes. I’m optimistic that we will take the bill to the floor.

RUSH: She took the bill to the floor Monday night and didn’t have the votes. So she’s not going to take to the floor if they don’t have the votes. She said, ‘Well, the members haven’t seen the bill.’ Well, neither did the Senate that voted on it. You want to tell me that all those senators read all 451 pages of this monstrosity before voting on it? Mark Steyn is right. We cannot survive as a representative republic doing business this way. When our legislators and senators don’t even know what they are voting for or against. I know that’s nothing new, but they continue to raise the stakes. ‘Well, it’s Armageddon, we gotta stop the bleeding, gotta make sure the credit markets can still lend money.’

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