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RUSH: I’d like to say something to you Democrats and independents who have not yet made up your minds (and I know that you are out there) especially those of you who are leaning toward Obama. I want to ask you a question. I want you to ask yourselves a simple question. Apart from wanting a new party in place — apart from wanting a fresh face in the White House, apart from wanting somebody you think speaks well — you need to take deep, deep, deep look inside yourselves and ask this: ‘What exactly has Obama ever done in his life? What has he done as a state senator, what has he done as a United States senator, that proves leadership? Why is it that Joe Biden has been rejected time and again in the Democrat primaries, receiving less than 1% in the Iowa caucuses? What suddenly makes either of these men leaders? What suddenly makes them qualified? Simply because Obama got the nomination and he chose Biden?’ When you examine Obama’s career, you basically see two things, and only two things. You see a man (a man-child) who has spent his life both as a college and law student and as an adult, working hand-in-hand with domestic terrorists.

Now, I know you know this, and I know you want to sweep it under the rug because I know you just don’t want to believe it, even though you know it. But do you not think that this is truly extraordinary? William Ayers and others from the Weather Underground are responsible for being a part of a terrorist wave in this country that murdered police officers. To downplay this or dismiss it as ‘guilt by association’ is to be shortsighted and make a mistake. I don’t believe most Democrats or independents find this kind of thing acceptable behavior. What kind of man sits in the pews of a church where his preacher spews hate about his own country — hate for Jews, hate for whites, hate for blacks who don’t agree with him — and then says he had no idea his preacher was saying any of these things? Again, I ask you to look deep inside yourselves, ask yourselves if you see such a man representing your country as president of the United States.


RUSH: You see, folks, the Obama campaign has done a wonderful job (they really have) of silencing and intimidating anybody who dares to speak these things. His radicalness, the associations he has with fellow radicals. Again, what kind of man sits in the pews of a church where the preacher spews hate about his own country, hate for the Jews, hate for whites, hate for blacks who don’t agree with him — and then says he has no idea what his preacher is saying? Any of these things. You have gotta look deep inside yourselves, especially if you’re a Democrat or independent, ask yourselves if you really see such a man representing your country as president. They’ve done a great job of silencing anybody and intimidating people who dare to speak these things.

They have directed the media to attack those of us who have raised these hugely important facts. They call us McCarthyites. But you know this is nonsense, you moderate Democrats, independents. We choose our friends. We choose our associates. We choose our churches. We choose our pastors. This is a matter of Obama’s free will and voluntary association. Obama’s campaign and the media have done a terrific job of trying to take a radical and persuade you that he is a mainstream, centrist Democrat. He is no such thing. He’s part of the old guard, the socialist left, the appeasement left. There’s nothing new, there’s nothing fresh about anything to do with Obama. Radicalism comes dressed in many ways. This time it’s dressed up as Barack Obama, and he’s doing his best to hide who he really is from you as all extreme leftist radicals do.

Obama does not represent moderate or conservative Democrats. He makes fun of them! He laughs at them. He condescends to you. You moderate and conservative Democrats, he was talking about you when he talked about the bitter clingers at the San Francisco fundraiser. He does not represent Reagan Democrats. I would dare say he doesn’t actually even represent FDR-type liberals. He goes it Europe and he dumps on his own country. He gives speech after speech tearing down all that has been built in this nation by our parents and our grandparents. He constantly criticizes the things that have made this country great. He arrogantly insists that despite his lack of success anywhere in the private sector or even as a state senator or US senator, that he possesses all the wisdom necessary to manage the entire economy, to determine how much each of us should make, how much each of us should give up to people who he decides deserve more.

There’s nothing new about this, there’s nothing hopeful about it, and it is not change that we want or need. It is change, though. Obama wants to change the American system for another system, a system that is foreign to you and me but which has been talked about and written about for 150 years. It’s promoted in colleges and universities among far-left professors. It has been pounded into Obama’s head by the likes of Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright his entire adult life. If somebody tells you, for example, they want the federal government to take over the health care system lock, stock, and barrel, what do you call that? If somebody tells you they want the federal government to run the human resources departments of every private entity in this country, deciding who should get paid what and what benefits they should receive, what do you call that?

If somebody says, ‘We need to raise taxes on pensioners by increasing the capital gains tax when they sell their equities,’ what do we call this? When someone says that we need to increase taxes on anyone who earns $42,000 or more, what do we call that? When somebody says that we need to increase taxes on every small business in the country that makes $250,000 a year, what do we call that? Well, I’ll tell you what Obama calls it. He calls it middle class tax relief. It is nothing of the sort. Obama intends no tax relief for anybody. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the agenda of a person who has never had a real job in this country, much less ever run a business, much less ever made a payroll. He has never held a real job in this country.

By that I mean one that requires you to get up every morning, go to work, make a profit for yourself or for your employer. He has been paid by foundations and the taxpayer most of his life to promote a socialist agenda that will destroy everything that you have worked for and your parents and their parents worked for. He’s out to destroy it. Let me put it this way. How smart…? All of the people who think this guy is brilliant because of the way he speaks, could you snap out of that for a second? I understand the idea that you want to be proud of the president, you want people around the world to be proud, and you think a bumbling, stumbling, stuttering president embarrasses you. Get past that. You’re looking at a bumbling, stumbling, embarrassing guy, if he gets anywhere near the Oval Office.

How smart do you have to be to raise taxes and spend other people’s money? That’s what we’re talking about here. How smart do you have to be? This is a man, Barack Obama, who has authored a bill (one of the few, by the way) that would require you, the hard-working people of this country, to pony up $85 billion per year to give to other countries to fight global poverty through the United Nations! In other words, he would take the New Deal and the Great Society and export them to the Third World where you will be responsible for paying for it. Does this sound like a moderate or a centrist Democrat to you? Does it sound like a centrist independent moderate anything to you? These debates are all well and good, folks, but the truth is we know all we need to know about Obama, do we not?

I would ask those of you who have served in the military or are serving in the military, ‘Can you name anything — anything — Obama has done prior to running for president to show his support for you? Did he speak to veterans groups? Did he do interviews with veteran and military-related media? Did he visit military hospitals and shake hands with the wounded?’ No. In Berlin, he specifically canceled such things. What’s he done for you? What’s he done for you? He hasn’t done anything for you. What he has done is impugn you. What he has done is impugn your mission. What he has done is attempt to block your success on the battlefield and around the world. This man, Barack Obama, was invested — along with Harry Reid and Dick Durbin — in the defeat of the United States and the United States Military.

He believes, along with his brother from Illinois, Senator Durbin, that American interrogators and soldiers are no different than Pol Pot’s thugs, the people that ran the Soviet gulags, and Nazi commandants. Durbin said it while they were attempting to secure defeat in the Iraq war. Barack Obama believes the same things. He didn’t start wearing the American flag lapel pin until a few months ago, and he didn’t start putting his hand over his heart during the National Anthem until a few months ago. Did he support the surge in Iraq? No. Did he vote to fund the troops, to send them the armor and the bullets and reinforcement they needed while they were on the battlefield? No. He spoke out against it, all of it! Once again, Obama’s frame of reference is the far left.

He spent his years in Chicago working with radical, pro-Palestinian elements, although today he says he’s pro-Israel. But again, where’s the evidence for this? There is none. Our allies have much to fear in an Obama presidency. Our enemies have nothing to fear. Yet the Drive-By Media continually tell us that polls they take of citizens of the world, desperately want Barack Obama. Nobody who understands what’s at stake — nobody who has taken the time to delve into who Obama is — wants him anywhere near the presidency of the United States, except our enemies. Let me be blunt about this. Not only is the appeasement left in Europe thrilled about the prospect of an Obama presidency, but so, too, are our enemies. Our enemies tremble at the thought of a McCain-Palin victory. Our enemies will celebrate an Obama-Biden win. Our enemies parrot Democrat Party talking points.

Obama says that we wouldn’t have the financial crisis if we had saved all this money by not going to Iraq. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the supreme leader, president of Iran, says the same thing. The Iranians will immediately send Obama an invitation to meet with them because they heard what he said about no preconditions, and Obama will go, as a citizen of the world, to show that his presence on the scene can make a big difference. Just as Neville Chamberlain went back in the 1930s to meet with Hitler, Obama will also declare some kind of diplomatic victory just as Chamberlain did in the thirties. And Iran will take it all to mean that they can act with impunity and Obama won’t do a thing about it — and they’re right, he won’t. What do you think the little democrat countries around Russia think about this election? What do you think they’re hoping? Who do you think they hope will win? Obama’s first words after Russia invaded Georgia, was to urge both sides to stand down! Let me tell you: Vladimir Putin is wetting his pants in excitement over the prospects of an Obama presidency. So, too, are the ChiComs. So, too, is Hugo Chavez. So, too, is Raul Castro. So, too, is Kim Jong Il.


RUSH: People have been patiently waiting, and let’s go to the phones. Mundelein, Illinois, this is John. Nice to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: In the last hour you asked your listeners, ‘What did Barack Obama ever do for you before running for president?’ And I wanted to ask you something. Four years ago in one of the debates between President Bush and Senator Kerry, the two candidates agreed that the biggest threat to our national security was the threat posed by loose nuclear material, so-called loose nukes outside the United States falling into the hands of terrorists. And, as a Senator, Senator Obama and Senator Hagel crafted legislation to restore the funding the Bush administration had cut to secure those materials. It was comprehensive, it required an understanding of nuclear proliferation, it was bipartisan, and it required — you know, it was responsive directly to what, again, Kerry and Bush agreed was the biggest threat to our national security. Now, you asked if Barack Obama had ever done anything for me. I consider this legislation to be something he did for me. How about you?

RUSH: Doesn’t impress me. It was an amendment to another piece of legislation. It requires nothing more than the president to report to Congress what’s been done. It doesn’t have to be done ’til 2012, and it’s zilch, zero, nada. Name something else.

CALLER: Doesn’t it provide funding?

RUSH: Provides funding for what?

CALLER: It provides funding to other nations to help them secure these materials —

RUSH: Sure. Obama wants to give all kinds of money — you’re leaving something else out. The global —

CALLER: You just said it only requires that they report to the president.

RUSH: No. The Global Poverty Act. Obama wants to reduce worldwide poverty with an $85 billion contribution from the United States from taxpayers every year. You can name two things he’s done, but none of these are for us.

CALLER: Okay, well, I have to say, something that someone does that’s a concrete step, again, towards addressing what the president and Senator Kerry both agree is the single greatest threat to our national security, I consider that something that he did for me.

RUSH: Single greatest threat to our national security is Barack Obama in the Oval Office, endorsed by Hamas, with friends who are terrorists. You want to tell me that Obama has got something against terrorists around the world when his best friend is one, when he is endorsed by terrorists, when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad repeats talking points? Nice try. You can call here, you can give me one thing, one thing that Obama has done in all of his public life. And even that one is dubious and irrelevant. Funding. It had funding. Yes! That’s really smart. That takes intelligence, doesn’t it? Spending other people’s money. That’s really brilliant. Even you could do that, John.


RUSH: I’m sitting here, I’m angry, ladies and gentlemen. I forgot something. When I asked the question earlier, ‘What has Barack Obama done?’ By the way, I didn’t say what has he done ‘for you.’ I said, ‘What has he done?’ What has he accomplished? I forgot that he taught us about the tire gauge, and how the tire gauge can save us from having to drill for new oil! I’m sorry. It slipped my mind.

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