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Local Host Mark Davis of WBAP-AM in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex filled in on Monday.

“The force that America has used, very selectively, has resulted in a better world.” — Davis

• WT: Coalition Batters Libya’s Air Defenses

“Do you have a certain level of skepticism about how amped up and positive we should feel about our military involvement in Libya?” — Davis

• WT: Lawmakers Concerned About US Role in Libya• WP: Questions Raised About US Role and Goals in Libya

“We are a country that gets war weary in about five minutes, but we have a president that is war adverse from the start.” — Davis

• FOX: Pentagon: Libya No-Fly Zone Working, Will Be Expanded

• WSJ: War by Global Committee

“If the bar is met in Libya, what kind of precedent have we set?” — Davis

• UKPA: Leading Yemen Generals Switch Sides• Reuters: US Embassy Tells Americans in Yemen to Stay Indoors• FOX: The History of Declaring War and the Politics of it Surrounding Libya

“There was a year and a half between 9/11 and the Iraq war.Do you know how many weapons of mass destruction someone can hide in a year and a half?” — Davis

• WT: The Libyan Tea Party• WT: Obama’s Illegal War

“There’s not anything that’s happened in Japan that makes me one molecule (no pun intended) less enthusiastic about nuclear power. I don’t think we’re going to have a whole lot of American tsunamis and most American nuclear plants are not built along fault lines.” — Davis

• Reuters: US Plans More Nuclear Inspections After Japan Crisis

“I like domestically produced energy. Faced with the notion of running our country on energy from sources in countries that want to kill us there are some things I want to do in my own country. I want to drill for more American oil. I want to use more natural gas and drill for it at reasonable distances from people’s houses. And I absolutely want to explore the additional use of nuclear power.” — Davis

• WSJ: Japan Halts Some Food Shipments

“Here’s my position on green technology and alternative fuel.If it works, excellent; if it doesn’t, forget it!” — Davis

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