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RUSH: Let me give you an analogy. Let me try another way of putting this in perspective. Let me compare O.J. Simpson to Bill Ayers. Everybody sees that it’s clearly not cool to go out and play golf with O.J. I was talking to somebody over the weekend, and they were in a restaurant somewhere in Florida when O.J. walked in with some people. They got up and left. They didn’t want to be in the same restaurant with a man who they thought had murdered two people. By the way, O.J. was shocked at the verdict, I’m told, but he’s very confident that his record, the running back who has killed the most people, will hold up for a long time. But everybody knew it was uncool. O.J. Simpson was someone to be shunned. He’s an unrepentant murderer. Bill Ayers is like O.J. Simpson. He’s unrepentant about what he did. He blew up buildings. He was afraid he didn’t do enough in blowing up buildings. He is still trying to push the same ideology that he did when he was a bomber. But now he has allies like Obama pushing his radical ideas, using the system this time around.

Bill Ayers should be shunned by society, not given validation for his ideas, and people who associate with Bill Ayers, knowing full well who he is, knowing full well what he stands for, knowing full well what he attempts to do, should also be shunned. Obama should be shunned. Obama should be like all of us, tempted to leave a room when O.J. Simpson comes in. Obama embraces these people. He embraces people like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. It’s hard to believe, is it not? When Ayers wrote an op-ed in the New York Times saying, in essence, that he was unrepentant, did nobody, not a single person tell Obama that Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, had been infamous leaders of the Weather Underground? Pathetic that he will be allowed to escape from this. He won’t be if I have anything to say about it. Did Obama go through life in a daze? Of course not, folks, he befriended these slimeballs. They formed the core of his belief system. Bill Ayers now has the aura of respectability. Why, he’s a teacher, he’s an educator, he has a surrogate, he has Barack Obama.

Bill Ayers has not changed his opinion of America at all. He still hates it. He wants this to become a socialist-communist country as fast as he can make it happen. Bill Ayers knows he can’t do it in public. He knows that he’s too damaged, so he’s got this little man-child that he’s either brainwashed — I don’t think he has to have brainwashed him. He’s mentored him. He’s got Barack Obama to do it for him within the system, under the guise of hope, under the guise of change, under the guise of rebirthing America in a way that can make it live up to the ideals that we all hoped that it would live up to for all these years, but sadly no longer does. Now, you’ve seen the story that the Drive-Bys are gearing up to call Sarah Palin a racist? She has racist tendencies, her comments tend toward racist, APO story, AP Obama. It was an AP analysis. But I have a question, ladies and gentlemen, why is it racist for America’s sweetheart, Sarah Palin, to criticize a white guy, a terrorist? Why is it not racist when Jeremiah Wright attacks all whites?

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