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Rush’s Morning Update: Promise
October 9, 2008

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Okay, folks: let’s recap. After the vapid “yes we can” slogan wore thin,the Messiah, Lord Barack Obama The Most Merciful, began running down America in earnest. In Germany, he apologized for the egregious errors of the United States and her people. We are racist-sexist-bigot-homophobes who torture– not to mention melt the Arctic ice. Later, responding to an American seven-year old, Lord Obama cast the US as a country whose better days had passed. And never forget his take on small towns, inhabited by people who “cling to guns, or religion.”

No surprise, then, that the celebrity class that embraces Obama has similar views. Bruce Springsteen– at a voter registration rally– treated the audience to an anti-Bush, anti-war tirade. Springsteen said he’s “spent 35 years writing about America and its people… and the meaning of the American promise.”But now, he said, “our everyday citizens have justifiably lost faith in its meaning.” (Rich millionaire, how dare you!)

Only in liberal America would celebrities,blessed beyond measure,declare America’s promise dead for everyone else!America’s promise is very much alive, Bruce. But it isn’t to be had waiting for a government-issued Messiah to perform taxpayer-funded miracles –it’searned,through personal ambition, hard work, and faith.

Perhaps, my friends, if celebrities weren’t so invested in their own glory (and the flattery of other stupid celebrities),they’d see America as we do: a nation of unlimited opportunity. Being born in the USA remains one of the greatest privileges and blessings granted to mankind.American promise still inspires greatness.

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