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RUSH: This business about ‘sacrifice’ from Tom Brokaw of Jurassic Park last night, ‘Uh, Obama (grumbling) sacrifice. The American people, sacrifice.’ Why is it always the American people, in the eyes of the left, who have to sacrifice? How about the government sacrifice a little? Do you notice the government will never do with less? How about bureaucrats sacrificing a little bit? How about some politicians sacrifice by resigning, and letting other people take a whack at governing. Senator McCain who talked about Eisenhower having written two letters prior to the D-Day invasion, one thanking everybody for their hard work and a successful mission, the other his resignation if it didn’t work. There are a bunch of Democrats with their fingerprints all over this financial mess, who if they had any honor would resign, but, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Five congressional hearings are going on in this financial mess, and not one of them is about Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. Christopher Shays, a moderate, is fuming. He’s a moderate Republican from Connecticut. He’s fuming over this, and he has been promised by Henry ‘Nostrilitis’ Waxman that they’ll eventually get to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. No. The people that have their fingerprints all over this got to design the fix, and we see how that’s going. Where is the DJI today? Two hundred and something it’s down today. I’m hearing the ‘experts,’ whoever the hell they are — I don’t think there are anymore — staying the bottom will be around 85 or 8700. That means we’ve got a long way to go here, folks, before we bottom out if this clown happens to be right.

How about Frank Raines and Jamie Gorelick and Jim Johnson? Why don’t they sacrifice a little? They walked away from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with a bunch of money they didn’t earn after having cooked the books. Why don’t they sacrifice? How about ACORN? Why don’t they sacrifice? Stop stealing elections; stop engaging in voter fraud. How about Obama support those who actually sacrifice: military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan and around the world? Those are the people who really sacrifice, and these are the people that Barack Obama and the Democrat Party the last six years impugned, impugned their honor, impugned their mission, proclaimed their mission a failure, said we couldn’t win. They tell us, they ask us, ‘What will you say to the American people (slurred) sacrifice?’ said Tom Brokaw of Jurassic Park.

When the left talks of sacrifice, they don’t mean working with your church or your local charity. What they mean is: You support socialism. Now, H.R. Kit Carson, the trusted and loyal chief of staff of mine, here at the EIB Network said, ‘I thought the dumbest question was the one Brokaw asked these guys about who their next Treasury secretary would be because Hank Paulson would not serve beyond the end of President Bush’s term.’ I’ll tell you why that question was asked. From the standpoint of the elites in Washington and New York, it was not a stupid question at all. Now, look at me and follow me on this. I will begin this little explanation of why that question about who the next Treasury secretary is going to be is so important to people like Tom Brokaw of Jurassic Park, and everybody else in the Drive-By Media and everybody who lives in the New York-Washington corridor.

Remind me again, folks, why we even need a Constitution, now. Why, we’ve got the feds. The individual is no longer the foundation of the country. That’s what this bailout is telling us. We aren’t the answer. The American people, our individual efforts, productivity, ambition, creativity, we aren’t the answer. Not according to these people. No, we are the burden. The federal government now runs things. Our economy — and here’s the answer to your question, ‘Why was this question about the next Treasury secretary so important?’ Because the economy is now run by the Treasury secretary. Well, it is! The $700 billion bailout gave him exclusive authority to ‘ensure’ the welfare, economic welfare of the country. The Constitution doesn’t say ‘ensure.’ It says ‘promote the general welfare.’

The reason Brokaw asked that question is, I’ll guarantee you, Herbie Allen and his good buddies in the media who go up there in Idaho every summer for their Big Media summit wanted him to ask that question to find out who these two guys say is going to be the Treasury secretary ’cause the Treasury secretary is running the economy. You and I are a burden; we are not the answer. The Treasury secretary is bailing us out. The Treasury secretary is buying up our bad decisions. The Treasury secretary is providing cover for Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. The Treasury secretary is our economy’s messiah. The Treasury secretary! How backwards is that? I guess if we’re going to have the Treasury secretary take over the economy, we need to let the attorney general take over the writing and enforcement of laws.

We have a crime problem in this country in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Detroit. You have murder rates that have Iraqis glad they don’t have to live here. It’s a crisis. It’s time for the attorney general to ensure the safety of every American, just like the Treasury secretary has the authority now to ensure the welfare of every American. Forget local anything. We need action! We need the people who created the problem to step in and fix it. So the attorney general gets to write all the laws from now on and enforce them. All we need is one more dependable liberal on the Supreme Court to work hand-in-hand with the Treasury secretary and the attorney general. That way, seven people can run the country. We don’t even need a president!

We can elect a president to be a figurehead. He’ll go to funerals. The vice president, who knows what the hell he’ll do now. But we’re going to have the Supreme Court working hand-in-hand with the AG and the Treasury secretary. Seven people, that way, can run the country. The liberal majority in the Supreme Court (five of those people) and then the Treasury secretary and the attorney general. Forget innovation. Forget creativity. We need central planning, and execution of the central plan. We should shut up. We should sit down. We should turn on the network television and wait. We shouldn’t pray! No, no, no. We don’t pray. We hope. We hope for the best. We have the Fed. Not as in ‘fed up,’ but as in the Fed and Big Brother.

It comes from the Treasury secretary and soon from the attorney general. ‘Change!’ That’s where it’s going to come from. Change will no longer come from the ground up. By the way, ladies and gentlemen, you don’t elect the Treasury secretary, nor do you elect the attorney general. Nor do you elect the Supreme Court justices. The individual — if this all plays out the way Obama and his buds have it figured — will have no role to play. You have a right to health care. You have a right to have your welfare ensured by the Treasury secretary. The government in Washington runs our lives. The Constitution is becoming more irrelevant by the day. The federal government doesn’t promote the general welfare anymore; it now ensures it with $700 billion. They are going to ensure our economic welfare with $700 billion, as if it’s possible.

You have to hear some of the post-debate commentary. Do you understand now why the Treasury secretary question was so important to the very people…? That question was not asked so that McCain and whoever, Obama, would answer it for the American people. This was for the markets. This was for the whole cabal now that put this bailout together. They want to know. They wanted to hear what the candidates would say. McCain, who did he say, Meg Whitman? He didn’t say Buffett last night, did he? He did? He said Obama’s looking at Buffett. Oh, yeah, as though Buffett really wants the pay cut. Of course, you give Buffett $700 billion to play with or George Soros, I can see where they might be attracted to that. Meg Whitman of eBay, on the very day that eBay — she’s not there anymore, but on the very day that eBay — announced, what was it, 1,500 layoffs, 15% of the workforce? McCain likes Meg Whitman for the Treasury secretary.


RUSH: Audio sound bite 35. Remember now, in a brilliant monologue mere moments ago, people were telling me they thought the stupidest question that Tom Brokaw asked last night was asking Obama and McCain who their Treasury secretary would be. It’s not a stupid question, because there are people in important places who want to know that because the Treasury secretary is now running the US economy, according to the bailout bill. The Treasury secretary in the bailout bill right there in the Preamble, shall use the bailout bill and all associated funds to ensure the economic welfare of the people. That’s an impossibility. That is central planning. More central planning. Obama in Indianapolis at a campaign rally.

OBAMA: You heard Senator McCain say, ‘Well, we do not need any government involvement in health care.’ What he didn’t mention is, he’s got healthcare from the government.

FOLLOWERS: (cheers and applause)

OBAMA: You know, I — I — I — Let me tell ya, I — That is something that always burns me up, when I hear folks who are getting paid by the government, have health insurance from the government, are happy with it, would not trade it in for anybody (sic), but suddenly, they say, ‘Nah, nah, you — the American people, the folks who are paying our salaries who do not have health insurance or are paying too much for health insurance, that somehow you do not want government involvement.’

FOLLOWERS: (cheers and applause)

OBAMA: Come on.

RUSH: A nice little trick there from Barry Obama. The government does happen to be the employer in this case. It is not a national government-run health care system. It may be pretty good. In fact, if it’s as good as Obama describes it, and these guys say we all should sacrifice, how about them sacrifice by giving up some of their great health care coverage that they supposedly have? Anyway, you see what’s in store. We now need government-run health care, because it worked so well for Senator McCain.

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