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Rush’s Morning Update: ACORN
October 10, 2008

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You know, folks, the right to vote– in honest and fair elections –is the cornerstone of our republic;blood was shed for minorities’ and women’s voting rights in historic struggles that took decades to succeed. (That’s “tens of years” for those of you in Rio Linda”.)

We are living through another historic vote struggle. ACORN– the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now– is active in “voter registration”,with operations across the fruited plain. While claiming to be non-partisan, it is clear that the left-wing ACORN is a front group for the Democrat Party. It’s also clear that they are involved in wholesale voter fraud. In Missouri, officials are buried in duplicate registration forms from ACORN; in Nevada, registrations for the Dallas Cowboys’ starting lineup are among the fraudulent submissions. Other states are conducting similar investigations. Eight ACORN workers in Saint Louis recently pled guilty to fraud in the 2004 elections.

Yet even with their track record– and despite ACORN employing felons— Democrats in Congress tried to steer millions to ACORN in the financial bailout bill. The effort collapsed once Republicans discovered it and made it public.

In King County, Washington, to get a governor installed last cycle, Democrats were able to produce more votes than there were voters. In 1960, dead voters in Cook County, Illinois, gave Jack Kennedy his victory in the wee hours of the morning. This election-stealing agenda, to gain by fraud what they cannot win honestly, is part of the Democrat playbook –and it’s past time for the justice department to put a stop to it!

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