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RUSH: Dingy Harry was on the radio today, KXNT in Las Vegas. Casey Hendrickson interviewed him, and Dingy Harry had a couple things to say first about the Keating Five.

REID: Let’s go back and look at the Keating Five. Any time you bring up Barack Obama, uh, somebody that he, uh, was eight years old when the guy was doing his bad stuff, I think you need to talk about the Keating Five —

HENDRICKSON: Yeah, but —

REID: where — where John —

HENDRICKSON: Yeah, but McCain was exonerated for the Keating Five.

REID: John McCain was not exonerated for the Keating Five. He was not exonerated. And the fact of the matter is very clearly that a lot of the things he did with Keating were when he was in the House of Representatives, that the Senate ethics committee had no jurisdiction over. So I don’t bring this up unless there are people like you [who] try to be so far-fetched and bringing up stuff about Barack Obama.

RUSH: (laughing) You know, for people that are going to win this race and it’s such a slam-dunk, why are they so mad? (interruption) I know it’s a brazen lie, Snerdley. I know it’s a lie. McCain was exonerated. It’s a brazen lie. That’s what Democrats do. But even more striking to me is Dingy Harry strikes out at this radio guy. ‘I wasn’t going to bring it up. I wasn’t going to bring it up unless people like you try to be so far-fetched about bringing up Obama.’ There’s nothing far-fetched about Bill Ayers, Senator Reid. This lie, ‘Well, Ayers was doing what he did when Obama was only eight years old,’ that’s irrelevant! Look, Ayers is who he is. His terrorist past is not the point. His radical present is the point. His attempt to radicalize public education and turn it against the capitalist system and make it a pro-socialist system. Creating a bunch of little revolutionaries in the classroom, that’s what Bill Ayers is doing, exactly what Obama wants him to do. While Obama gets to prance around as though he’s Mr. Clean and doesn’t know any of these people, ’cause he doesn’t have that kind of temperament. And then Dingy Harry plays the race card on Franklin Raines!

REID: Well, who’s — I’m — Who’s Raines? I’m sorry. About —

HENDRICKSON: Well, I mean, Barack Obama has three people that are tied to this whole mortgage mess working for him and advising his whole campaign right now. Isn’t that a little nerve-wracking?

REID: Barack Obama does not have a single lobbyist working for him. John McCain has seven. The Raines you’re talking about, who worked for Fannie Mae, was there for a while. Uh, the — the only, uh, connection that people bring up about Raines and Barack Obama is they both are African-Americans. Other than that, there’s nothing.

RUSH: (laughing) Lobbyists? Lobbyists? McCain has lobbyists; Obama has none? The only connection between Obama and Franklin Raines is that they’re both African-Americans? They’re both black? That’s a non sequitur. Once again, it’s Dingy Harry trying to change the subject. He can’t handle the truth. This radio reporter zings him between the eyes with the truth, and he has to lie and squirm his way out of it. Franklin Raines advises Obama on home policy! Franklin Raines was thrown out of Fannie Mae, finally, after looting the joint! He took a hundred million dollars! Jim Johnson, former Fannie Mae, was the guy who helped Obama find his vice president! Well, they had to throw him out of that once his ties to Fannie Mae were known.

Franklin Raines is all over the Clinton administration. Obama has all kinds of people from the Clinton administration on his advisory team. These guys, they’re just sitting ducks. But again, folks, why are they so mad? We had the story today in The Politico that the election is over. We’ve had this story now for a week or ten days. The election’s over. It’s a slam-dunk; it’s a landslide! Today it’s a landslide. Two Democrat strategists say it’s a landslide, and it’s because of this economic tsunami. They admit that Obama could not have done this and gotten to this landslide without the economic tsunami. Note to Democrat strategists: the election hasn’t happened yet. And all this early voting you people were touting and promising in Ohio? Guess what? It didn’t happen. All these early voters didn’t show up. All these big get-out-the-vote efforts we keep hearing about from the Obama campaign, where were they in Ohio?

Massive grassroots organization, unheralded, unrivaled in American politics! Where was it in Ohio? They had practically zilch turnout in that period of time would you could register and vote on the same day. They had some but it wasn’t what they were forecasting and what they expected. I know they’re sitting around waiting to see how many votes they need. But the point is: they don’t want to sit around and have to wait for the votes they need. They want slam-dunks in all these states. They were unable to get that turnout the way it should be, what they expected it to be. So for a party that’s got themselves convinced now that we’re just waiting on a landslide here in three weeks, the election is over, why are they so mad? Why are they so enraged? They’re still not happy — and in their minds, the election’s over. Well, the answer, of course, is that all this landslide BS and all this election-is-over stuff is just BS, and they are as worried about it as they can be ’cause their guy can’t close the deal.

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