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RUSH: Now, John Harris, this is from the Watertown Daily Times, and he spoke yesterday on the election at St. Lawrence University’s Eben Holden Conference Center in Canton. Man, this story is all over the place, and I’m sorry, I’ve got the print version so I really don’t know where this is, but I’m thinking since they say it’s near Canada — it doesn’t matter where it is, I just like to know so I can report fully. ‘John F. Harris might not have the best record for his political predictions — it wasn’t long ago that he thought Hillary Clinton would be a shoo-in for the Democratic nomination, after all — but he sees a huge win coming for Barack Obama in November. The Politico editor-in-chief spoke Monday to a group of 85 students and community members –‘ What a crowd the guy can draw. Huge crowd. Eighty-five people. This is big. He said, ‘Republicans are on the verge of a rout that could leave them virtually powerless in Washington. The era of trench warfare between the parties might be over. I’ll be back by Thanksgiving if I’m wrong.’ So he predicts this isn’t even going to be close, this is a rout, the Republicans are going to have so few members of the House and Senate, they will be unable to stop anything.

In fact, there will be so few Republicans that there will be no partisanship, there won’t be enough Republicans for there to be any partisanship. Which reminds me I saw a stupid story in the Drive-Bys yesterday lamenting the fact of the lost opportunity in this election to have a nonpartisan, straight up and down on the issues election, all because of McCain. The reason I’m telling you this, I don’t care what the guy says, and it’s not that a journalist, an objective Drive-By journalist is out there telling 85 people what he thinks is going to happen. I’m sharing these quotes with you, folks, because it ought to outrage you. You are, most of you Republicans, conservatives, and the daily disses continue from the fact the election’s over to it’s going to be a landslide to it’s going to be a bloodbath to we may not even need to have the election. We’ve got ACORN running around cheating and engaging in fraud, being bought and paid for by US taxpayers, supported by, promoted by, instructed by Barack Obama and William Ayers. In some places in this, I’m even wondering if we’re going to have a fair election. There are investigations of ACORN going on in 13 states now. I would think this would outrage people.

ACORN is a subdivision of the Democrat Party. Even in the original rescue plan, the bailout bill, how much was it for ACORN? There was some millions earmarked for ACORN, and of course somebody spotted it, raised hell about it, and they pulled it out of there. Democrats said, ‘There was never anything in there for ACORN. We just put that in there as a throwaway. We knew the Republicans would get mad at it so we put it in there as a throwaway.’ That’s BS. If they coulda gotten any more money for ACORN than they’ve already gotten they would have done it. ‘Republicans,’ this is according to The Politico editor-in-chief, ‘Republicans are on the verge of a rout that could leave them virtually powerless in Washington. We are on the brink of an Electoral College blowout, and there is a possibility for huge Democratic gains in the Senate, which means Barack Obama could be the most powerful president we’ve seen since George W. Bush in the years immediately following 9-11, or Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964,’ Mr. Harris said. ‘That shows how starkly the premises of national politics have changed.’ … The Republican Party’s ‘Machiavellian’ style of attack politics hasn’t struck a chord in this election, Mr. Harris said, leaving John McCain to shift strategies nearly weekly.’

Now, on this, there’s one half of this that he’s right about, the idea that the Republican part is Machiavellian, Good Lord. We have the most unqualified, the most unaccomplished, the most unachieved person a major political party has ever nominated to be president of the United States, he is 100% Machiavellian, the entire Democrat Party is a camouflage mask, and it’s McCain being Machiavellian, the Republicans. He said McCain hasn’t struck a chord in this election ’cause he’s trying to be Machiavelli, so he’s had to shift strategies nearly weekly. McCain is not Machiavellian. This is the problem. For any of you out there listening who are budding politicals, you want to go into campaign advisory, you want to become campaign stratergists, let me tell you something quickly. Why do you think McCain is changing his economic policy by the week? There is an answer to this. Why do you think every week he comes out with new economic plan, a new this plan or a new that plan? Why do you think every week he is reacting to what Obama’s doing? There’s a simple explanation for this and it has nothing to do with the fact that he’s Machiavellian.


RUSH: Why is Senator McCain, ladies and gentlemen, shifting strategies nearly weekly as John Harris says? He’s been trying to win over Clinton supporters and independents. And the way you win those people is the way you always win elections on our side, you run as a conservative, you run on ideas, you run on policies that promote opportunity, wealth, jobs, families, local communities, education, choice, law enforcement, and national security. You run on the rule of law, such as enforcing immigration laws. You have to have these beliefs in order to articulate them, and you have to have them in your bloodstream and have promoted them throughout your political career, otherwise you’re going to be dodging and weaving all over the place responding. If your political career consists of thumbing your nose at conservatism and cutting deals with the left that undermine your own party, making nice with the media, you find yourself without intellectual weapons and political tactics to fend off the leftist ideologue. So you flounder around out there.

When your media friends turn on you, as they most certainly are going to do, as they can’t stomach any Republican no matter how he has distanced himself from his own party, you are left without the weapons to fight back and so you’re constantly, ‘Okay, Obama said this, we gotta respond with this.’ Folks, we are going to have to take the responsibility of this election on our own shoulders. This election is about our future as a people. It is about our future as a nation. Candidates have been selected, we have to make a choice; we have to make a choice based on what’s best for the nation. A Republican candidate who many have some serious concerns about, a Democrat candidate who many of us believe is dangerous and we cannot afford, dangerous in the sense he does not share our passion for this nation’s institutions, including our economic system, where he says he wants to spread the wealth around. He said that to a plumber. The plumber said, ‘Why do you want to raise my taxes?’ (paraphrasing) ‘Well, I want to spread the wealth around. I want to make sure people behind you do well, too. I want to spread the wealth around.’ That’s Barack Obama. In a rare moment of a slipup, he slipped up and was honest about what he said he was going to do.

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