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RUSH: Audio sound bite. Sam Donaldson, Good Morning America today. It’s over, he says.

DONALDSON: I think he’s headed for a loss with allllll the people out there saying they trust the Democrats and Obama, more than the Republicans to fix this, I think he would be headed for a loss. I don’t see anything that he can do. Now, I’m a (haughty chuckle) political reporter, as you know, Diane, and I know all we can do is watch, and something could happen. But unless it does, he’s going to lose.

RUSH: So it’s another Drive-By Media person saying it’s over. That’s Sam Donaldson. We have a montage of the Drive-By spin after the debate that McCain was winning. He was winning big…until he mentioned Ayers.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator McCain, unprompted, brought up the issue of Bill Ayers. One of his worst moments.

TERRY MORAN: That Bill Ayers attack hasn’t seemed to work for him at all.

CHARLIE ROSE: Hasn’t the Ayers thing, tonight, didn’t it end that conversation?

CHRIS WALLACE: William Ayers? Is that relevant?

NINA EASTON: William Ayers, (gasp) a question which we all were all (gasp) waiting for.

DAVID ‘RODHAM’ GERGEN: Get rid of this stuff about Bill Ayers, all this garbage we have been going through.

HILARY ROSEN: Obama was on defense for the first 20 minutes of this debate. McCain ruined it for himself … prolonged the discussion about Bill Ayers.

RUSH: What are these people so afraid of? McCain didn’t lose the debate because of Bill Ayers. McCain won the debate, pure and simple. By the way, I just found out the University of Nebraska at Lincoln has invited Bill Ayers to come speak soon. One of their… I forget the organization. It’s not the whole university, but he’s going in there. Academia is rallying around Bill Ayers. Here’s David ‘Rodham’ Gergen, after the debate. McCain has anger management problems.

GERGEN: Got overemotional about it! He looked angry! It was almost like an — an exercise in anger management up there for him to contain himself. Uh, and Obama maintained his cool, and I thought that changed the tone of the debate and that Obama won the last half hour.

RUSH: He was so cool, Obama! So, so cool.

Obama is cold. He’s cold. Now, here’s David Brooks. He’s one of the guys that couldn’t wait, couldn’t way for McCain. McCain was the guy. McCain was going to go get Democrats and independents! McCain was the savior of the Republican Party. McCain was the only guy that gave us a chance! On Charlie Rose last night, David Brooks had this to say.

BROOKS: What struck me is how incredibly even he is and how, frankly, reassuring he is. It’s like you’re camping and you wake up one morning and there’s a mountain and then the next morning there’s a mountain and then the next morning there’s a mountain. Obama is just the mountain. He’s there. He’s always the same. He doesn’t hurt himself. McCain can sometimes lob a cannon ball into the mountain but the mountain doesn’t move and the mountain doesn’t care. So I think his steadiness, his temperament has been the dramatic theme of this, uh, this campaign, dramatic as being undramatic, and it was to display tonight. Uh, and the good part of the mountain is that he’s reassuring and reliable.

RUSH: There you have it, David Brooks, the conservative columnist for the New York Times reassured by the steadiness, reliability, mountain-like stature of Obama. Is this drooling or what? Does he want to marry the guy? Does he want to have kids with the guy? What is this? He’s a mountain. He’s a rock! It’s exactly right. What he is, is a load. But this is the ‘conservative’ columnist for the New York Times who wants the era of Reagan to be over and that conservatism needs to be ‘redefined’ and so forth. I guess to Brooks and his buddies conservatism has been redefined. The Republican Party has found its rock, and it’s Barack Obama.

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