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RUSH: This is Shara in Taylor, Michigan. Hi, Shara. Nice to have you with us.

CALLER: Thank you very much for having me. How are you today?

RUSH: I’m never better. Thank you.

CALLER: Okay, that’s good. I’m a longtime Hillary Clinton supporter. And there are a couple issues that have just been frying my brain. The other day, I believe it was on CNN, they had a lady named Karen Finley on there. She was a spokesperson for Barack Obama.

RUSH: Karen Finley?


RUSH: Wait a second now.

CALLER: Or Karen Finney?

RUSH: Yeah, because Karen Finley was one of these performance artists who would go on stage —

CALLER: My mistake.

RUSH: — and lather her nude body up with chocolate.

CALLER: Okay, my mistake.

RUSH: Well, she can still be an Obama spokesperson. One of these Love Your Body babes, yeah.

CALLER: But they were asking her about the whole ACORN thing, asking her if, you know, you ever gave money to ACORN, at first she said no, and then they pressed her again. Okay, so you never gave him $800,000? Oh, well, yeah, we did, but that was during the primary. So I’m putting that together and then I’m watching the Barack Obama’s performance —

RUSH: Now, let me bring people up to speed who may not know what you’re talking about because this came up in the debate last night. I know you were just going to say this, but Obama denied anything to do with ACORN, and McCain said, ‘Wait, you gave a branch of ACORN $832,000 get-out-the-vote efforts in the primaries, it was in Ohio and Pennsylvania and a couple other places,’ and Obama, that’s one of the times he shook his head. But they did do it. Who cares whether it was the primaries? The primaries were just six months ago.

RUSH: But as a Hillary Clinton supporter, shouldn’t that be concerning, especially after watching the debate yesterday. I mean every time he was asked, I mean when they asked about Ayers and ACORN is the only time that he really looked like he was looking at his hand or reading off of them. I mean it was very, very disturbing, and as a Hillary Clinton supporter–

RUSH: His answer on Bill Ayers was as filled with holes as everything else about Obama is. And sadly, Senator McCain, I mean, he hit him hard on Ayers, but it would have been nice if he would explain who Ayers was and if he would have explained what Ayers is doing now. But I thought he scored big time on Ayers when Obama, ‘I was eight years old when he did those despicable acts.’ McCain said, ‘You weren’t eight years old on 9/11 when he wrote a piece in the New York Times saying he wished he had done more.’

CALLER: I absolutely agree with you.

RUSH: Really hit him hard on this stuff. That’s why I don’t understand these people that don’t understand what happened last night. So you’re worried that Hillary got cheated?

CALLER: I’m concerned that all of us got cheated. I mean I think the voters have every right to know what’s going on, and if I recall when the Hillary Clintons like myself were going to the polls there was things on the news saying how Hillary Clinton supporters were getting harassed and getting bullied and they just ignored it, and it’s just starting — it’s confusing me and it’s frying my brain, and it’s been bothering me.

RUSH: Well, it should be, Shara. I don’t know about Obama cheating with ACORN during the primaries, but I can tell you right now this ACORN bunch has been around 30 years and they’re doing far more than just fraudulently registering voters. They are at the root of the home mortgage collapse. They are at the root of what’s wrong with education in the inner cities, the inner-city schools. There’s no question, they’re being investigated in 14 states, 200,000 unconfirmable, unverifiable registrations in Ohio. Hello, ACORN. FBI, as I say, is looking into them. I think you can be confident that the Obama campaign is cheating.

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