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RUSH: The Associated Press poll shows McCain down to Obama 44-42. Now, there’s an interesting side light. In the last four weeks, Obama has not moved. He’s gone down in some polls. He’s not over 50. He can’t get over 48. If you take the average of all these polls, he’s at 48, and he has not moved in a month. But this AP poll, this is near journalistic malpractice ’cause I have the story. The poll, don’t forget, now, 44-42, Obama. Here’s the headline of their own story talking about their own poll: ‘Voters Souring on McCain.’ Obama stays steady. It’s 44-42! I read the whole story. I read the entire story. Nowhere in the story is their poll mentioned. Their story focuses totally on how voters are souring on McCain, in a poll that they report being 44-42 Obama, two-point poll — statistically tied.

Now, they released a PDF of their poll, and you have to go through page by page and finally when you get to page 6, when you get to page 6, why, right here it is. ‘If the 2008 general election for president were being held today, and these were the candidates, who would you vote for?’ Obama 44, McCain 42. On Page 6. I know it’s a margin of error. I just said that. Statistically tied. But it’s not in their story, is the point. Their story deals entirely with how people are souring on McCain. Now, you have to ask a question: Why would the AP be this deceptive? Could it be because the AP is scared? We’ve got the audio sound bites coming up of the jokes, both appearances of both candidates at the Alfred E. Smith dinner last night, did you happen to see it, Snerdley? McCain killed, he really killed. Obama didn’t. I learned something else about Obama last night. This guy is harboring a lot of bitterness. I don’t know who wrote his material, but whoever wrote his material is damn mad. And he’s mad. He’s mad about the way the media is treating him.

I learned something else. He does not have a sense of humor. I said yesterday that Obama, everyone talks about him being cool. He’s not cool. He’s cold. He is so cold, he can stand by and let innocent babies who survive abortions be killed. He can sign legislation supporting that. That’s cold, folks. Last night his collar was way too big, he looked very scrawny up there, and McCain got all the laughs. It was hilarious. McCain’s worst lines got a better reaction than Obama’s best lines. He has no sense of humor whatsoever out there. So 44-42, AP hides it and then puts a disingenuous spin on voters souring on McCain, Obama stays steady. How can Obama be said to be staying steady when he’s been at 48 in all those polls, he’s at 44 in the AP poll? Alan Fram and Trevor Tompson are the Obama ‘campaign staffers’ who wrote the story for AP-Obama. But you can’t find it in the story.


RUSH: Got another poll, and I hate to say it, but I warned you people this was going to happen. I told you these polls are going to tighten up as we get close because the pollsters’ credibility at the end of the day is something they count on. We’ve already got AP out today 44-42, and the story accompanying their poll is all about how McCain is losing favor with people, that people are growing more rancorous with McCain, yet the poll is 44-42. That has McCain and Obama both down. But the story of the polls doesn’t contain the results. You have to go to the PDF file that they released at the same time. We’ve got the Gallup tracking poll today, just out today: Likely voters still at 49-47, Obama. And they also add this at Gallup. ‘If turnout in this year’s election follows traditional patterns by which the voting electorate skews toward those who usually vote as well as those who are interested in this year’s election, this race is a close one with Obama holding onto a two percentage-point margin 49-47, which is in the margin of error.’

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