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Rush’s Morning Update: Predictable
October 20, 2008

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Given the time thatboth presidential candidates and the Drive-By Media spend discussing health care, this item ought tobe front-page news.

Seven months after proudly introducing “universal child health care,” Hawaii is dropping the coverage. Hawaii– the first state in the union to implement a universal plan– boasted that every child from birth to 18 years old would have health coverage.

So… what happened? It’s simple, really:it cost too much! In only seven months, the best-laid plans of liberals ran up such huge budget shortfalls, the state couldn’t afford to keep it running. Turns outthousands of parents dropped their kids from their own private health plansin order to cash in on the government “freebie.”

Now, this turn of events has got tobe a shock to the kindhearted, well-intentioned liberals who designed this whole fiasco.Who could have predicted that parents– totally capable of paying for their kid’s health care– would jump onboard a government plan that forced their neighbors to pick up the cost? Why, it’s scandalous! Even more outrageous,now the state’s going tostop this thing from bankrupting the state –how dare they!

This little experiment in Hawaii should set off the warning flares, folks,and stop all talk of universal health care dead in its tracks. But, no, it won’t happen;the liberal march toward socialism will go on unimpeded. To liberals, massive failure is never a good reason to stop — you just keep going until you destroy everything.

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