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RUSH: Last night, Late Show, David Letterman, McCain decided to go back over there, try to make peace. And Letterman says, ‘Your running mate, Governor Palin, she’s the one I think who says that Obama pals around with terrorists. Has she in fact said that at rallies?’

MCCAIN: Yes. And he did.

LETTERMAN: To terrorists — who did he — who did he pal around with, other than —

MCCAIN: William Ayers, who said on 9/11 that he wished he had bombed more, okay? His wife was on the top ten of the FBI most wanted.

LETTERMAN: This all took place when he was an active — Barack Obama was eight years old.

MCCAIN: Eight years old, and Mr. Ayers on 2001, September 11th, 2001, said, ‘I wish I had bombed more.’

LETTERMAN: But what is — what is the relationship, John, what is the relationship?

MCCAIN: That’s all we need to know, that’s what Senator Clinton said. We need to know about the relationship. First he said he was just a guy in the neighborhood. And so it’s a matter of trusting the word.

RUSH: That’s McCain on Letterman last night. Now, look, he can go where he wants, but I’ve been on with Letterman and you may as well be talking to a wall. There’s literally no curiosity about this at all. But he felt he had to go there, Letterman’s been dumping on him and so forth.

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