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RUSH: This is Stephanopoulos’ show yesterday morning. He had the former speaker Mr. Newt on. Stephanopoulos says, ‘You’ve heard, I think, you see McCain, Newt, starting to lay into this as well, talk about Obama measuring the drapes in the Oval Office, raising the prospect of an Obama-Pelosi-Reid government.’

GINGRICH: The only hope that McCain has is Harry Truman. In the age of television you can be Harry Truman in about ten days. And what he has to say is, ‘This is actually a RePO team. It is Reid, Pelosi, Obama.’ He’s not going to have that. He’s going to have card check to take away your right to vote in a secret ballot. He’s going to have an effort to eliminate freedom of speech for Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. He’s going to have a Congress that wants to raise taxes, a Congress that wants to increase government, and he’s going to have to decide, is he really going to veto and fight with Pelosi and Reid?

RUSH: Of course he’s not. They’re going to run roughshod over him as best they can, but it’s going to be more than just me and Hannity whose freedom of speech will be done away with via the Fairness Doctrine. That’s what he’s talking about.

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