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RUSH: Joe Biden. His brain scans were not released as part of the health records. He had a couple of aneurysms. His brain is obviously scrambled. Remember in his acceptance speech, the Democrat National Convention, he kept saying that his father said, ‘Hey, champ. Get up! Get up, champ. Get up! Get up. Get up off the floor. Get up, get up.’ His mother would say, ‘Hey, it’s not just get up. You go back out there and you bloody their nose when they knock you down.’ The problem is it’s Biden knocking himself down and bloodying his own nose. He goes out there, and he says these things and says, ‘Why do I keep saying stupid things like the United States will be attacked within six months of Barack’s election? Why did I have to guarantee it? You know, when I think about it, the only person that ever knocks me down is me! I keep getting up, I keep going out, I keep getting bloodied up, my own nose! I’m hitting myself in the face.’ He has taken a day off the campaign trail. He has not had a press conference in over a month. Sarah Palin is all over the place talking with media. Biden is not. Let’s review Sunday in Seattle at a fundraiser.

BIDEN: The whole world is waiting, folks. The whole world is waiting. I know almost every one of these major leaders in the world by their first name — not because I’m important, because they were young parliamentarians when I was coming up and we’ve been hanging around a long time. Tell you what, and mark my words. Within the next — first six months of this administration, if we win, we’re gonna — we’re gonna face a major international challenge, because they’re going to want to test him, just like they did young John Kennedy. They’re going to want to test him, and they’re going to find out this guy’s got steel in his spine.

RUSH: He went further than that, of course, in his comments. He said that you’re not going to like what we do; you’re not going to appreciate our response. ‘Please hang with us,’ he said. ‘Our poll numbers are probably going to be low after this happens, so please hang in there with us, ’cause it’s going to be bad. It may not look like we’re doing the right thing.’ He went on and on and on and on, and what he was basically saying was, that if McCain’s elected, there will be no test. Everybody knows what McCain is going to be. All these foreign leaders know he’s not going to take any guff. They’re going to test little Barack because Barack is out there saying… The big question in all this, though — the big question — is, ‘How can this be? How can all of these people who have evil designs on the United States not love us after Obama’s elected?’

Because, after all, that’s one of the primary reasons we should elect The Messiah, is it not? We need to rebuild our image around the world. Our image around the world is in horrible shape, and it’s in horrible shape because of Bush. Bush has made the world hate us, but Obama — simply by being elected — is going to make the world love us again. So how in the world can this be? How can, after the election of The Messiah with the world loving us again, can dictators and thugs and tyrants out there want to launch attacks against us or against our allies? How can this be? It’s just like this silly notion that people have that Democrats are the party that cares about people, that Democrats are the party of compassion; the Republicans are the rich guys that couldn’t care less who they stomp on.

That’s what a lot of people believe, and that has taken root over 50 years. And Republicans, incompetent fools that they are, have no clue how to rebut it. I, of course, do. By simply asking these people, ‘Okay, all this compassion the Democrats have for you, why you still mad? Why you still enraged? Why you still unhappy? Why you still poor? Why do you feel you got no chance? This party out there cares so much about you, like they really care about black people, they really, really care about racism, discrimination, and all that. Why are black people still the low end of the economic scale? Why are their families still kind of busted apart? Why are they so mad? Why have they not progressed in all these years that the Democrats have been caring for them and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

‘Where are all of the beneficiaries of Democrat compassion that can be trotted out, say, ‘Yeah, my life has been better because I’ve been voting Democrat; my life is better because Democrats have taken care of me; my life is better ’cause the Democrats are in power.’ You know what the Democrat version of compassion is? It’s making all of you who think of yourself as average, middle income, or poor, what they want to do is make you experience a little schadenfreude. They’re not going to do anything for you. They haven’t. They can’t. We all have to do things for ourselves, things that are meaningful. No political party or politician can make your life meaningful. You have to do it yourself.’ What they’re going to do, though, is they’re going to go out and tell you that they’re going to punish these Republicans.

They’re going to punish these mean, rich guys who don’t care about you and have been stealing your money. You’re not going to end up with any more money; you’re not going to end up with improved economic circumstances. But you’re supposed to be happy that somebody has targeted these rich people that have been ruining your life. When in fact the ruination of your life, if you want to call it that, lies at the feet of the Democrat Party. They’ve been making all these grandiose promises, that you’re going to have free this, that, and everything else. How about the Democrat Party compassion idea to get you into a house, a house that you couldn’t afford, a house you couldn’t pay for, a house you couldn’t qualify for a loan. They got you in it. Now what? You’re being kicked out. Awwwww. Well, you’re gonna be kicked out, but maybe not. Maybe the Democrats will find a way to keep you in there by taxing these rich people who got you kicked out of the home and put you in the home in the first place by tricking you.

It’s one of the most frustrating and silliest notions that the Democrats are the party of compassion, and it works because ‘compassion’ has been defined not by how many people no longer need assistance. Democrats define compassion by how many people get it — a meager subsistence, by the way. We Republicans, conservatives, we define compassion by counting the number of people who no longer need any kind of government assistance. That’s real compassion. Real compassion is helping people to help themselves, to realize their dreams, their opportunities, and their ambitions, to be free of the shackles of dependency. The Democrats count compassion and define it by how many people they have shackled, how many people need assistance. So Biden said what he said. Madam Albright, Situation Room yesterday. John Roberts says: ‘Madam Albright, what do you think what Biden said in terms of this is — Obama becomes president, going to be tested within the first six months?’

ALBRIGHT: Frankly — and in my book I talk about the fact that — there are a lot of big issues out there, but there’s also something unexpected. You always have to be prepared for that.

RUSH: ‘It’s a statement of fact,’ she said. We didn’t have the beginning of that. ‘It’s a statement of fact, frankly, and in my book I talk about the fact that — there are a lot of big issues out there. But there’s also something unexpected. You always have to be prepared for that.’ So they’re circling the wagons trying to protect old Joe here from putting his big foot in his mouth. ‘I talk about the fact there are a lot of big issues, statement of fact.’ Well, okay. If it’s a statement of fact, let’s take a look at who’s passed and failed these tests. Clinton failed a number of tests of Al-Qaeda attacking America. George Bush passed the test on 9/11. We haven’t been hit since, and Biden is worried. By the way, I think what Biden means is he’s telling us that Obama’s not going to do anything if there’s one of these incidents. He’s just going to talk. He’s not going to do anything, and people aren’t going to like it at first, but they’re going to realize we’re right after a little while.


RUSH: Let’s go back to Joe Biden, who has been taken off the campaign trail today, obviously for this reason.

BIDEN: The whole world is waiting, folks. The whole world is waiting. I know almost every one of these major leaders in the world by their first name — not because I’m important, because they were young parliamentarians when I was coming up and we’ve been hanging around a long time. Tell you what, and mark my words. Within the next — first six months of this administration, if we win, we’re gonna — we’re gonna face a major international challenge, because they’re going to want to test him, just like they did young John Kennedy. They’re going to want to test him, and they’re going to find out this guy’s got steel in his spine.

RUSH: What’s changed your opinion here, Senator Biden? Because back during the Democrat primaries you specifically said that Obama wasn’t ready, that the presidency was not a place for on-the-job training. He said that about Obama during the primaries. But again, the larger question is why is this going to happen in the first place? Why is it going to happen? The world is going to love us, I thought, with Obama’s election. We’re going to get rid of all of this distrust and dislike for the United States. With Obama, The Messiah, there, why would anybody want to test him? I thought there’s going to be universal worldwide love for Barack Obama.

By the way, he’s going off the trail. Obama himself has taken Thursday and Friday off the campaign trail, to go back to Hawaii. We found out why. His grandmother (by the way, this might have happened when he threw her under the bus earlier) has a broken hip. One of Obama’s sisters or somebody, somebody’s out there caring for her. She’s not in a hospital. So why do you go off the campaign trail for two days to Hawaii when your grandmother whatever has a broken hip and she’s not in the hospital? (interruption) They said she’s deteriorating badly and might not make it? Is that what they’re saying? I hadn’t heard that, so I’m sorry. Did you hear broken hip? I heard broken hip. Well, who knows? Anyway, Biden is off the campaign trail today. Obama will be off the campaign trail on Thursday and Friday.

Now, what Biden is saying here is whenever this big test comes, he’s not going to do anything. That’s what he has to be saying when he says ‘our numbers are going to plummet and we’re going to need your support.’ He went on to say in this fundraiser out there in Seattle on Sunday, ‘We’re going to need your support. We’re going to need you to hang in and support us. You’re going to need to remember the love you had for us right now when this attack happens.’ Well, hell’s bells, he must figure, then, that the Obama camp is going to do nothing when this happens. Let’s stay with the audio sound bites. This is The Situation Room, CNN yesterday, with Madam Albright, former secretary of state. John Roberts said, ‘Now, look, in terms of this being tested by an international crisis, is that a suggestion that some rogue state or terrorist organization may try to launch an attack on the US to try to take advantage of what may be seen as — I don’t want to say vacuum of power, but when a new president is taking office, all the systems aren’t always in place.’

ALBRIGHT: What you see is the fact that there’s something happening in the world all the time. I mean, nobody expected just a complete financial meltdown in this particular way, and I think that we just have to expect the unexpected. I also do think that what is very evident is that, uh, there are many systems that are put into place right away, and there is continuity on things.

RUSH: Uhhh, something happening in the world all the time? Nobody expected just a complete financial meltdown? Are we forgetting…? I don’t mean to beat a dead horse here, but the world is supposed to love us. Our reputation is supposed to be remade. Are they now telling us that there actually is evil in the world, and no matter who is president, evil will be out there, that Obama is not going to get rid of the evil? I guess that’s what they’re telling us now. So another leg of the stool of the Obama campaign reasoning is blown to smithereens and blown to shreds here! The world’s not going to love us. The world is… It’s not reassuring at all, ladies and gentlemen.

I was under the impression that our reputation would be fully restored on Election Day, that we wouldn’t even have to wait ’til Inauguration Day. And now they’re telling us we should expect to get our butt kicked despite the guy who’s going to make the world love us all that much more. So then on MSNBC, this is this morning on Joe Scarborough’s show, the cohost, Mika Brzezinski talks to Madeleine Albright. They got her out there pretty quickly, didn’t they? They got Madeleine Albright out there, and Mika Brzezinski says, ‘Look, we got some Joe Biden issues to discuss this morning. I’m sure you’ve read or heard his comments,’ blah, blah, blah. ‘What do you make of his comments? Did he make a mistake?’

ALBRIGHT: Absolutely not. Everybody is tested and everybody knows that the unexpected happens, and so I think it’s a completely natural thing to say.

RUSH: Yeah, right! (laughing) It’s a natural thing to say. A natural thing to say? It’s not a natural thing to say when your campaign, fundamental building block is the world’s going to love us; the world is going to have new-found respect for us once we get rid of George W. Bush. We have not been attacked since 9/11. We have not been because once again actually passed this test, and that’s George W. Bush. Also on Scarborough’s show Mika Brzezinski talked to Obama campaign senior strategist Robert Gibbs. She said, ‘Did Biden undermine your candidate on the issue of experience? Because it sure seems like he did.’

GIBBS: No. Absolutely not, Mika. Look, uh, there’s no question that this next president, whoever that is, is going to be tested — tested with a global economic crisis that’s not just affecting Wall Street, but definitely affecting Main Street here in this country. And we’re fighting two wars. The question is, ‘Which direction are we gonna take to get our country pointed back in the right direction and get out of the hole that the last eight years has created?’

RUSH: So now we’re just getting spin talking points. There’s campaign spin: This is what Biden was really saying. Of course, we all know that’s not what Biden was really saying. Madeleine Albright and this Gibbs guy are not exactly inspiring confidence here, are they? They’re telling us the world is still going to suck. They’re telling us that we’re still going to suck in a world that sucks, and there’s nothing that we can do about it except the only reason the world sucks and that we’re gonna suck is because of Bush. We suck here because of eight years of Bush. The world sucks ’cause of eight years of Bush but now all of a sudden the world is still going to suck after Obama gets inaugurated, and then they had this exchange, by the way. Mika Brzezinski and Robert Gibbs…

BRZEZINSKI: Did he use the wrong words? Did he make a mistake? He’s saying they’re going to want to test him, just like they did young John Kennedy. They’re going to want to test him. He’s talking about Barack Obama.

GIBBS: Look, Mika like — Mika, like I said, every — every president is going to be tested from day one.

BRZEZINSKI: That’s not what he said.

GIBBS: And there’s no question that the next president of the United States is going to inherit problems that almost no president has ever inherited.

BRZEZINSKI: It seems that Joe might have just pointed toward your candidate.

RUSH: (laughing) JFK had a missile crisis — that he botched, by the way. This is what nobody is saying. (laughing) He blew it big time! We were on the brink. JFK blew that missile crisis big time. We were that far away from having some real problems. (sigh) What did he say here? ‘There’s no question the next president is going to inherit problems that almost no problem has ever inherited’? Whew. (whistling) Okay, these guys are not inspiring confidence out there anymore. They’re doing just the exact opposite, and it’s Joe Biden that has brought this about. I have to tell you: This rambling Biden prediction, folks, is better the more that I think about it, because Biden here and now Albright…

What have we just heard? Albright and Robert Gibbs are guaranteeing that it’s going to happen! They are confirming what Biden said, and we shouldn’t even be surprised that this is going to happen. So Biden guarantees that Obama’s going to do something unpopular within the public arena in the area of foreign affairs because he says that the poll numbers are going to go down and we’re going to need your support just like you support us now. You’re going to need to remember this day when that attack comes because you’re not going to like it first when we’re doing it. You’re not going to think it’s the right thing,’ a difficult situation Obama will encounter, like 9/11.

We need to let him handle it in a way he thinks will keep the country safe — like Iraq, by the way. Well, okay. If we’re going to be tested — Biden says they’re going to be tested; Albright confirms it, Robert Gibbs confirms it, then we need to go back and look at what Obama has done during times in the past eight years we’ve been tested, and one of the areas we’ve been tested is Iraq, and what did Obama do? He wanted to get out of there, cut-and-run, and he wanted defeat squarely around the neck of the United States and George W. Bush! Is Biden saying that that was wrong? Is he admitting that what Obama did undermined the president in a way that was counterproductive to the long-term interests of the country? When Bush’s polls suffered — by the way, Bush’s numbers actually went up after 9/11 for a time — the Democrats not only helped cause the plunge of Bush’s numbers, but they pounded on him for the express purpose of destroying his approval ratings in order to help them in elections.

Democrats did exactly what Biden is asking not to happen during an Obama presidency. This is mentally ill, folks. We’re talking serious things. This isn’t just ‘a gaffe,’ admitting that Obama is weak and will invite attacks. It’s a pathetic plea. We don’t have this on tape, but he begged these supporters, ‘You gotta love us. You gotta remember the way you support us today, ’cause we’re going to need that kind of support when this happens ’cause you’re not going to be able to what we do. You’re going to think we’re wrong.’ So this is a pathetic plea that Obama and Biden not be treated as they treated Bush. He’s begging for the Golden Rule not to be applied to an Obama administration. And when you consider that Obama based his entire campaign on being a vocal war protester, how the hell does that square with what Biden is now saying? I would have to think, ladies and gentlemen, psychiatrists all over the country were salivating over the opportunity to get Biden on their couch.


RUSH: I mean let’s add this up. We have the Democrats and Obama and the media trying to destroy Joe the Plumber, literally destroy him, shut down his business and punish him for daring to ask the question that Obama answered. They are doing everything they can to wipe out an average American. You think they’re just going after the rich? You take a look at what they’re doing to Joe the Plumber. Then we have Biden guaranteeing that we’re going to have this young president tested by mean, evil people. And then he says that our response is not going to be what you’re going to like. I’ll tell you why Biden brought this all up. Biden’s been given the briefings. The transition teams have both been briefed with intelligence, foreign policy. They know what’s brewing out there ’cause he admitted five possible scenarios. He’s been told what’s going on. What Biden brought that up for was to specifically beg Obama supporters to hang in and support them when this happens. He is assuring us that Obama’s response will not be acceptable, but they don’t want the country turning on Obama like the country turned on Bush.

That’s why Biden brought this up, to beg Obama supporters to hang in. So he’s basically assuring us that we’re going to get hit by somebody or one of our allies will and that Obama is not going to do the right thing, but they still want to be loved and adored. And now we’ve got Obama promising to raise taxes on virtually everybody. Barney Frank: We are going to punish the rich. And everybody who is an achiever is rich. Rich is no longer a figure. It is a characteristic, and one of the characteristics of rich people is that they achieve. If you achieve, you’re going to get hit. The Obama campaign is openly telling us all this. We’re going to tax you to death. We’re going to give it away. We’re gonna spread the wealth around. We’re incompetent during a foreign policy crisis, but we want you to love us anyway. And, by the way, if you get too uppity, we’ll come after you and ruin you like we did Joe the Plumber. This is all out there, and yet people still think the Democrat Party is the party of compassion, the party that cares. Also on the Scarborough show today, Dan Blather, Scarborough said, ‘Mr. Rather, talk about the double standard. Are there times that you would cover this story differently–‘ This is the Biden comments in Seattle. ‘–if Sarah Palin said it rather than Joe Biden? Not you, but the media.’

RATHER: Point is well taken, Joe, that certainly if Sarah Palin had said this it would be above the fold in most newspapers today.

RUSH: Gee, what are we to make of this? Dan Blather just indicts his whole brotherhood. All these guys, what’s happening to them, Biden, Blather, they are all telling us exactly how they operate, so is Obama. (doing Rather impression) ‘Oh, no question, Joe, no question, if that was Sarah Palin it would be above the fold in most major newspapers yesterday.’ Thank you, Dan. Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, had this exchange with Scarborough this morning on his show.

SCARBOROUGH: You told me something I didn’t realize about yesterday. They tucked Joe Biden safely away, didn’t they?

MITCHELL: Well, I’m not sure what the cause and effect is but for the first time, and, you know, this is the last 15 days of the campaign, he disappeared from the campaign trail. He went back to Wilmington —

SCARBOROUGH: They sent him home.

MITCHELL: — to have lunch with is — lunch with — with Hunter, his son. So, in retrospect, I think they had seen before some of the news media had seen it. This happened at two fundraisers where there were no cameras, one was Saturday night, one was Sunday. So he said it twice and it took a while, frankly, for the media to catch up.

RUSH: You would not have caught up. You were dragged kicking and screaming into this, Andrea. What do you mean, for the media to catch up? The media was there! They had to be dragged and screaming into this. Took a while for the media to catch up? They think we’re stupid, folks, they think we’re idiots. The media was there. They tried to cover this up! If it weren’t for us in the New Media, you still wouldn’t have heard about this. And Biden would still be out there on the campaign trail. Last night in Belton, Missouri, at a campaign rally, Senator McCain.

MCCAIN: We don’t want a president who invites testing from the world at a time when our economy is in crisis, and Americans are already fighting in two wars.

RUSH: You know, you can talk about all these crowds that Obama’s drawing — oh, by the way, folks, I have to share this with you. As you know, I very seldom make this program about me. But I couldn’t help but notice this over the weekend when Obama is in St. Louis, they said he drew a hundred thousand people and 75,000 in Kansas City, in every story, even UK newspapers, New York Times, Washington Post, every news story had to reference that Obama drew these crowds in the home state of conservative talker Rush Limbaugh. They even found some people from my hometown, Cape Girardeau in the St. Louis crowd. They found them to go talk to them. Now, you know what this is about, don’t you? This is about setting up the notion — it happens every election, every presidential election — this is about setting up the notion I have lost my influence, that my salad days are behind me, everything is now waning and fading away. Why, in Limbaugh’s own home state, Obama draws a hundred thousand people. That is where we’re headed.

All these crowds, however, would somebody explain to me something? I shared with you CBS/New York Times poll today where those who have changed their opinion of McCain to the negative say it’s because, a large number say, 14% because of his choice of Sarah Palin. Now, every time I have seen a crowd at a Sarah Palin rally it has been huge, and it has been loud, and it has been vocal. And I see that Sarah Palin set a 14-year record for ratings on Saturday Night Live, and she didn’t do much. She just showed up. I frankly thought it was kind of a stupid appearance, not for her, but I mean they just blew the opportunity they had of having her there. But, that’s Lorne Michaels and Saturday Night Live, what would you expect? But where’s this notion that Sarah Palin’s hurting anybody? Where does this get started? Sarah Palin’s not doing anything but helping. Sarah Palin is the salvation of this campaign. And these people reporting that she is harming the campaign know full well that that’s an out-and-out lie. Sarah Palin’s generating the excitement of this campaign. She’s drawing crowds of 14,000, 25,000, and they are raucous. In fact, the Drive-Bys are telling us the crowds are so raucous, they’re saying ‘kill him, kill him.’ Of course, reporters are making that up. Comments are directed to the media, if anybody else. This is a close election, folks. Don’t trust anybody who tells you otherwise.


RUSH: Yeah, folks, this is going to be my first election ever where we can expect a test of the new president. I thought that… They’re out there saying that it’s been a given for so long that people don’t even think of it anymore. ‘Oh,’ Madeleine says, ‘Oh, yeah. Every president gets tested. Oh, yeah!’ Robert Gibbs says, ‘Every president gets tested. Oh, this is common, ordinary stuff! Biden is exactly right.’ Well, it’s my first election where I’ve been told this. It’s the first election I’ve been told we’re going to be tested, that the new president specifically is going to be tested. It’s the first time I can remember this. Let’s see. Oh, by the way, we’ve heard, ladies and gentlemen, from former congressman Mark Foley. He says, ‘An online article posted today on Variety’s website inaccurately reported that I was supporting Obama. The story in Variety’s website based on a second- or third-hand account of my private conversation is incorrect. I have already voted by absentee ballot in Florida. Although I didn’t vote for Obama, I intend to keep my choice private.’ So Foley is denying that he’s supporting Obama.

RUSH: Senator McCain at a rally this morning in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, talking about Biden.

MCCAIN: Senator Biden told their campaign donors that when that crisis hit, they would have to stand with them because it wouldn’t be apparent that Senator Obama would have the right response! Forget apparent. We know Senator Obama won’t have the right response. (cheers and applause) We’ve seen the wrong response from him over and over during this campaign. He opposed the surge strategy that is bringing us victory in Iraq and will bring us victory in Afghanistan. (cheers and whistles) He said he would sit down unconditionally with the world’s worst dictators. (boos) When Russia invaded Georgia, Senator Obama said the invaded country, Georgia — a small, teeny country — should show restraint. He’s been wrong on all of them.

RUSH: That’s actually pretty damn good. Yay! (applauding) Way to go, Senator McCain! All right. That’s a great response. ‘Forget apparent; we know Obama won’t have the right response.’ Amen, bro. Sarah Palin, Reno, Nevada, today.

PALIN: Senator Biden said at a fundraiser on Sunday, he guaranteed that if Barack Obama is elected, that we will face an international crisis within the first six months of their administration. He told… (boos) He told his Democrat donors to mark his words, it will happen, that there were at least four or five scenarios that would place our country at risk in an Obama administration. I guess we gotta say, ‘Well, thanks for the warning, Joe.’

RUSH: (laughing) And she said more…

PALIN: I guess the looming crisis that most worries the Obama campaign right now is Joe Biden’s next speaking engagement. (laughter) The real problem is that these warnings from Joe Biden are similar to his earlier assessment. Remember, throughout the primary — it wasn’t that long ago — he said, Barack Obama wasn’t up to the job, he’s not ready to be president. He said, I quote, ‘The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.’ The same Joe Biden said he would be ‘honored to run’ on the ticket with John McCain because, he said, ‘the country would be better off with John McCain.’

RUSH: Right on, right on, right on, right on. And this.

PALIN: If you don’t want your dreams dashed by the Obama tax increase, and if you don’t like the way our opponents have treated a guy who just asked a simple question, then we’re all Joe the Plumber, too. (cheers) Doesn’t sound like you’re supporting Barack. Nevada, that is because you understand that his plan to redistribute wealth will ultimately punish hard work. It discourages productivity. It will stifle the entrepreneurial spirit that made this the greatest country on earth. (cheers) You see, our opponent’s plan is just more Big Government, and Big Government? That’s the problem! That’s not the solution! (cheers) Instead of taking your hard-earned money and spreading your wealth, we want to spread opportunity so people like you and Joe can create new wealth and create new jobs.

RUSH: Oh, they’ve shut down Joe the Plumber. I mean, they’ve basically tried to ruin the guy. He can’t get work now. They said, well, they stuck the union on him, stuck the union on him, without a license and so forth. So they’re doing everything — they’re making people afraid to hire Joe the Plumber and his company. I’m not kidding you! They sicked the AFL-CIO on him out there, the plumbers union or what have you. (interruption) What do you mean, ‘How low are these people?’ This is not surprising. This is what amazes me about how people think the Democrats are the party of compassion. How can anybody paying attention and watched what happened to Joe the Plumber, think that? Joe the Plumber is a blue-collar guy. He’s one of their people.

Joe the Plumber is one of those guys that they ought to be claiming should be voting for them: blue-collar, working guy and so forth.

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