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RUSH: Ed in Milford, Connecticut, hello, sir, nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, I just have two quick points. One, I thank God for Sarah Palin, and I hope she’s listening, because what I want to say is: I know in my heart we got the right person when we can make these libs as angry as they are, that they will travel so far up to Alaska to sift through her trash; that they’ll try to take apart Joe the Plumber and do whatever they can. By the way, they still haven’t found anything substantial on him or anything at all on Sarah. I know we got the right girl. I hope she’s around.

RUSH: Stop and think. Wait a second! Wait a second. Stop and think. What did you just say? You just said, ‘They haven’t found anything substantial on him.’

CALLER: Right. I mean, little things like he’s behind on his taxes.

RUSH: No. No. This is how people in the Soviet Union used to talk in their bathrooms when they feared their houses were bugged!

CALLER: (laughs) Yeah. Well, it’s amazing how accustomed we’re getting to it.

RUSH: Look at the way we are talking about this. Obama and the campaign are trying to dig up dirt on Palin, on Joe the Plumber. ‘They haven’t found anything substantial.’ You think that’s an exonerating statement. To me, it is an incriminating indictment of who these people are. What do you mean they ‘haven’t found anything’? Who’s business is it of the Obama campaign to find anything on Joe the Plumber, my friends?


RUSH: So, the Obama campaign hasn’t found anything substantive on Joe the Plumber. The fact that they are looking is an outrage. He’s a private citizen. Folks, I advise this once. I want you to do this in the next week. Rent the movie The Lives of Others about East Germany in the eighties. Rent the movie The Lives of Others to find out what happens, what it’s like when a government (or a campaign) keeps track of and investigates private citizens.

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