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RUSH: Here’s another example of the media starting to spin. By the way, The Hill newspaper today has a story and the wrong headline is being used. The correct headline is, ‘Cops Preparing for Riots.’ Regardless who wins, cops preparing for riots on Election Day and the day after. We’re becoming a Third World country! We’re becoming a Third World country. I’ll have details on this as the program unfolds. We have McCain now being once again run down by NBC. They’re starting the spin that McCain is losing independents because he’s playing to the base too much. This, once again, is an attempt to get McCain to change his attitude and get Palin to shut up. He’s losing them? He was never going to get these independents! This is what we tried to tell the Republican Party from the get-go. The Republican Party is not gonna get independents, and it’s not gonna get moderates, and it’s not gonna get voters unless you have somebody who is a doctrinaire, liberty and Founders-based conservative, and that will attract all the people in addition to the Republicans that you need to win. But our party had the blinders on and didn’t believe that. They thought that the way to go out and get these people was to attract them by being like them. Well, we see, do we not, the effectiveness of the campaign that tried to attract moderates? Hello, General Colin Powell. That really worked, didn’t it? They’re all kinds of moderates and independents out there. Every time I see a poll like we had this CBS/New York Times poll yesterday: ‘Why has Senator McCain lost favor with you?’ ‘It’s attacks on Obama,’ as though Obama and his campaign are not attacking McCain. This is such a silly one-way street that people don’t see through, once again. It’s as though the only partisan bunch, according to the media, is the Republican Party and the conservatives, and the Democrats are these loooovely flower people. ‘They love everybody. They care about everybody.’ They’re the meanest bunch of SOBs in politics I have seen, this cycle, in my life! Yet independents are going to run to them because McCain happens to get partisan? This frosts me like I can’t tell you.


RUSH: So the narrative is in place. If McCain loses, it will be because he focused too much on the Republican base. How about this, NBC: If he loses, it will be because he didn’t focus on the Republican base soon enough. And you people in the Drive-Bys damn well know it. The ongoing assault here to depress, stress out, and otherwise kill Republican turnout here is in full swing. It’s intense and it’s going to keep up.

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