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RUSH: I wanted to let all of you Vince Flynn fans know that his new book is out. It actually came out yesterday.

It’s called Extreme Measures, and it’s out there now. We had a little bash here at my house last week and he sent in about 30 signed copies of the book, and I may give a couple of them away during the course of the program today — Extreme Measures. It’s riveting. The great thing about Vince Flynn is that every book is as riveting as the first. They do not become predictable. It’s just an excellent book. It’s called Extreme Measures and it’s available now wherever you find books. Vince Flynn.


RUSH: This is Jan in Poteau, Oklahoma. Nice to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s an honor to talk with you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I call you often and can’t get through, but when you mentioned my favorite author this morning, I was determined to dial until my battery went dead or I got through, and I got through.

RUSH: Let me guess, your favorite author is Vince Flynn.

CALLER: Oh, I love him.

RUSH: I tell you what. When we finish our conversation, I want you to hang on.


RUSH: And we’re going to get an address where we can send you the latest copy of his book, autographed by the man himself.

CALLER: Oh, I am so excited! Thank you very much!

RUSH: I knew you would be.

CALLER: I read his first one paperback and then after that I just couldn’t wait ’til the hardbacks went out and I went to the bookstore 1st of October because I knew it was coming out in October, and she said it wouldn’t be out, I thought she said the 25th, and so I was just waiting, you know —

RUSH: It came out yesterday, the 21st. But as a powerful, influential member of the media and a close personal friend of Mr. Flynn, I’ve had a box of about 24 of them for a couple weeks.

CALLER: You know, I used to live in the Middle East, and it just amazes me how right on he is over there, it just amazes me. I mean, it’s just like he’s lived over there forever.

RUSH: He may have. We don’t know.

CALLER: Okay, listen, I have a theory and then I’ve got a question for you.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Okay. For about — well, until this week, I have been convinced that McCain was going to win.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I have been faithfully saying my rosaries and my —

RUSH: All right, so what happened to cause to you to lose confidence?

CALLER: The polls. And yesterday I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t listen to you —

RUSH: I warned you about this.

CALLER: I know. You are very optimistic and you build me up and hold me up, and the other thing that bothers me so much is just the lies that are getting through. You know, he’s just lying and lying.

RUSH: Jan.

CALLER: You can make a list of all the things that this guy is —

RUSH: Jan.

CALLER: — and he’s nothing, he’s nothing. How can this man be our president?

RUSH: Jan, listen to me.


RUSH: I will tell you when it’s time to give up.

CALLER: All right.

RUSH: I’ll tell you when it’s time to panic. Now, we can’t have this.


RUSH: You miss my show one day and look what happens to you.

CALLER: I know. I know. I’m sorry.

RUSH: By the way, do you have a computer?


RUSH: Are you a subscriber to Rush 24/7?

CALLER: No, because I don’t use the computer, my husband does.

RUSH: Does he know how to use it?

CALLER: Oh, gosh, yes.

RUSH: All right, well, then I’m also going to make you a complimentary subscriber for one year to the Limbaugh Letter, the newsletter, and —

CALLER: Oh, my God, he’s going to be so excited!

RUSH: Because you will never, ever, miss a program that way. You could have last night listened to yesterday’s program, and you wouldn’t even have called me today, you’d have been so happy, in a good mood.

CALLER: Now, he doesn’t have that, but he can hear some of it because when he works he comes home and listens —

RUSH: Doesn’t matter. He will have it. We’re going to tell you how to get it. It’s simple as it can be.


RUSH: — fret, don’t fret. Don’t say ‘can’t.’


RUSH: Don’t say ‘won’t.’


RUSH: I don’t want that kind of attitude here.


RUSH: Now, the AP, the AP just hit their latest poll, it’s a dead heat today, 44-43.


RUSH: Now, you might say, ‘Well, no, Rush, no, I saw the New York Times, it’s 13 points.’ You want to believe The Times poll as opposed to AP? Look, it’s all up for grabs, I’m telling you. The Gallup likely voters is down to plus five today from plus seven. This race is close. It has never been not close. It has never been a landslide. It may not be now. We got less than two weeks to go, and they’re going to come at you as intensely as they have and they’re going to try to create every day the attitude you had yesterday.

CALLER: Well, another thing that bothers me is they are just lying, they’re getting votes, they’re getting dogs, they’re doing this, they’ve done it every time, but they’re really doing it now.

RUSH: I understand that.

CALLER: Okay, listen, my theory is, okay, say he does win and the Congress is all Democrat.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: I think the good news is that in two years, these people, the stupid people that voted for him are going to be like deer in the headlights. They’re going to say, ‘Oh, my God, what have we done?’

RUSH: Well, see, you’re making a very, very rash and dangerous assumption, and that is that there will be elections two years from now if Obama wins.

CALLER: Oh, my. God, don’t scare me!

RUSH: We might be in such an international and domestic crisis that the elections will have to be suspended in order to maintain stability. Well, listen, you heard what Biden said.

CALLER: I know.

RUSH: Biden said we’re going to be tested. We got the full Biden tape coming up. NBC’s been shamed into playing the whole thing now. And there’s no way they can spin — you know, Biden’s out there, look, he did it twice, Saturday, San Francisco, Sunday Seattle. This is not happenstance. He got the foreign policy briefing such as McCain did, he’s going out there and he’s trying to show how smart he is, (paraphrasing) ‘I guarantee you, we’re going to get hit, something’s going to happen first six months and you’re not going to like our response, and we need you to hang in with us, we need you to stay with us, we need you to support us, we need you to keep loving us,’ blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They can try to spin this all they want, ‘Well, every president’s tested.’ But clearly it is something that he thinks Obama is going to have the wrong reaction to.

So yes, they’re out there lying. Yes, they’re out there cheating. It isn’t new. Yes, the media’s in the tank. The media’s always been in the tank for Democrats. It’s worse this year than ever. It just means we have that much more to overcome. Not that we give up. We keep telling as many people as we can about the deceit, about the fraud, about the bias. We try to warn them of who Obama is and what might happen to the country. We do the best we can. We let the chips fall where they may, and more often than not, we’re happy. If you go back in my lifetime, we are. More often than not, the media’s candidate loses. I’m talking about national, you know, referendums, presidential elections. All right. Now, don’t hang up out there, Jan, because we gotta get information from you in order to get you Vince’s book and the complimentary subscription to Rush 24/7.

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