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Rush’s Morning Update: Nut Cracking
October 27, 2008

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Well, the Obama campaign’s keyPR firm, the New York Times, is working to downplay Democrat voter fraud (har-dee-har-har). The Times now reports that the 1.3 million new voters ACORN claimed to have registered at the beginning of the month “was a wild exaggeration.” The real number, claims the Times, is “only” 450,000.

The truth is, the ACORN fraud is massive. There are over 200,000 questionable voter registrations in the battleground state of Ohio. InPennsylvania, there are over 8,000 questionable registrations in Philadelphia alone.

Investigations of the Obama-linked group are underway in at least ten states, with close to a million falsely reported registrants. So, naturally, the Democrats are doing what they do: they’re blaming Republicansfor daring to object to the rampant cheating.Democrats charge that Republicans are fostering a race-based witch-hunt against these “community organizers.” If this kind of fraud had been attempted by a Republican-connected organization (funded by the government), the Drive-Bys would be in a full-throated feeding frenzy that would last from here to eternity.

There have been reports of inappropriate phone calls, e-mails, and vandalism at Republican political operations. There have also been allegations of inappropriate phone calls, e-mails, and vandalism reported at a handful of ACORN offices. As is the case in every election, there are some nuts on both sides,but there ought tobe no doubt in anybody’s mind, here, folks:the real nut that needs crackingis ACORN itself — once and for all.

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