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RUSH: Here is Rob, Saginaw, Michigan. Rob, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush Baby, dittos from Michigan.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Hey, this is how I explained socialism to my daughter. She’s five-and-a-half, she’s in kindergarten class. She came home yesterday and said they’re going to vote for the president, and I asked, ‘Well, who you voting for?’ And she said she’s thinking about Obama. Now, I listen to you, and she’s grown accustomed to your voice, and I said, ‘Well, okay, well, let’s sit down and I’ll explain the difference between the two candidates.’ And I go, ‘Okay, this is Obama, what he wants to do. We’re going trick-or-treating Friday for Halloween, right? And you’re going to go out, we’re going to go hit as many houses as we can so you can get candy. Now, when you come home, Obama is going to take half of your candy and give it to the girl next door,’ and she’s looking at me, like, you can’t be serious. She’s like, ‘Is that right?’ I said, ‘That’s exactly what’s going to happen,’ and she’s looking at me, and she goes, ‘That’s not right,’ and I said exactly. That’s what’s going to happen when Obama becomes president, if he becomes president.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that story. Do you mind if I offer just a little criticism without you taking it personally?

CALLER: No, go ahead, you’re the Maha Rushie.

RUSH: No, no, because we want to persuade people. Now, I know your daughter is five-and-a-half, but she’s not going to believe — only right now because you say it — she’s not going to believe that Barack Obama personally is going to come to your house and take half her candy. So she’s going to say, ‘That would never happen, Obama’s not coming here,’ and so forth. What you need tell her if this comes up again is to say that you, her father, will be forced to take half of her candy and distribute it to the kids who did not go trick-or-treating.

CALLER: Oh, okay.

RUSH: That you, her father, will be forced to go into her bag of candy and then you will have to make sure that kids who did not go trick-or-treating for whatever reason at all, get some of what she collected. And you tell her that that’s the only fair way for her to live, and then she’ll say, ‘But, Dad, they didn’t go out and do anything.’ ‘That’s exactly right, and it’s not fair that they didn’t and you did. You may have had the ability and they didn’t, or you may have had the ambition and they didn’t, but you have to give away at least half of what you produced. I have to take it from you and give it to the other kids in the neighborhood. And, by the way, I’m not going to tell them it came from you. They’ll never know it came from you. I’m going to tell ’em it’s from Obama.’ If you really want to illustrate it, there’s another way that you can do this to adults, because I think a whole lot of people don’t really know what this is. Versions of this are going around in e-mail spam and it’s funny. I get so much of this stuff. I’ve got the greatest spam filter in the world but some of the stuff that I get, and a lot of it sent from friends, ‘Rush, Rush, you gotta talk about –‘ and it’s not true! It isn’t true!

I’ve gotten one piece of e-mail that has been sent to me by at least a thousand people who claim that they are the ones that this happened to. But basically here’s the story. You go into a diner, a fast food restaurant or something — no, a diner. And you’re sitting at the counter and you order whatever you order, and the waiter or waitress brings you the bill. But you noticed when you were walking in the diner, a couple homeless people outside carrying signs, saying, ‘Please need food, please help,’ or what have you. So the waiter presents you the bill and you leave no tip. And you tell the waiter, ‘I’m not leaving you a tip. I saw somebody outside who’s homeless who needs this money far more than you do. You have a job.’ ‘What do you mean?’ ‘Well, I’m voting for Obama, and I believe what he says, we need to spread the wealth around, and unfortunately you have enough, compared to the guy out there not working. So I’m going to give your tip to him.’ ‘Well, you can’t do that!’ ‘Oh, you watch me. I’m going to walk out there and I’m going to do it. You don’t need it. Vote Obama.’

There are any number of ways to illustrate this to people, because the bottom line is that most of the people voting Obama don’t think they’re going to have anything taken from them. They think they’re all going to get it. And, folks, we are all going to have things taken from us. If you think you are exempt from an Obama tax increase, I dare you to think again


RUSH: Here’s Mike in Los Angeles. Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: How are you?

RUSH: Fine, sir.

CALLER: I think the very fact that we’re talking this way about the possibility that Obama could do these things means that we’re already in a constitutional crisis that has been slowly building and we might as well recognize it. By acting unconstitutionally over all these years in little increments the federal government has gotten us to the point where we’re only talking about how much wealth is going to be redistributed, when in fact there shouldn’t be any. It’s already been done, it’s just a question of how much now. And we really need to get a grip on this somehow. We have to get it into the courts or we have to have Congress address — I mean really we’re in a serious constitutional crisis because nobody is obeying the document any longer, and that’s become kind of normal.

RUSH: Yeah, we are in a constitutional crisis. For example, the second Bill of Rights, just to illustrate his point here, the second Bill of Rights is an idea that originated back with FDR, back in the FDR days. It is that old. To give you an idea of how long the American left has been pushing and working to get us to this point where we are. This is why Obama’s associations are important: Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright — and, by the way, there is a group now that has come up with a big television buy in battleground states with the Jeremiah Wright video. This could have an impact as well. It hurt Obama during the primaries. Don’t think it didn’t. It hurt Obama tremendously. He had to go out and make a speech, throw Wright under the bus and let him back in the back door after he threw him under the bus. But the bottom line is the constitutional crisis has now reached a tipping point.

We have been fending these people off and trying to for 50 years. It’s an onslaught and they never stop. We’re this close to having a Democrat Party, which has been pushing all this, to have a super majority in the House and Senate, particularly the Senate that would render them unstoppable. Now, this is another thing that makes it so disconcerting that so many conservatives have fled the scene here and somehow not realize the seriousness of what we face. But we never stop fighting this sort of thing because we want to preserve the nation as it was founded and people will continue to fight this. The constitutional crisis is real, but I don’t think it’s worth giving up and saying, ‘Okay,’ throwing our hands up, ‘It’s over with.’ Sure, we need to get the right people on the courts, but we can only do that by winning elections. And there’s one coming Tuesday.


RUSH: Here’s another little example to explain socialism to kids, or to anybody else. Okay, so I — even though this would never happen — am handing out candy on Halloween. Now, this would never happen, and I know that, but, okay, okay, okay. You are. You are handing out candy on Halloween. Obama rings the bell on your door. He says, ‘Since you have enough money to be handing out candy, I’m here to take your 401(k). Trick-or-treat.’ There are any number of ways to explain this, ladies and gentlemen.

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