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RUSH: Let’s go to McCain. We haven’t had him on the show yet today. This morning in Hershey, Pennsylvania, going after Obama, the redistributor.

MCCAIN: We finally learned what Senator Obama’s economic goal is, spread the wealth. In a radio interview revealed this week, he said the same thing, that one of the, quote, tragedies of the civil rights movement is that it didn’t bring about redistributive change. You see, Senator Obama believes in redistributing wealth, not in policies that grow our economy and create jobs. He said that even though lower taxes on investment help our economy, he favors higher taxes on investment for, quote, ‘fairness.’ There’s nothing fair about driving our economy into the ground!

RUSH: Okay, and here is the key line. I’m glad he said this.

MCCAIN: He’s more interested in controlling wealth than creating it! And redistributing money instead of spreading opportunity. I’m going to create wealth for all Americans by creating opportunity for all Americans! (cheers and applause) Senator Obama is running to be redistributionist-in-chief. I’m running to be commander-in-chief. (cheers and applause) Senator Obama is running to spread the wealth. I’m running to create wealth. Senator Obama is running to punish the successful. I’m running to make everyone successful. (cheers and applause)

RUSH: Not bad. Not bad. Better late than never. Pretty good. And finally this.

MCCAIN: There’s one week to go. We’re a few points down. The pundits wrote us off, as they have several times before. My opponent is out working out the details with Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid on their plans to raise your taxes, increase spending, and concede defeat in Iraq. He’s measuring the drapes, and he’s planned his first address to the nation before the election. By the way, no one will delay the World Series game with an infomercial when I’m president.

RUSH: Right on, right on, right on. If it doesn’t stop raining there may not be a World Series game for a while. But nevertheless, McCain getting on the page here regarding what Obama’s plans are and explaining what Obama is going to do in a fairly understandable way, which is cool.

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